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New pain med nucynta?

BrokengirlBBrokengirl Posts: 13
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:49 AM in Pain Medications
Hey all! Just got home from pm doc, up till today I have been taking 750mg of vicodin every 6hrs, my doc said this can be really bad for my liver and just prescribed a brand new pain med that also helps with nerve pain, but isn't as rough on the liver It's called NUCYNTA, just wondering if anyone else has tried it or heard anything...


  • Hi, i also take norco, which is a stronger version of vicodin.
    My PM is concered about it effecting my liver also.
    Thanks for thie info. i am gonna ask the PM next time i see him about the Nucynta.
  • If you google it, you can definitely find reviews. It works well for some people and not great for others. Everyone is so different. It has SSRI properties so I think that's why it's different than other pain medications. See how it works. Give it a try. Maybe it will work well for you!
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  • Well, been taking it for a little over a day and it definitely stops you from feeling the pain, and I don't feel as jittery, or spacey as I did on vicodin, and my boyfriend noticed I stopped itching my nose and face which is great since I was getting a little self conscious about that, (when I wasn't to spacey to notice, lol). I actually walked the mall and did my christmas shopping without having to retreat home to lay down and take a "back brake"! My best friend and I googled it last night and read everything we could find. The companys website suggests taking a pill every4 or 6 hours and my doc said every 8, I noticed the pain returning and my mood darkening a bit around 5 hours and by 7 hours my pain is back full force so I think I'll be calling my doctor tomorrow to see what he says but otherwise I think this might actually work for a while. If anything changes I'll let you guys know. And thanks for taking the time to respond. Merry Christmas!!!

    Good luck with the doc Jim! If he prescribes it I hope it works well for you also.
  • Howdy Brokengirl,

    Welcome to Spine Health!! If you are getting such relief, and too no side affects, for sure let your doctor know how well it's working, but that it only lasts 'x' amount of hours. He/she may then adjust your dose. Medications are different for everyone, and finding the right mix is the key. Glad to hear you are finding some relief. :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • This is the new med my pain doctor was talking about that is to replace darvocet and if you don't have insurance it is $550 a month. It is not on my formulary list so I won't be trying it because the copay would be way too high for me.

    sue in ohio
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  • Take Nucynta and have been for about 6 months.
    I am allergic to vics and hydro but have tried Tramamdol, lyrica, Ultracet, dilaudid neurontin and just about every muscle relaxer known to man.
    None of them were very effective or had terrible side affects.
    The Doc gave me the Nucynta and it has been a God send for me. It has been effective for nerve pain some structural pain and oddly enough stops my spasms.
    I had some itching and shaking for the first 2 weeks but now other than a headache in the morning there are no side effects. I dont get a buzz or memory issues. I do get itchy if I take a 4th dose when needed.
    I hope it works for you. Keep us posted.
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