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Colas and sodas should have a warning label?

charryccharry Posts: 5,659
I think colas and sodas should have a warning label, what do you think? Most important in our society we need education on preventative health teaching especially on nutrition. I heard colas and soda can cause loss of bone mass and can lead to osteoporosis. Many people know that too much caffeine isn't good for you but what about sodas? When I found out that even drinking 2 diet colas a day can cause dehydration and disc problems and really how much is safe?

Even now everyone is trying to eliminate Hydrogented foods because of the risks of high cholesterol especially triglycerides. So many fast food restaurants are changing to non-hydrogenated oils. Also they have to show what type of oil did the product use in making their product and now they're (health organization) are teaching the public about these oils and eliminating them altogether.

I think there needs to be more teaching and more regulations in the use of colas and sodas and how they affect you. I used to drink only 2 cans of colas a day and a coffee and juice but rarely any water. But now I drink water at least a liter or more than a quart a day when I found out I have Degenerative disc disease and osteopenia leading to osteoporosis. Sodas aren't healthy for your tooth enamel either.

I'm not a Dr. or Dietitian but it was my Dr. who told me this and she used to be a Dietitian before becoming an MD. Charry
DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN


  • Interesting post. I'm guilty for drinking too much diet coke so have switched to vitamin water and more decaffeinated iced tea.

    If you read up on hydration, you'll find out (like you said) that you're not doing your body any favors by being a cola addict.

    I take decongestants for sinus congestion which give you dry mouth so I'm constantly sipping on something all day. Not that it is hard to do in Orlando with our heat and humidity. If you don't hydrate, you'll perish (LOL!)

    I also bought a book about breaking your sugar addiction. It recommended "Truvia" as a sugar substitute. Went and bought a big box at Sams -- big mistake -- anybody want a year's worth of Truvia? Dumb move on my part. I'll stick with Splenda.

  • Caffeine will dehydrate you, and both cola and coffee will cause this, I to had a addiction to caffeine.
    And still do, to a point. I have cut it down now.

    I bet you go to the toilet heaps, as well. You need to stop drinking coffee and cola if you want to stop your thirst for water, and going to the toilet.

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  • Yes it most certainly will help dehydrate you. When I spend a weekend at the track I have maybe 1 can of soda with supper. Most of the day is spent drinking water or mixtures of water and Gatorade equivalents. It's not just the Colas. Mountain Dew will do more harm with caffeine and sugars and tearing the enamel off your teeth than a Coke or Pepsi.

    Then take a look at the new generation choice in these power drinks, like Red Bull and Monster, etc. Twice the caffeine! They use guarana and load them up with taurine and other chemicals. Some do give you a boost. But you crash hard after. The old fashioned ones are loaded with B vitamins and sugars. You can plan on crashing on those. Then if you dehydrate you can also plan on a nice headache to go with it.

    I'm using Truvia now as a substitute and like it just fine. I'll take that over any of the artificial sweeteners. The more I read about diet soda and drinks made with Splenda and the like. The more I'll pick plain old sugar if I can't find Truvia. Those artificial ones may not have calories or carbs like sugar. But they have pretty harsh chemicals in their creation and final product. They are not good for you.

    Ultimately your best bet is to drink things that are both caffeine and sugar free (including no substitutes). But most people can't handle that. Plain water is just boring. I drink lots of it. But it's boring. Drinking more juices or just mixing a bit in water to give it some flavor helps.

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,525
    Yes, I agree that more of our daily products need to contain more information regarding health information.

    Graham brought a point about power drinks. Working at a Wine/Liquor store now in my retirement, I can not tell you how many young people come in buying the Red Bull power drinks, the Sweet Tea Cans and some flavored vodka. That is there drink for the night!

    In there you have the caffeine, the alcohol and sugar.

    What about plastic water bottles? So much has been written about their problems recently, you almost get afraid to drink anything from the markets.

    Will this change? I dont think so, marketing, advertising and profits will stand in the way.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • I drink a LOT of diet coke... I have since I was a teen (I never actually liked the taste of regular soda). Before that my only drinks were milk or water... I switched for the fizzy cooling sensation back when I worked the summer outside at an animal shelter....and never looked back.

    I can't even begin to calculate how much soda I drink in a day....I bring 12 cans to work almost every in office day... and rarely come home with more than 2... if that :( When I get home... it all starts again. When I work at home... it's probably about the same, I rarely have milk anymore as it started messing with my tummy a few years ago... water, yes... when I think about it:(

    The thought that I in someway contributed to my own condition is scary... and upsetting ...even knowing that this all started when I was about 7.....many, many years before I'd ever even tasted soda doesn't help.

    In a lot of ways, I'm also p***ed off beyond mention.... with all the taxes I pay, with all the bs regulations that are in place for other things...
    why is it that they can sell soda and other substances that are found to be harmful?? And more important to me is... did they know how harmful it could/might be when they decided it could be sold?
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  • i believe i lost my gallbladder to drinking too many sodas. :( i was drinking up to 15 pepsis a day before my surgery and think it was a big contributor to the problem.. so did my doctor!! now i drink lots of water(7 to 10 bottles a day) sometimes with lemon. for a treat i might have a homemade ice tea or lemonade with Stevia, i love the new sugar!! it is natural! i would never touch the sugar substitutes. they are processed and full of chemicals... good luck to anyone trying to stop sodas! i lost 30# as well!! please be careful reusing your water bottles, ron was so right about that!! Jenny :)
  • Ick! now I'm really getting worried...I've been having some...issues which my family has been saying is probably gall bladder related and should go to a doctor.. but, like everything else, I've been putting it off.

    On the bottle thing... I brought one of those faucet water cleaner thingies and a couple of reusable water bottles... it's great when I remember, lol! But, I Do use the faucet water now for most things so I'm getting some? benefit from it in other areas as well.
  • I'm also a diet soda addict. I'm sure it's contributed to my bad bones, osteoopenia, etc. My husband also thinks it is one of the big reasons I crave sweets and (I need to lose weight.) I also drink a lot of water, but it just ain't the same!
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