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8 Months after Surgery -Constant Pain in Hips and Lower Back

urluckypennyuurluckypenny Posts: 22
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:44 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Wow what a venture it has been is the least I can say. Had my surgery { L5-S1 Fusion) on October 19th of 2009, surgery was on a Tuesday and was suppose to go home on Thursday. On Thursday after they took catheter out heart rate that evening jumped to 162 so they kept me in until Saturday. Came home with catheter and felt ok from Saturday until Monday when things turnt ugly. On Monday started sweating and having chills and just felt terrible and dealt with this until Wednesday. Wednesday my wife called rescue due to my vomiting and shaking. I was in my local hospital for 6 hours, couldnt lay flat due to my staples and brace in my back. The hospital said I had a Uninary track infection due to my catheter and sent me home with mediacation.
The next morning my wife called the PA at the surgeons office and gave hime the same simptoms that we told the local Hospital. He advised her to get me to the Hospital were I had the surgery emmediately. Well to Make a long story short I was there for 45 minutes and advised I had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in my right lung. Kept me back in hospital for 4 more days. Had to take blood thinner shots, blood thinner mediacation for six months.

So after many visits to doctors and physical therapy Im 8 months after surgery. I walk daily but I have constant pain in my left hip socket and throught my lower back. I would say its from the top of my left hip to the right hip (lower back area). I walk on a daily basis but still donot have full range of motion in my hip lower back area.

Im wondering does anyone have this same problem, or what should I do from this point?


  • Welcome to Spine-Health. I'm so sorry to hear all that you had to go through, but glad that at least the serious stuff has settled down.

    I'm 5 months out from L4/5 TLIF and don't share what's going on with you. Those were the symptoms I had before my surgery. Anyway, I think a call to your surgeon is in order here. They may need to check you out a little futher to see what the heck is going on.

    Take care of yourself and please keep us posted.

  • Im sorry to hear that you had a bad time right out of the gate. I also had a fusion at the same level 10 day after you. I also still have pain in the lower back all the time,and still have to take pain meds and muscle relaxers. just hang in there and stay positive.
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  • Talk to him/her as they will help you.

  • Thanks for the comments.....I went back to doctor and told him of the pain issues I'm having. He said he thought I my pain was coming from the muscle or soft tissues around the surgical area. He also stated that he didnt think my hip popping was coming from the surgery so referred me to a orthopedic surgeon?? ( I never had this problem with hip popping until the surgery).
    He prescribed me Flector Patches and Gabapentin 300mg capsules. Im starting to get concerned because hes got me prescribed tramadol, naproxen, baclofen and now these gabapentin. Im starting to wonder if there is any nerve damage being Im having all this pain 8 months after surgery? I can stand about 1.5 hours before its burning and hurting, then have to set for about an 1hour before it starts burning and hurting? Its constant all day everyday?

    Has anyone had these issues after 8 months?
  • I cant stand more than 1/2 hour without it hurting and cant sit on bleachers at all. My pain management doctor thinks my pain is muscle spasms too. Are you in physical therapy?
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  • Me too! I had my op on 16th October and have been having lower back/hip/thigh pain for about two months now. I have a good idea it is psoas muscle spasm causing mine - try googling it. I am going to see a new therapy person next week who is supposed to work wonders on muscle spasms. Apparently not many medical people pick up on the psoas thing.
  • I'm 7 months out, and still have pain/muscle spasms in back/legs and numbness in feet. Still not able to lift more than about 7 pounds without feeling it in my back, so I'm very careful. Seems like I'm inchworming along here. Doing PT...but, very carefully...lessons learned from trying to do too much too soon.

    I agree with Mike...positive and patience hopefully will get us through this period. It does seem that many people really start doing well after one year. It has taken me a while to accept that fact, but I finally get it!

    Penny, Mike, Nel....are any of you guys working??

    Take it easy!!
  • Hi sleeprgirl. Yes I am working, although some days I have no idea how I do it! My surgeon is very gung ho and I went back at 11 weeks. I have felt like calling in sick loads but have always dragged myself in. But, I am lucky, I only work part time so very few of my days are full days.
    I am, however, a teacher and I find my patience lacking!
    Once you go back to work everybody assumes you are better. My work have given me zero support.

  • Your post makes me realise how lucky I am that my surgeon, GP and physiotherapist have said I won't be ready to return to work this term.
    So it's back in September for me. :D

    I know that a school is a very busy place, and the pressure means that you probably push yourself more than you should. Everyone around you is too busy to notice that you are doing more than is good for you. :-)

    Take care, not long til the summer break :-)
  • Hi Jelly! Glad to hear that you are getting a good break there. I definitely felt rushed back to work and am sure I would have got better faster without it. That first half term holiday I was in so much pain I did nothing all week. Without work I could have concentrated more on the getting better part rather than the just getting through the day part. It's just not like an office job where you can lay low for a bit to get back into it. Just thrown back in the deep end with all the expectations of kids and parents weighing down on you.

    Thankfully I teach private so only 2 weeks left for me. I am seeing a new therapy woman on monday to (hopefully) sort out these spasms. Maybe then I will feel like the new woman I was promised!
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