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Nerve pain is back kicking my ass,



  • Alex,

    That's what we are talking about my friend. Mounting it to the ceiling at one time for me was a snap now gotta wait for the percochet and morphine to kick in then climb the ladder to drill a starter into a joist lol.

    If you haven't ever tried a swing it's a must before you are to old or just don't want sex anymore it really is worthy of praise!

    Hope your feeling better, drugs are working for me so far fairly well!
  • Too funny ! Watching us in action would be a comedy!

    it does mount to the ceiling or they have a corner stand similar to a heavy bag stand and it really did help restore that part of our life.
    I wanted to try and deduct the cost of the swing as a piece of medical equipment since we need it, but my wife was too embarresed to give the receipt to our accountant :-)

    On another note, does anyone have hypersensitivity on the bottom of their feet? I have had hypersensitivity for a year in my leg and top of the foot but the bottom of the foot is new and makes walking impossible. Any tricks for dealing with this pain other than massage and drugs?
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  • Just give it time, soon your toes will start going numb, then the bottoms of your feet and it won't bother you anymore. Well, except for in my case, I still get those zaps of shock that feel like electricity zap out of my toes or thru my foot a few times a day.
    I guess I must be lucky - I have that nerve pain so bad, with every heartbeat that shit zaps but the lortab and perks really do a good job in toning it down to about a 2 which is liveable. I am sorry those drugs don't work for you'all regarding nerve pain. I can't take neurontin either, hate that loopy goofy feeling and I do need to be sharp at work. I feel for everybody in this damn boat. For me, surgery was a bad move also, and it seems it has been a bad move for a lot of peeps. I really feel bad when I hear people wanting to blow their brains out because I have been down that road on a few occasions. Now I thank God I did not do it and have found a drug that helps and that my doctor FINALLY gives me almost enough of it to do some good.
  • I get that zap through me allot, it's the constant severe pain that rocks my world. I could stand it for several years it finally just had me so worn down i couldn't anymore, after nasty surgery. A wonderful pain management doctor (a real one not just a pill pusher) that was very patient with me and didn't give up we found something that gives me enough relief to live and even am laughing again. I admit the drugs make me to foggy allot to do anything of real danger but it's so worth the trade off to be within a pain limit that's livable! I am well aware of the long term damage drugs do to a person but i haven't had a choice with some extremely powerful drugs over the past twenty years because of Epilepsy so what does it matter if i have to take morphine and percochet also one way or the other my body get's pounded by drugs daily it's living like this that makes it worth it to me! My surgeon cannot get that in his head let's keep trying we will make it at some point he don't want to give up but my is NO NO NO we have went as far as that knife is going with me!!! I can't build anymore regardless surgery can't give me my career back so let's leave it alone surgery is painful and look at this group of failed surgeries we continue to pile up like junkyard car's!
  • Would you guys shutup about the pain. I am still geting my mind on this swing thang. Lol. Jeff. You seriously have 1 or puting one in lol? You beter have some strong long screws lol. To hold the swing i mean of course . I would not dare sugest anything other lol.

    Michelle. Sure i can work on the. music for the spiney comedy sex video. Should it be the redneck version or just regular slap stick comedy? Lol. I might have to rent a banjo if its the redneck version.
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
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  • Your choice Alex but I am a redneck from Oklahoma . We don't use banjos down here for our music . We choose 5 gallon buckets and BBQ tongs for our percussion . J/k .your the artist I'll leave it to you.ohhhhhh maybe i can do my belly dancing in the spiney video. Hahahahaha I can shimmy my way into a back spasm , que music , enter Gimpy wearing a back brace ,"'hey baby flex that core cause I got your support rigt here." hee hee . Papa Ron is gonna shut this down if I go further with the dialog. :) anyone wanna add scenes before we get sent to forum lockup?
  • Hi Alex,

    Your to damn funny! Yeah i did have one several years ago but left it along with the Ex... Gonna to buy a new now that Michelle or Gimpy brought it not sure which one of those's two brought it up Gimpy was that you lol...Actually forgot about that thing actually but now that it's on my mind i will buy a new one! they are an awesome tool so to speak!

    I have some strong screws well maybe not so strong one's in the spine haven't broken one yet to find out just how strong they really are and sure hope that's a lesson i NEVER learn that would be much more than just and ouch that hurt!!! You know the lag screw looped so you can just clip that umm swing thingy and get to swingin yeehaa haha.

    I must say of the best and most therapeutic things i have done in a long time is join this group it's a wonderful place to meet you all...I have found it really does help (at least me). I pray it does it does the rest of you to. Connecting with people that live the same life and understand the hell we go through daily. Although i do wish not one of us had to go through this and i always remember all of you in my prayers!

    I am thankful the creators have done this for us.I hope they are aware of how nice it is to talk to others that live the life we do. Kudos to the creators and my thanks to you!
  • Yes think internet has become helpfulll for people with disability and spine issues along with many other medical issues for suport. As they say internet can be a good tool if its used for the good and of course becomes bad when people abuse it just to stalk and harras others when they have nothing beter to do. You read about it all the time.

    Its easier for people to relate to another persons situation when they are living it themselves. When someone that has no issues might not totaly get what this strugle is all about dailey. We can joke about our situation with others here in spine health which helps many to get there mind off the pain even if its just for a short time.
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • Yup, I started this diversion into disability sex :-)
    I havent laughed this hard in a long time. I have to say that before I found this site just a week or two ago I felt alone and isolated in many ways. This site was a godsend for me.
  • Hi, I agree and identify with all of you who have posted here.
    We all know that the meds we are taking will not and DO not cure our problem, when the nerve stars sending alert fire messages to our cortex its hell! we know how unberable it is, we have learned to live with constant pain,.. but when it reacts (thats how I call it) nothing calms it. The drugs only leave you so dopped up you can hardly move, the pain remains.
    Regarding medication, what about our livers? not to mention other side effects, I asked my neurosurgeon when he said I was well medicated for pain, "when are you putting me on a liver transplant?" he stared at me and could not reply...
    Alex you say you take valium as a rescue med, unless I take 10mg of valium when I wake up, I cannot move all day, I stick it under my tongue and let it disolve and I am less "rusty"...
    I decided to get off all meds but the paracetamol 1g 3 times a day and the valium. No more lyrica, gabapentin, fentanyl patches, Codeine, they even gave me in Spain dextropopoxyphine and meptazinol (both banned for years in the uk!), Pregabalin, Tramadol, diclofenac which caused bradycardias and rised my troponine level in blood (heart suffering), epidural steroid injections and bupivacaine infiltrations with other local anesthetics... they even want to use botox.
    We have to find a solution to this chronic pain... Acupucture, Chriropractics and stretching exercises help in my case, also cold packs. Here they gave a tens in the pain managment unit with a special program for pain. I was explained that when you have Chronic pain from a neuropathy your cortex cells are altered and they send intensive alert messages to your brain resulting in our unberable state.
    I am sorry if my explanations sound childish as I am not a medical professional and I have learnt trying to deal with it and I can only explain it the way I understand it.
    Could you all please post what helps you when you have a big crisis so we can all experiment and try if it works with us? (I mean, natural remedies not drugs)
    A soft big hug to you all,
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