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I'm new to all this, Im 29 and just diagnosed.

KymBerlyKymBerly Posts: 73
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:50 AM in New Member Introductions
I have been in pain the last 2 or 3 years. I was already going through a hellish round of surgeries due to Poly-cystic Ovary disease. So when the Pain started at the very top of my thigh we thought it was from all the surgeries or from another cysts. Well I finally had a full hysterectomy and my abdominal pain was greatly reduced. But the pain in my Thigh remained.

It was not severe just nagging and would pop up when I over did it. I mentioned it to my Doctors a few times but over all it was not a huge concern. Then 6 Months ago it began to gradually worsen. I went to my Doctor but she acted as if I was a drug seeker. So I went home discouraged.

I waited 4 months. All the while buying pain pills off the streets.I was chewing 800 mg of Motrin 3 times a day, Aleve and Tylenol in between. I finally began to fall, and was experiencing numbness and tingling in my right leg. So I changed doctor and went in and cried my eyes out to her.

She told me it sounded like nerve pain, and sent me for a Xray and then a MRI. The Mri scared the Radiloigist so much he called my Doctor right away. The Phone was ringing before I ever walked into the door at home.

The Proclamation is a very large very severe right sided herniation at T12 L1.It is pressing on the nerves that are for the right leg , inguinal region aka pelvic almost over to the hip. The Doctor told me all she can do is manage my pain and send me to neurosurgery.

I see 2 different Neurosurgeons on the 8th of February. I hedged my bets and scheduled with two different hospitals in case one cant or wont help me.Meanwhile I have been busily looking up information. Most of what Im finding is people who were injured in a traumatic way and received treatment asap. I'm not finding people who suffered for years or even months like I have.

So hopefully I can connect with a few other people here on Spine health so we can all help each other through this.

Thanks for Reading



  • hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. you have come to a great place to gather information and make new friends.. i am sorry you are suffering as you are. it is always a good idea to get more than one opinion so having two doctor opinions is a good one. even if you do not find anyone who has suffered just as you have, we have all suffered pain, and that is universal!! good luck on your doctor appointments! i hope something is found to help you on the road to recovery! stop by the forum anytime! Jenny :)
  • I would love some clarification on these MRI Results. I understand some, but not all.

    History , Low back pain with Radicular symptoms.
    Technique;Sagital; T1 , T2 AXIAL T1 T1
    Findings. The Bone Marrow signal intensity is unremarkable.

    At T12-L1 there is evidence of a very large focal right sided disk herniation. The Disk material is abutting and displacing the conus medullaris to the left. The disk herniation is large enough that it is causing a component of central spinal stenosis as well.

    At L4-5 and L5-S1 there is a slight dessication of the disk material . No articular facet disease is noted.

    Opinion. A large right sided disk herniation is seen at T12-L1.
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  • Hi, There are people here who just started their trip down "pain lane"
    And there are people here who have dealt with it for many years.
    It's just a matter of people finding your post. Which they will eventually.

    As far as your mri results, we are not allowed to interpet the readings for anyone. Forum rules as we are not allowed to play doctor.

    So just scroll thru the different topic's and feel free to post and or vent.
    There is always someone here to listen, and attempt to comfort.
  • Thanks Jim. I have been googling the terms and Am starting to understand some of what is wrong, and also what in my daily life can aggravate it. I'm slowly learning what sleep positions help, not to lay on my belly and to lean forward slightly when standing. Not sure if it will help alot but anything at this point!
  • hi! i am glad you are finding the forum useful.. it won't be long before you begin to know people around here as well. i like to listen to music when i am trying to get some sleep.. it really helps me with pain control and getting rest! hope that helps some! Jenny :)
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