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SCS - very fearful

chickenoftheseacchickenofthesea Posts: 9
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:47 AM in Spinal Cord Stimulation
After a fusion, laminectomy, ESI's that did not work, etc. my doc is saying the next step is a spinal cord stimulator. I am really nervous about this. I am in my mid-40s and work full time. For those of you who have SCS, has it changed your life in any significant ways (other than hopefully reducing the pain?)?


  • My SCS able me to walk more.and do some of thing I wasn't able to do before. But I will never be able to work again. But it has help'

  • I am glad it made you able to walk again but why will you never be able to work again? That concerns me too as I am the primary income for our family.
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  • I have just recently gone back to work after a 2 year break. During that break though I was busy with other things that were far more strenuous than a job. Without my SCS I would not be able to do anything but stay at home and live in my recliner. I am very active thanks to my SCS. I am only 48.8 years young, so many years ahead of me, which with my SCS I now look forward to.

  • I only had my scs for the 3 day trial, and I lived more life in those 3 days than I have in 3 years. b4 scs up 8am breakfast, lite house cleaning, net, lunch, 1 pm nap up at 5 eat back to bed at 7 pm, I couldnt stand to do the dishes sweeping the floor was a killer, and travel more than a 1/2 hour was bad. I use 4-5 hydrocoden a day and withthe stem only 2 a day and that was because I hve been on them for over 2 years. My point is in those 3 days I was up at 7:30am felt good so I wasnt grumpy, did more around the house went to sams club right after scs ws in for abut 2.5 hr, this never would have happened befor, next day busier stayed up till 11:00 pm havnt done that in a million years. But everyone is differant and I hope the permant one gives me the same amount of life it did in those 3 days. Since we dont know what your job is, hopefully this works for you. good luck to you I hope it does what you need it to do. We're all here for support keep us informed. Make a little journal durring your trial and see if you can do things longer of course NO BLT. Rose :D
  • I arrived at the hospital, gowmed up,med rep talked to me, then the doc, all vitals, the usual, then we went to the OR and they had 2 pillows for me to rollover on under my belly, so my spine would be straight. the gave me Kflex prfilatic antibotic, then 1.5 versade, cleanded my back 3x then placedthe paper/with clear plastic to keep the bck sterial, and since I had a PNS along with mine I got stuck twice, the pain amounted to tht of an epidural sting, pressure,deep pressure, not that bad, I didnt cry, and they also had my head covered up and the medtronic rep held my hand so he could talk to me and ask me what I felt and where, mine took alittle longer since I had the pns, placing it did hurt a bit, he went a little too deep, I told them it hurt and felt like a ee sting he bcked it off and repositioned it and still a slight sting then he wan just under the skin and BINGO no pain just good vibrations. I see the NS thursday they will submit to the insurane and hopefully I will hve my permant Medtronic retore ultra. It will be ok, there will be several nurses in with you also. After I ws done they came out and showed me how to change the settings and then we went shopping. So I hope this puts you mind at ease alittle bit atleast. Rose, but this was how it was for me it may hve been very differant for others on here. Keep us posted. Rose
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  • I was "chicken" too, for about 6 months once my PMD started talking about SCS ... I'd been on low-dose [10 mg/day] methadone for 12+ years, which was just enough to keep me from shooting myself. Also taking Topamax and two antidepressants ... BUT. Once I started e-mailing the Patient Ambassadors at St. Jude Medical's patient website, www.poweroveryourpain.com, I became convinced that SCS would be the way to go. (I've lived with non-radiating sciatica in my right bum-cheek for the last 23 years; my PMD started off doing acupuncture, which worked for a while; then we moved on to injections of various types; and then we had to settle for the narcotic, which I was NOT thrilled with, but which let me lead a semi-normal life.)
    SO. Had my trial at the PMD's office on a Thursday in late May and by the next Monday when he took it out, I had been completely pain-free all weekend. It felt like a miracle! So of course I was ready to have the surgery immediately. But the first NS I saw turned out to be a dud -- he AND his staff, who couldn't be bothered to set up a surgery date or ever return any of my calls -- so I had to go to my second choice, who turned out not only to be adorable but could get me into surgery within about 10 days. Permanent SCS was implanted on 7 July and I've hardly looked back! I'm on the last step of coming off the methadone [NOT FUN] and will start weaning off the Topamax next. (I have lost 12 lbs. on the Withdrawal Diet, but I don't recommend it. [( ] Plus, that's only a drop in the bucket of what I NEED to lose .. heh!
    Anyway, if you have a good PMD and can find a good NS, I highly recommend SCS. The only word I ever use about it is "miracle," because it has literally turned me into a much happier, nicer person. (I'm not actually nice yet, but nicER.)
    Hope this helps!
    Take care --
  • 4 months now and a new life, at least from the waist down. Can actually shop again, walk, bend my knees, play with the grand kids, sleep more than 2 hours. I haven't regretted a minute of it. I had instant pain relief, just have had to meet the rep 4 times to perfect the programs to target specific areas. I have 4 programs now, and need 1 or 2 more which I will do in 3 weeks. Medtronics has been fabulous, and the light tingling is such a relief instead of pain. As time goes on I feel less and less tingling, been told will feel very little by 6 months.

    If it wasn't for even more severe upper cervical pain from the same type of problems I'd be working. But after 6th nerve cutting, I'm in a world of headache/neck pain that is unbearable. Monday I'm calling the Neurosurgeon that referred me for the Medtronics SCS for lumbar and see about it for my neck. If it was as successful as the lumbar I could easily work and function. Nerve pain has affected mid back, neck, shoulders, left arm and numbness down to fingers, and worst is the muscles that lead up into the head and behind the eyes with excruciating headaches.
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