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Anyone use Butrans Patches??!!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,550
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:54 AM in Chronic Pain
We had a good talk about the options available. She knows I am pretty hesitant to try morphine or oxycontin. She gave me a scrip for a pain patch called butrans 10 mg and said it would release a slow steady stream of medication into my bloodstream so hopefully I won’t have these horrendous mornings where I can’t walk and hurt so bad. I told her I do take my perks thru the night, every four hours just like daytime but in the mornings it is just horrendous to get out of bed and walk. I am also having what she called breakthrough pain where I get the jolts of shocking electrical nerve pain shooting from my ass, down my leg, and feels like it shoots out of the top of my foot. I’ll be sitting and my foot will jerk up into the air it hits so hard. She thinks this patch, coupled with the perks will be helpful and she said some people it does make goofy in the head – some it doesn’t. I am going to get it here in about an hour and a half, the pharmacy had to order it in for me, then I’ll put it on here at work and see what happens. I told my boss if I started acting goofy he’d know why and he said “Well Marion – how would I distinguish the difference” LOL… He still ain’t letting me work from home, but he has lightened up quite a bit. He actually got a big bite of the head hen here at work and had his eyes opened wide! Things have been a lot different/better once he saw who she really was.. Anywhoo – off topic (silly me). Can anyone who uses this please let me know how it’s working, or any input/information would be awesome! Thanks compadre’s! Marion


  • it tells me if anyone comments.. How do you do that on your initial post/topic? I can't figure it out..
  • Please let me know how they work,i got a script today but had to order it will get monday,mine was for only 5mcg i dont know what else to try Rick
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  • I take the sublingual version of this (it's called Temgesic here) and I've found it works well for pain in the right doses. Some people get some initial nausea and dizziness when first starting buprenorphine, but this usually goes away after your body has become accustomed to it. The potential side effects are similar to other opioids (like oxycodone and morphine) but generally less pronounced. I've found it makes me less drowsy and weak than other opioids - in fact I've found it has an energising effect, which is a nice bonus if you're taking things like muscle relaxants which can make you feel sleepy.

    Good luck with this - I wish they had the patch where I live!
  • I've been on Butrans patches for quite a while now. They seem to work OK for me, but obviously, like all other medications, you can sometimes build up a tolerance to them and then require a higher dose.

    I started on 5 mcgh (5 micrograms per hour) and in a relatively short space of time, I'm now on 25 mcgh. They give me hot 'rushes' and my head can get a bit 'spaced out'. My concentration levels aren't too good - however, I've always had problems concentrating because if it's not been this medication, it's usually something else.

    There's always side effects with any medication - just make sure you read the leaflet and make a note when to change your patch (I change mine every 7 days at the same time - which is very convenient as I set an alarm on my mobile for it).

    Constipation is a very common side effect and I take two Fybogel sachets (one in the morning and at night) each day to help with that.

    If you like to go swimming, like I do, then I would suggest you use Tagederm transparent film. It's excellent stuff for covering the patches to keep everything waterproof. Although you can swim and shower when wearing the patch, it can come a little loose at the edges.

    Hope this information helps. If not, you can always PM me if you want to OK?

    Let us know how you're getting on with the patches.

    2 x Microdiscectomy 2005 / PLIFusion 2-level 2010 / revision surgery 2011 / NEVRO Senza spinal cord stimulator implanted February 2013. I WILL NOT GIVE IN / UP !!
  • My doc was off Friday so I called the pharmacist and he said he was worried about it because even so she kept me on the perks with it, he said there is something that is in the patch that targets your "receptors" and makes the percocett not work hardly at all. It was a miserable friday & sat, then I left my doc a message and told her I was taking it off it sucked. Told her I guess if she wants me to try the oxy - I will. I can't go on like this. Didn't get to work till 10:30 cuz I couldn't hardly walk today. It is out of control...
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  • Sorry to hear it didn't work well for you. In the analgesic dose range, it doesn't affect the way other opioids work at all - in fact, tests have shown it has an additive effect, especially with oxycodone. It can have an antagonistic effect if high doses of another opioid are already being used, though. I take 2mg a day and have also been prescribed tramadol, morphine, dihydrocodeine and oxycodone at various times to be taken concurrently, all with no antagonism or diminishing of analgesia.
  • I did some research and it appeared to me he was correct. based on how much worse I hurt, I have to agree. I was on 6 perk 10s perday, is that what you mean? Maybe that makes it different - I don't know.
  • With transdermal pain patches you really need to give them time to work. It takes a while for the body to absorb the drug, then for it to reach and sustain certain levels, not to mention the stage we all have to go through in 'getting used to' a new medication. I've lost count of how many patients I've known who've initially been disappointed in the fentanyl and buprenorphine patches in the first couple of days. You need to give them a fair chance to work.

