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Leg pain after L4 L5 fusion is this normal

johnb3207jjohnb3207 Posts: 99
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:48 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi all It's me lol I have been getting along perty well
had L4 L5 fusion on Oct 21st and have been dooing really good I thought but yesterday and this morning my legs are really starting to bother me to the point of concern now lot of pain
in my buttocks area and down back of legs I am hoping this is normal ....has anyone else had this ....and when do the spasams start kicking in I have been on spasam meds so hopefully they will not your thoughts please anyway would like to know on legs 8}


  • I also experienced major nerve pain in my legs after my L4/5 TLIF. It wasn't immediate, it was a week or so after surgery.

    I had told my hubby and MIL (she flew in to be my caretaker for two weeks) after I'd been home for a week that I was having major leg pain and that I thought I needed a walker. They both said no, just use a cane or crutches. But when they both realized that I simply couldn't walk on my own at one point, they scrambled to find me a walker.

    So, basically I'm saying that it's not uncommon to have worse pain before it gets better. Oddly, the pain in my legs was not what I experienced pre-op, it was more like sciatic spike pain down the back of both legs. So you might need to have a walker for a bit until it subsides.

    With that said, any time you have concerns, don't hesitate to call your surgeon and talk with him/her about it. That's what they're there for.

    Take care and keep up on the recovery. It's not a very easy road at first, is it?

  • Thanks cath that's exactly what it feels like and I just got off the phone with my Dr office And she said to add 800 MG ibuprofen 3 times a day and to call her wed and to let her know if it helps feel a bit better now with pain med but it will be time for more in a few hours and I can start to feel it again so hope the
    ibuprofen helps thanks again Cath have a great day :H
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  • I too have WORSE leg pain post op ALIF, L4-5 on 8/24.

    Like Cath said, it came on after I think a week or so, its hard to remember, I was in the hospital for 5 days. I had to use the walker, I still need it for walks.
    I have to go for mylogram now to see what's up.

    Good luck John, I'm so sorry for you. Do let your doc know. I went to ER a few nights after I was released from hospital as my leg literally seized up.

    I hope your muscle relaxers kick in & you get relief.

  • Hang in there John! I had leg pain for months! Neurontin really helps me with the nerve pain!

    The good news is it has really subsided now. It takes a long time for the nerves to calm and heal! They are pretty ticked off! LOL

    Wishing you the best in your recovery!
  • John, I too had L4/5 fusion on 9/29. My "good" leg was numb immediately after surgery and went on to becoming very painful about 1 week later. My Dr. put me on Lyrica and that helped. THat pain and numbness is nearly completely gone now.

    My new fear is I have pain in my original "bad" leg once again. It started at 3 and 1/2 weeks after doing too much one day. I was feeling good and did too much! So please don't do that, John. Continue to take it easy for a very long time, no matter how good you feel! I pray I didn't do anything to harm my healing process. THe nurse says it's too soon to tell and that some nerve pain is common at 4 - 5 weeks out. But it came on after 3 - 4 weeks and wasn't there at the beginning after surgery. Sorry to go on about this on your post. Just be careful!

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  • sorry your getting the nerve pains, it seems it not uncommon after all, the surgeon have been in there moving them around,or there now going back into the place they should be, also if yours were compressed prior, all thses factors will irritate those nerves and they will be reacting to this.

    i do hope it settles for you soon.
    apart from that , how are you managing now ?
    are you finding it easier yet to get out of bed/ walk/dress/shower?
    take care
  • Yes Flower I am getting along really good now weening
    myself off the pain meds now taking longer walks now
    pain in legs is not as bad so yep things are going good ..Other than my work is shutting me out now and not sure I will have a job to go back to and if i do they said lowest pay and I have a 2 hour drive to work
    not sure what i am going to do but I will cross that bridge when it gets here
  • Hiya , I had leg pains about a week after surgery as well , my physio told me this was due to my spine being corrected with the metal work ,which lengthens the spine but the nerve cords have to adjust to the new length , mine are mostly in the front of my legs and on the side , keep well and take it easy xx
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  • thats a worry you could do without, re job, right now.
    2hrs drive to work too!

    i do hope things will work out for you with this
    concentrate on healing for now, and as you say , worry bout it when/if the time comes

    take care flower

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