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Synthes Prodisc C Prestige removal

blueandinpainbblueandinpain Posts: 26
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:54 AM in Chronic Pain
Hi everyone, I wrote in this forum a couple of years ago and lost my password and account when I moved back to the UK and now I have returned to Spain where I had the surgeries. My old user name was "benyonm".
I had a car a accident in 2004 and a "wing cage" fusion in C6-C7 in February 2005. In December 2005 I needed surgery again and my neurosurgeon decided to implant a Prodisc C in C5-C6. Strange because after I found out, you should never have a Prodisc C if your upper or lower level has been fused. I still have a chronic C7 Radiculopathy and cronic muscle atrophy in my upper limb down to my fingers and burning sensation with chronic pain. Now I have been told that they included me in a trial (without asking...) and that Prodisc C is giving a lot of problems and here in Europe all spine speciallist have been recommended to remove these discs due to problems. My Prodisc is almost six years and the pain is constant from the beginning. I have a strange bone growth in my fusion, in flexion XRs you can clearly tell it is covex curved (growing outwards) instead of concave curved. I will be having a CAT and new XRays next week as MRIs are all blured. Two doctors say the Prodisc has to be removed and the lower level under the fusion has to be fused as well.
I would appreciate if anyone has heard the same...
Also I would like to exchange experiences with other people who have had and ADR and Prodisc C.
Take care and keep fighting hopefully we will find a solution to our pain


  • Hi and welcome back,
    I had a flexicore ADR in l4-5 in 2006. Still dealing with constant nerve pain because too big of a disk. I was told they would never remove it but fuse it in place however not sure if that is a great idea either . Look up Alexhurting on this forum . He had the same disc as i then had it fused and having all sorts of problems. Let us know how it turns out and big hugs to you
  • Hi Michelle, I had never heard about flexicore and have just checked it out and it looks and seems very similar to prodisc C. It is scary to have it fused and especially as I feel they are experimenting with us. After 6 years meeting a lot of people in Spain and the Uk in Chiropractics, Ostiopaths, Acupucture, Pain Management Units, Trauma and Neurosurgery wating rooms I came to a conclusion. The only people I know who are pain free and have recovered are those who had (I don't know the medical term) a discectomy and a fusion with a piece of their own bone taken from their hip. The recovery is longer but you have no reaction as it is your own bone and it is part of your body, no metal no screws, it kind of welds and fuses with your own bone. This is the procedure they used to use in the old days before they brought all these prothesis out and I met people who had it in their neck and lower back and they were back to normal life and never again had problems. You do lose mobility but you do with fusion so why use a strange body? If I were you I would do more research before going into another surgery.
    Thanks for your help, don't lose hope. Take care, hugs,
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  • I also talked to people who back in the days had fusion with there own bone used and no hardware and results were very good for a lot of them. I dont know why you would change something if its already working the old way and cause this much suffering for people in this day and age. If its not all about the money then what else would it be.

    I know some people never even heard of this but its been done. Is it because they want to slap some hardware in there to put person back to work sooner and they think it takes too long for the other way for it to fuse so this is much easier? Well guess what dr,s. Its not working duuuuuuuuuuu, Wake up and smell the cofeee

    If i had to lay in bed for months i will do it if i know i will have good result after it fuses. Money controls everything they do it dont mater what the end results are.

    I had the flexicore done in 2004 where they had clinical trial where i did not know if i was coming out of surgery with adr or fused. Well lucky me i got the adr with the nerve damage to go with it. Nobody said its the surgery thats the trial i was told the adr is in trial. And nobody said if it dont work we cant take it out cause it will probably kill ya.

    Maybe the fda needs to look at the statistics on how well some of the outcomes were before they had adr and hardware that costs big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ just for the hardware. I was not brought on earth to make these people rich at my expense. While i run in to an older guy at the golf course him hiting balls and he tells me yes i had fusion years ago. No i never had hardware they just fused it with my bone. He has been great ever sense while i can barely walk in agony with this great technology we have from the medical field and the guy is twise my age. Give me a break,

    I dont believe we are any more advanced today with spine surgery just as with curing cancer or anything else. With all the money thats spent on cures and advancement for health where is it? Where is the beef???? We can go to the moon and found so many things we could not do before lot to do with cell phones and computers because its a money maker. Cause everything you buy today is already out dated tomorow so they will milk it for all its worth.

    I am still amazed best thing they come up with for pain when all fails is nerve stim. Wow the brain power it took to come up with that 1. Hey bob what if we stick an electrical wire in there spine and shock the hell out of them i bet they forget there pain then. This was probably right after jim the handy man just stuck his finger in an electrical socket by mistake. Well jim my idea was actualy a hammer to have them hit there heads with to forget pain and call it a medical hammer but yours sounds more expensive so lets go with your idea instead.

    There you have it, in case you was wondering who invented the scs. Dumb and dumber brothers. Now pay attention cause we will be having a test later.