    I don't know whether taking 60mg of oxycodone a day (Percocet x 6) would be enough to cause either drug to work less effectively, to be honest. The information that comes with my prescription states that it is safe to take other opioid agonists with buprenorphine, though it says that if a patient is already dependent on high doses of another opioid drug it could possibly cause a diminished analgesic effect. I know someone on another chronic pain message board who was taking 15-30mg oxycodone tablets on top of the buprenorphine patch, and another who was taking the sublingual tablets with 40mg OxyContin, and neither noticed any decrease in effect of either drug, and I've never had a problem taking morphine or oxycodone or other opioids with it either.

    Recent research on buprenorphine (the opioid in Butrans, Temgesic, Buprenex, etc.) has shown that there is no antagonist or blocking effect within the analgesic dose range; this is borne out by the trials that have been conducted in which patients were given the Butrans patch and given morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone and tramadol as breakthrough medication, with no decrease in efficacy (on the contrary, an additive analgesic effect was reported).

    I've asked my pain management doctors about this and they said it is fine to mix them as long as the dose of either one (or both) opioid does not exceed the 'analgesic dose range'. Given that the analgesic dose range is very flexible when it come to opioids, it can get confusing!

    Anyway, good luck - I hope you find something that works for you. I am having a hard time with this myself - they only have a few kinds of pain meds where I live and are very reluctant to prescribe them, so I know how frustrating it can be to get proper pain relief!
  • I have been using it since the start of Nov/11. I wasn't too sure at first what I thought at first - but I am allergic to most medication, so I had to fight through it. I was on the 5mcg patch for a week, and wow what a difference it made. I had been on Lyrica 150mg four times daily ( but the Lyrica did nothing for the pain)....but a frustrated doctor finally referred me to a PM clinic --- after a year of hellish pain and a separation). My doctor, didnt think the pain was real - until he saw the results of the CAT scan, and saw that I did in fact have three disks that are screwed) But the PM Doctor is my hero! He recognized the pain factor, agreed that the Lyrica wasnt working worth a pinch of pony poop. So I began the bi-weekly injections into my neck, arms, and lower back and began the patch. I was very nervous about the patch, as I had tried the Fentanyl patch for a previous nerve pain - and that crap almost killed me. But the BuTrans, has been heaven sent. I felt 'eww' for a few days on the five, but got over it. The ten Mcg patch, works on the pain, but for the first day after I apply a new patch, I get alot of heach aches ( not migraines, just plain old fashion head aches? and I feel nauseated for a few days --- but after going through hell with pain for over a year, the head aches and the nausea are small issues. ( the side effects to the Lyrica - weight gain of over thirty pounds) and the swollen face and hands with the Tramadol, and Oxy does nothing for me ( just give me smarties, they were just as effective as the Oxy. I have heard so many stories of how BuTrans makes people happy, tired etc etc, I find that it hasnt altered me in any other way, except that it has decreased my pain significantly --- it hasnt made me 100% pain free, but any decrease in pain is a blessing. When I had lost all hope of being pain free and losing my will almost altogether, we found BuTrans. The one big caution, that people must remember, even though you may feel good - if you have physical restrictions and limitations -- you still need to follow those guidelines. You cant allow yourself to be lulled into the sense of being cured, because when day five rolls around, you will know that you havent been cured ( thats when the full affect for me begins to wear off). I am not saying its a wonder drug, as every one reacts differently to medication, but I know - it has made a world of difference for me>
  • I am on 3rd day of butrans patches 5mcg.
    I feel more pain relief today - apparently it takes 3 days to reach full level, I do feel they are better than the Maxitram tramadol-based tab's I was on, but are not strong enough at this dose.
    I feel a spaced-out dizzy feeling & a hot burning sensation below the patch every so often - every hour I think & flushed in the evening.
    I have been putting my cold hand on it (I have cold hands feet & head) & pulling my sleeve up to cool it down.
    I was given anti-sick tablets to last the 1st week & then in 2 weeks time I am to start Amitriptyline tabs a mild anti-depressant used for working on the pain receptors in your brain in low doses.
    I was sent to a Chronic Pain Clinic at the local hospital by my G.P. - they are who prescribed these new med's. They are sending me to a specialist physiotherapist to work out a personalised exercise routine - sounds like yoga-type stretching. Have you or anyone else been for physio?
    I have diarrhoea since starting the patch & cramps & wind (I have IBS - but it is worse than usual)- does this go away?.
    I am very tired & had to lie down during the day morning & afternoon - but I do have to lie down the last few years since the accident to relieve the pain anyway.
    I have bulges on 4 lumbar discs L1, L2, L4, & L5, also both sacro-iliac joints in pelvis damaged, possible cervical (neck) disc injury, damaged shoulder, also fibromyalgia, also left foot is fractured & a loose fragment, 2 toe joints have arthritis (|: & plantar fasciitis & Achilles tendon injury.
    Its a bit of a string of problems & it seems crazy but they are all from sliding on a floor in the local supermarket!!!
    I was told I will probably need to increase the patch - you say you have quickly gone up to 25mcg patches quickly? This worries me - the fact that you can become resistant to its affects - how quick was it with you please?
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