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It's Been Awhile SInce I posted...

BamaCherylBBamaCheryl Posts: 45
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:47 AM in Pain Management
Hey Everyone, It has been a while since I posted last. My surgery was December of last year so I am almost 10 months out. I came through with the surgical post op wonderfully and healed very nicely through the months following, but lately I am feeling some symptoms that are worrisome to me. One spot on the top of my left thigh feels like it is on fire from time to time on a daily basis and some numbness in my toes. I dont go back to my NS until December for my one year check-up. Also, I am still on Loratab 5 mg once per day. Is that normal to need pain meds this far out. I find that I start aching if I dont take one each morning. Any suggestions??


  • hi! sorry to hear you are having some questions about your surgery.. that can be disturbing!! i just wanted to say hi and welcome back even if it is under these conditions!! good luck to you! Jenny :)

  • long time since we chatted.
    Sorry to hear that after a great start to your recovery, you are having problems again.

    When was your last visit with your NS?
    I would also suggest that you give him a call to just check that he is happy to wait until December before seeing you again.

    I am also having some problems; not so much with my lumbar spine, but in my cervical and thoracic spine. I am going to have an MRI scan in a couple of weeks to see what is going on.

    Do let us know how you get on. Hopefully you are just having a temporary blip and will get back on track again.

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  • Hi Jellyhall I am so sorry it has taken me so long to come back and under the situation of asking for advice. :( I am sorry you are still having probs as well. An MRI is a good place to start investigating the problem though. Please keep me updated.

    Thanks to the others for your advice. I may call the doctor's office just to ask the nurse. It is probably nothing, but better to be safe than sorry. I am worried about the pain meds and I definately don't want to become dependant on them for a long time. I know that they said the physical therapy would help, but the exercises that they showed me tend to make me feel more stiff the following day. When I asked the doctor about that at my last visit he said to expect stiffness each morning for the rest of my life. He told me to move and stretch as much as I can each day. I am just wanting to keep moving and my desk job is not helping on a daily basis. I am feeling a little frustrated right now. I have to work but sitting at a desk without time for regular walking and stretching breaks is starting to wear on me. Ughhh what to do??
  • Hello.I haven't posted for a long time,but seeing your thread decided to bring awareness here to your thread so that you can at least rule this out.I developed RSD as a result of surgery/s and before this was only given the Dx of Chronic Pain Syndrome for quite a long time.

    Your symptoms could very well be a normal part of your recovery,but because you mentioned you were doing wonderfully before these other symptoms appeared and I experienced this myself.......

    Please have Robin PM you with the web site if interested.

    I hope that you are feeling better soon!

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  • My URL was about a disease-not solicitation or advertising of other companies, products,or services.
    It's true that I have not posted for a while,and certainly did not wish to break the rules-only wanted to help.I had no idea that we could not post a URL to a link for illness or disease if it might help another person.
    I'm sorry about that.

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