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New member needing answers for upcoming cervical disc surgery



  • Hello all- haven't written in awhile, but haven't felt too well and have had lots of appointments to attend. I have shocking news to relay regarding my upcoming surgery set for September. the neurosurgeon I am seeing is the top guy, head of his department, and I trust what he is telling me. I had sent him my written reports of all my MRI'S and Mylegrams, and I hand delivered my images of both tests the day of my appt. His very 1st question to me was, "Did the surgeon who performed your surgery in 2006 tell you why he left TWO screws out?!" I almost fell off the table. Just not that- the platelet is too long, which is pushing up on my vertebrae (C3) and causing the spinal contusion to worsen! I have copies of the operative report where it clearly states SIX titanium screws were torqued into the pilot holes he had drilled. How in the world does a surgeon leave TWO dang screws out?? No freakin' wonder I have felt like crap the past 5 years or more! So, I am having his mistakes corrected and it consists of C3-C7 being fused. First surgery was a 3-level, this surgery will be a 5-level. Wow...I'm scared. I'm worried and concerned, but I am also completely numb in my right arm and hand. I'm 38 years old, feel like 48. Also, I have contacted three attorneys who feel like my situation is medical negligence, but may not be medical malpractice. It's a twisted world out there and I am somehow twisted up in it. Sorry to be "Debbie Downer", just need some positive thoughts and prayers sent my way! Will update soon. Good night to all!
  • Being almost 49 and feeling 80, I hear ya! I would be so torqued if I had that result from my surgery. *HUG* So sorry that is what the main cause has been for so many years. Wow!!

    Hopefully this surgeon can knock a lot of what is going on "out of the ballpark" for you. My NS when he saw I was having problems starting around 5 months post op on my second surgery, basically blew me off. I like you am seeing a new surgeon (my 3rd opinion) this week.

    I am looking at 5 levels as well thanks to it working into my thoracic (top). I am so glad you have trust and faith in your new surgeon. I will follow this thread to see how it goes. Glad to hear you have answers, but sad to see "why" you've been through all of this. *HUGZ* of support!!!

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
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  • I hope that you managed to get some sleep, but suspect that you had an active mind!

    Hearing that your surgeon ommitted to put in all the screws, must have caused all sorts of feelings! It now sounds like you will need further surgery to deal with things and, if there is damage starting to affect your spinal cord, it is a good things that your surgery is scheduled for next month.

    Although needing to have another surgery would be well down on everyone's list of things to do, if that is the way to sort out the pain you are having, then as long as this time you have a skilled surgeon, it should be worth it. Appart from dealing with your pain, you need to get the pressure off your cord to stop permanent damage.

    I will certainly pray for you. Let me know more information and the date of your surgery.

    I am also in the process of having various tests done to ascertain if I have myelopathy that needs dealing with in my neck. I have some symptoms that indicate that my cord is being damaged, but other symptoms don't indicate that. My MRI didn't show any damage to my cord (high signal). I am about to have EMG and nerve conduction tests and hope that they will give a clearer idea of how much compression I have.

    Have you had those tests? If so, did they show what was causing your symptoms?

    Be sure that you will get plenty of support here and there is also lots of information as well as people sharing their experiences. Welcome to our gang! :H

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