    Do we trust our gov; with our health? Or do we trust them the same way we trusted them with our money. Yes we are broke people nut just us but the whole country. Only one that aint broke is Oprah.

    Only people that wont agree with me about the medical is who probably needed surgery because car crash and such where they would of goten worse. But even then i dont feel they helped you enough if you are still suffering. In this day and age i believe in beter quality of life and i dont feel most of you got it. None of us got what by now we deserve beter. Much beter. There is no way there should be this much suffering in the word especialy when we have this many dr,s at our fingertips. Not like some 3rd world countries that dont have the funding for medical equipment as we do.

    You can have the best insurance in the world and even thats not going to help you when the quality of work of whats offered for us from the medical aspect is simply poor. And we have every right to be angry and demand beter for ourself.

    Ok i feel much beter now lol. Time for a pain pill and maybe a valium after this vent sesion. Hee hee.

    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • Hi all, it has been hell this last week. I won't be able to have the CT and new Xrays tomorrow as I am too weak and need to rest after the intravenous cocktail I was given on Monday, hope to have them done next week.
    If any of you have heard of "San Fermines" in Pamplona (North of Spain) it is well known due to E. Hemmingways references. This week it is San Fermin there and people run the bulls to the bullfighting ring. A lot of youngsters mainly American and Australian who get injured and risk their lives doing this. Well, the University Clinic of Pamplona where they take most of the injured is one of the best hospitals in Spain for Neurosurgery. My insurance took me there for both of my surgeries. It is horrible when every morning this week I hear how many young people have spine damage in this event and are taken to this hospital... if only they knew the consequences.

  • Hi Maria, Hi Alex,
    Yes we are the vitims of the big money they have collected by introdution the ADR. Alexhurting, I find it unbeleaveable that ot was a suprise for you that after you woke up, you find out to have an ADR in your body??? And then after it went wrong, they say "Oeps, we can get it out anymore". I also have spoken a lot of people afterwards who have had oldfasion fusion, who doing well after a while.
    I have, after a lot of pressure on the surgeon, forced that the ADR had to removed out of my body. i felt it, that it was a total mess in my spine, after I got the **** ADR. It was like my whole spine was broken; the intens pain from my spine, that I couldnt walk from the pain. Then after one year they toke out, it was totally loose in my body, it seems. Oké I had also the bad luck that of the non-fusion by the loose hardware, but now one year after the last revision I am getting better and better. I am still not there, due to the nerve pain, but that is logic after 6 spine sugeries. I am convinced that I will cover more. The spine at L4L5 is getting more and more solid now, so the nerve can just now start recovering after 5 years of damanging.
    So, what I wanting to tell you, keep on fighting for better and do what have to done!!! Its worth it.
    Maria, I have been to Pamplona to 15 years ago, one day before the bull race. It was great, what a party!! I have not done the bull race, since my wife was pregnant then and you know it is no place for pregnant women. But afterwards I am lucky that I have not done the bull race, as I think of all the damaged young spines, I shiver.
    Lots of strength to your all.
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  • I have only seen those races on tv. They are crazy. You mess with the bull you get the horn along with it. Very dangerous but its a tradition so i can understand why they do it. Many things are dangerous but people do it for the thrill of it. I would feel beter about being injured at least if i fell off a high mountain on top of a goat or a rock. Then i could understand this kind of injury sustained but not just a simple leaking disc at 1 level replacing it and pain is as bad is falling off a mountain!
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • RoslynRoslyn Posts: 1
    edited 08/07/2012 - 11:22 AM
    I had a Pro disc C at C5-6 and it failed within two years due to subsistence and what I was told was placement of too small an implant.
    I am in constant pain and have severe rotator cuff tears, atrophy of my teres minor, loss of dexterity. I am waiting for another myleogram at Case Western Sept
    11 to see what it shows. I am not sure what to do either.

    right now I am waiting for social security disability to be approved and to see if Case Western will at least do the shoulder surgery. I am thinking if funds are available to go see EDITED. I am at the end of my rope as well.I doubt I would ever have another Pro disc C placed.


    Post edited to remove name of medical professional and or facility. by The Spine-Health Moderator Team

  • i have sent you a PM please check your message box there is some good advice in there for you !!!!!
    tony {UK}
    1997 laminectomy
    2007 repeat laminectomy and discectomy L4/L5
    2011 ALIF {L4/L5/S1}
    2012 ? bowel problems .still under investigation
    2014 bladder operation may 19th 2014
  • LovetrotravelLLovetrotravel Posts: 296
    edited 08/09/2012 - 8:10 AM
    Just FYI but this thread is from 2011. So I'm not sure if the person is going to respond to your PM:)
  • i did not see that .i am up too my eyes in bad stuff at the moment {death of a relative and other stuff } pain is bad so my mind is not too focused .thank you for pointing out the obvious .i will be more observant in future
    1997 laminectomy
    2007 repeat laminectomy and discectomy L4/L5
    2011 ALIF {L4/L5/S1}
    2012 ? bowel problems .still under investigation
    2014 bladder operation may 19th 2014
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