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June Surgery

Mindymork62MMindymork62 Posts: 206
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:44 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I am one of those June Surgeries. Mine is the 29th of this month. I am hoping it goes well and that the pain will be brought under control. I am getting more nervous as the day approaches. I have my pre-op on Tuesday and my appointment with the Orthopedist that will be doing the other part of the surgery. I meet with him on Wed. I've started getting some of the things I will need for the surgery and after together. The list at the beginning of this board helped so much. I can't wait to be on the "other" side. :)


  • The anticipation of surgery is in some ways, the worst part!

    I felt (and I know that lots agree with me), that the anticipation was worse than the surgery. In actual fact, for me making the decision to go ahead, was even worse than that. I batted backwards and forwards for over 18 months about what I should do.

    If I was going through it all again, knowing now what it has been like, I would still have tried everything else first, but then would not have agonised so much about having surgery.
    For me, the only other surgery I had ever had, was my tonsils out when I was three (50 years ago!! :$ )

    It helped me to know what to expect - even the possible complications. I did have various complications, but they were all sorted out and looking back on them, they weren't a really big issue.

    Having been mentally prepared for the worst, I was pleasantly surprised.

    I must mention here that I also found prayer gave me amazing peace and strength to deal with this. :-)

    Now, after surgery, I am so much better and my quality of life is so improved.
    The other week, my grown daughter told me that she felt that she had got her mum back. That made me feel wonderful. :X

    Keep posting Mindy and asking questions as you think of them. By talking to us, you will build relationships here that will support you through all of this. :H

    It feels great once you are on this side of surgery and you know that you are on your way to recovery and a better life.
    See you over here soon >:D<
  • I'm sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but what surgery are you having?

    Like Jelly, the anticipation was worse than the surgery for both my ACDF and TLIF. One thing that helped was that I had complete confidence in my surgeon and I was mentally prepared for both of them.

    If you start getting really nervous and anxious before your surgery, ask your surgeon if they will prescribe something to help you such as Xanax. My surgeon prescribed them for me before both surgeries and helped keep my nerves calmed, well, as much as possible.

    I'm glad you're getting prepared and I wish you much luck on a successful surgery. Like Jelly said, keep posting on your way to surgery to continue to get support from those that have been there. We're happy to help and are here for you.

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  • I think the support that we give to others just starting their spiney journey is a bit like a relay race!

    We were supported by other, more experienced spineys when we were new.
    They have moved on in their lives, but before they left, they passed the baton to us and now we are supporting others.
    Later, it will be our time to pass on the baton to others and we will move on.
    Then comes their turn to support the novices. :D
  • The morning of my second lumbar surgery I just plain didn't want to go through with it. I had all the confidence in the hospital and the surgeon but yet my mind kept saying NOPE.

    I got to the hospital at like 5:30 AM and had to wait to be called into the get ready area . Was called in and told to do the strip down to your birthday suit thing. My wife was with me as I proceeded to get ready. Did I mention that I didn't want to go through with the surgery? Anyway after I was all set my wife went to the bathroom and when she came back I was all the way dressed back up in what I wore to the hospital, with shoes and all back on. Keep in mind I was not functioning very well on account of my back. The nurse had been in and had seen that I was in the hospital gown. My wife came back and about flipped out. The amount of noise in my cubicle was pretty loud I guess because 2 nurses came in. The one was a old salt that figured out exactly what had taken place. She said she would be back in a minute and came back in with a couple of pills for me to take. Well most of you know the rest of the story as the surgery went forward. The anticipation is the pits for me and it doesn't hit home until just before the deed is to start. My third surgery I didn't take any pills but I still wanted to back my tail right back out the door. Once they start the IV things start happening very quickly and my mind stops thinking of escape.

    Mindy, good luck.

  • Thank you for sharing that with me David. I guess if I want my life back, I at least need to make a try at it. I can hardly walk at this stage because of the pain, and I couldn't believe that I had lost an inch and a half off my height in the past 6 months, so I know things are pretty messed up back there. I'm having a fusion on L3,4, and 5, with hardware.
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  • Good Luck Mindy! Making my mind up to have surgery was the worst part! I had an acdf June 8th. I was in so much pain before surgery that I had to do it, no going back, I am so much better, now just getting over the surgery part and then I need to do pt. We all will be thinking of you on your big day and look forward to hearing from you on the other side. Lela
  • That cracked me up! What a story. I can't believe you got dressed again - reminded me of a kid on his first day of school..."I'm not going in there and you can't make me..."

    Thanks for sharing. I think everyone here who's had surgery can understand how difficult it is leading up to "the day", or in your case, "the moment."

  • I can see this happening with my son when he goes for his lumbar fusion July 2nd. He is terrified and hopefully I won't have to drag him in to get it done!

  • Hi Guys!

    Mindy I wish you all the best. Mine is on 6/28 and I'm just ready for it to be over! This is my 2nd time. I'm having equipment removed from L4 and new equipment for L5 (disc is mush). Anxiety about getting sick set in bcuz I work in a call center so I was taken out of work early. All will be fine....next week this time you will be on the road to recovery. Hope all goes well
  • :) I had TLIF with hardware L5 S1 on 6/2. I am 3 weeks out today woo hoo. I am in pain this morning. The funny thing to me this whole post op time is that I DO NOT HURT AT ALL where I did before. Nor do I hurt in the spinal area. I hurt where I didn't hurt before BUT....This pain is sooo much more bearable than the before pain. I have such good days that of course the bad days that are normal really depress me but I know it is getting better and I am better than I was, even this early.

    Good Luck. Have Faith. One day at a time. All will be well. Just take it easy.
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