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Anyone else?

jayhawkjjayhawk Posts: 1,032
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:44 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I went for my 3 moonth follow up for my L4-5 360 fusion Tue. After talking to the surgeon and him examing me, he sent me for an MRI directly! He wants to see me the first day he is in the office next which is Tue.

I looked at the MRI and I can see an obvious herniation at L3-4.

When I look at my pain log, I realized I descibed the exact location for L3, the outside of my hips and my thigh.

I have stabbing, burning pain on both sides and numbness that is on the right side. My left thigh is swelling above the knee!

My surgeon's office called today suggesting that I take it easy until I see him.

I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else so soon after a fusion?

If so, were you going to PT when it happened?

What did they do about it?

I am so very, very bummed!


  • Is that when you noticed it? During or right after a PT session? If so I would be so ticked..
    And I would let them know about it. It makes me wonder if they have any responsibility is this injury.

  • It started as an aching when I was doing ball exercises. I was with the PT tech.

    Within an hour It was deep burning stabbing throbbing pain. It even hurt to ice! both legs but right more than left.

    The next day, then numbness started. I have never had numbness and it was every numb!

    I am ticked! This is so not what I needed! :(

    My DH is going to freak out!!!
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  • so sorry for you.
    for that swelling what med's are you on, they might be causing it (lyrica or neurotin ).
    if i were you i would take a pass on any more p.t. until you see your doctor.

    have a nice day and best wishes
  • The swelling may be my knee, I was doing lunges in PT, but I am not sure. It is above the knee at the lower thigh.

    I am on neurotin. My surgeons PA seemed surprised that my surgeon hadn't called to talk to me about it. He said she would e-mail him again.

    I am going to PT, but only to have them take a look at my knee and see is they can help me the spasms in my back.

    I can't believe I didn't put all of this together! My back above my fusion has been in total spasms. To the point last Friday in PT they called the student over to take a look at it. I know spasms are the body's way of trying to protect itself when there is something wrong.

    I am not going to work out , except maybe lightly in the pool, until I get the OK.

    I am also not going to wear the soft brace as it makes everything much worse too!

    I really am just ticked off!!! I am so mad at myself! I just shouldn't have pushed myself so hard!!! agh, grrr
  • lol, dont be beating yourself up over this.
    i remember reading neurotin can cause swelling, so i was just wondering.
    if you go to p.t. just have them give you a massage and call it a day, dont let them hurt you anymore.
    i think once you are on the soft brace it's more of a reminder then anything else, about B L T.
    just my way of thinking
    take care
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  • with so many issues.

    I am not feeling too well today so I am unable to type much. I am leaving soon to go see my doctor due to the chest pains I am having.

    However, please please take it easy, I will be following you to see what the doctor finally tells you. Just take it one day at a time. I know its so hard on you.

    I am saying lots of prayers for you, I'll be in touch soon to check in on you,
    Sandra xx
  • Yes please don't blame yourself in this.
    Lunges? wow your PT is brutal..:)
    My PT never got that advanced. I am and have been on a 10 lb wt. restriction for any lifting so they never had me doing all that stuff you were.
    They tried the ball and having me work on core muscles but as soon as I started having bad back pain I said ENOUGH. lol

    I refused to let them push me to that point. I am saying a prayer for you. Don't you have a pool? Go grab a drink and a floatie and go relax. Wish I had a pool..lol

    I would say alternating ice packs with heat will help your inflammation and muscle spasms. You husband might flip but don't let him flip on you!! ;))

  • Please be careful during PT, I am concerned about you!! Hope that you are able to speak to your surgeon soon. This doesn't sound like something that you can push through with PT.

    I know there are different philosophies on how to rehab a fusion patient. My surgeon did not want me doing PT until 12 weeks, though I insisted on water therapy at 4 weeks. It wasn't the best move, but like most, I thought I would sail right through this surgery.

    Enjoy your weekend, and get some rest, too!!!

  • i'm with lisa. next time i see my neuro i'll be at 15 weeks and thats when he's gonna start me on therapy (dont know how to spell it so i copied from lisa).
    lol but anyway please do yourself a favor and only you know what you can do, and if you cant do it the heck with them all, dont do it.

    take care of yourself. ~X(
  • So sorry to hear of your continued issues. I too am suprised you are doing lunges!Of coarse I just started PT 2 weeks ago and on my script from my surgeon it said no squats and no ball work. Maybe he has got burned on too aggressive PT's. I will pray this is nothing major and just a little nerve irritation. Lynette
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