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Thoracic SCS trial scheduled for 10/19



  • Sorry it didn't work out for you >:D<

    Next week isn't too far off.

    Try to feel better,

  • For your trial and glad you didnt have to wait too long for it to be rescheduled.
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  • I am glad that you don't have to wait too long to try again. Thoracic pain is so hard and I really hope that you will get some relief.

  • Wow! It is really special to read all of the encouraging words while I await my trial. Watching the MLB Playoffs has been a great distraction from pain. Yay the Giants just this second won!
    Take good care!
  • Hi Jackie, I pray everything goes as planned ans you get that scs in place. MY thoughts and prayers are with you. Rosemary keep us posted
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  • Hope everything goes to plan, and that they will be able to get the relief that you need. :-)

    We'll be waiting to hear how you are. :H
  • that you made it through and it is working for you, got my fingers crossed and prayers sent. we will all be looking for your up dated post. ;) Rosemary
  • I am laying down for a much needed nap but wanted to check in first.

    I have only 2 programs for now, and will get more programs tomorrow am. I am so tired but also really pleased that I get to see if this will be a viable option for me.

    Thank you all so much for your support. I may not be able to post much more until I recover from the procedure.

    I can tell I will be sore, but it is so worth it. At this point I am able to feel a small amount of stim over the soreness without major leg stimulation, but I am in this for the long haul so we'll see.

    Thanks again....

  • =D> Thank God I truly hope you this is it. How long will this trial last 3 days 7 days, regardless, its in. And now we just have to wait, for the permant ones in and we will be on our way to a New and more fullfilling life. I was sore also for the first 2 days especialy when setting back or laying down on the incession areas and the square thing its plugged into. GEt some rest and talk to us when you feell up to it. YOU GO GIRL >:D< <:P Rosemary
  • I am using the 2 programs that I have right now while my body is in different positions. So far what I am noticing is that I get the best actual back pain relief while sitting with pillows behind me, or sitting back, not just sitting.
    In all other positions, I turn up the amplitude in program "1" and don't feel thoracic stim, but do feel pain when I turn the unit off. This tells me I am getting pain relief.
    I am guessing this is related to being sore from having the leads placed.
    In program "2" I notice very clear coverage in both my Lumbar and in my thighs and legs.
    I am hoping that the increase in spinal fluid from inserting the leads is reduced enough so that Tood, my Medtronic Rep, can add a bunch more programs for me to try out later this morning.
    If not, I will ask for more programs tomorrow.
    Our idea going into this is that it would be a 3-4 day trial, so that scar tissue would not build up enough to affect permanent lead implant if I do that.
    My doctor has already said that if I go with a permanent SCS, he would have a surgeon do the paddle leads. Due to that decision, I will ask to keep this trial going for about a week.
    Hope everyone is well....thanks so much, as always for your interest in my stim trial and the amazing support! It is very helpful and comforting....
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