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  • I would stay out longer if I could, but financially we are in a bad spot and we really need the money. My income is the higher of the two, between my husband and I. It's amazing we've survived this long without losing our home, but we've had a lot of people helping us. There have been weeks we weren't sure how we'd pay for groceries. However, the good news is that sitting down I feel fine. Today was my second day of orientation, and I felt completely fine all day. I only had a short walk from the auditorium to the cafeteria, and it didn't bother me. It wasn't until I picked up the kids from my mom's house and got home that the pain set in. And once it started, WOW was it BAD!

    In other aspects, however, I am taking it easy. My husband does all of the housework including cooking dinner. During the day I'm home alone with the kids, but my 10-year old son is a big help, and my best friend comes over on her days off of work to help me out. Once my husband gets home, I take my meds if I need them, put my feet up, and simply relax. Tonight he sent me up to bed, so I'm sitting her with a comfy pillow behind my back, typing on my laptop. However, the pain got to be so intense tonight, that even after taking Oxy IR, flexeril, valium, and Ultram, I'm still hurting! The pain is physically nauseating. So honestly, being at work is probably best for me right now, because I am able to sit and relax at work. The pain only starts after I've been on my feet for longer than about 5 to 10 minutes. When I'm home, I'm chasing after two VERY busy toddlers all day and, on occasion, lifting slightly more than I'm supposed to.
  • As I said previously, I was fine at work all day today, as I was sitting down. Once I got home the pain quickly intensified, as I was on my feet. It got to be about a 7 or 8 by the time my husband got home, at which point I took Oxy IR, valium, flexeril, AND Ultram together. Yes, I know...way too much. Please be kind, though, as I don't need lecturing right now. I was desperate for pain relief. NOTHING is helping. It brought my pain level down to maybe a 5 or 6, but within two hours it's back up to an 8 or 9. I just don't get it! I shouldn't have had the effing surgery. I should have just learned to deal with the right-sided pain, because that was CAKE compared to this left-sided pain. I feel like I really made a big mistake. I wish I could rewind the hands of time.
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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,419
    but when you get to feel as badly as you describe and wanting to take additional medications, it would be much better off going to the ER.

    Anytime a pain level starts to exceed 8, its time to think about going to the Hospital
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • Being able to go back to work after 4 weeks after surgery is a blessing itself. And being able to make it through the day without any serious pain even if its a desk job is also a bonus. That means you was able to at least be on your feet long enough to get ready for work and drive to work and still was able to prety much get your job done and get back home.

    Not many people can say they can do that 4 weeks out of surgery. So i think it would be premature to say should not of had surgery. If the pain is increased by the time you got home that would be totaly normal and best thing would be by then is rest.

    And i dont agree that if kim is able to return to work and able to do her sit down job that thats going to cause more damage or create more scar tissue as someone stated. It is the total oposite. Its the activity that helps prevent scar tissue from forming and growing in the wrong place. Thats why they send people to pt. Soon as they are able to do it.

    She could not of gone back to work without a dr releise i am sure so why assume that geting back to normal activity will cause further damage? Its not like she was sent back to a construction job lifting all day long. The pain might be recovering pain and it should get beter week by week hopefully. But by the end of the day and being on your feet catches up to you then i woukd lay down to bring the oain down instead of taking all the meds you describe all at once.

    Thats my opinion and i am sticking with it. Good luck and stay strong its only been 4 weeks
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • The thing is...it's not just by the end of the day. It's any time of day. ANY time I am on my feet for longer than 5, maybe 10, minutes, I get this left-sided pain, which is completely new for me. I didn't have this pain prior to the surgery. It's a burning pain in my back that wraps around my ribcage to the front. It is a mirror image of the pain that I experienced prior to the surgery, except it's on the OTHER side. It started about 3 weeks ago (2 weeks post-op). They tried a round of steroids along with high dose of Ibuprofen, since it's an anti-inflammatory, but it did absolutely nothing for me. They've given me muscle relaxers, in case the pain is muscular in nature, but they do absolutely nothing for me except make me sleepy. Okay, so I guess you can say they work because they make me tired, I fall asleep, and I wake up feeling okay until I'm on my feet again. As I've said before, I have 3 children to care for, so I cannot take anything more than Motrin during the day. I need to be clear-headed being that I have two toddlers and a 10-year old to take care of. Luckily the 10-year old helps me a lot. Today my BFF came over and is helping me out, so I'm spending the day on the couch.
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  • oh and Ron, I appreciate your advice. However, unfortunately the ER is not an option for me unless I'm on the verge of dying. My husband's insurance is not the greatest so I get hit with a $200 co-pay every time I go to the ER. I still have co-pays from April that I am unable to pay. Plus I just got billed over $800 from the surgery (anesthesia and the surgery itself). And that doesn't include the other stack of medical bills I've got that piling up.
  • that you are able to take a day today to relax. Take advantage of the time you have with your BFF being there to get all the rest that you can, with walking in between.

    When is your surgeon going to go over the results of your ct scan and mri? Did you get the reports, is that how you know some of the info? Will your doctor actually go over the images himself or does he rely on the radiologist's report?

    Hope you have a pain reduced day today.

    >:D< Karen
    >:D< >:-D< : Karen
    L3-S1 herniation and bulges, stenosis, mod facet,ddd,impinged nerves,coccydinia
    discectomy/lami July 2011-unsuccessful
    adr L5-S1 Feb 2012
  • I got a copy of the report, but my doctor's office hasn't gotten it yet. However, I'm leaving in a few minutes to pick up the images. I just don't understand how just a month ago I was told, based on a CT scan, that T7-8 had gotten worse, and now it's magically disappeared? Oh, and I was told I had multiple other herniations, small of course, from T5-6 all the way down to T10-11. But the MRI report only talks about multilevel facet disease (arthritis) and T9-10. No mention of the other level, T8-9, that I had operated on. Oh, and apparently there is a small re-herniation at T9-10, but it's not impinging the nerve root and is slightly indenting the ventral cord. However, I'm not having right-sided pain, so I could care less about that. I just want an answer as to why I'm suddenly having this left-sided pain. It's worse than the pre-op pain was. I really feel like I shouldn't have had this surgery. I was better off beforehand.
  • Oh and if they tell me it's muscular or inflammation, I seriously might freak out. Because I've been on two rounds of steroids since leaving the hospital, PLUS, I was taking up to 3200 mg of Motrin, which is an anti-inflammatory as well, per day. If it were inflammation, wouldn't the Motrin offer at least a little help, other than a potential GI bleed? It didn't help with the pain at all. The one day I had only taken one 800 mg Motrin in the morning. When I came home from work at 4:30, I was in severe pain so I said, screw it, and I took TWO 800 mg Motrin. I figured that HAD to help with the pain. NOPE! It didn't. And I'm on Valium AND flexeril for muscle spasms, but neither do more than knock me out. The pain I'm having is a burning pain, so it has to be nerve pain. Doesn't it?

    I'm just so tired...physically and mentally drained. I was sick over the weekend with a pretty high fever (up to 102). It finally broke Sunday night, and I woke up Monday feeling okay. Now, since yesterday, my glands are super swollen to the point it's hard to swallow. I'd call my PCP, but I don't even have the energy to drive to his office. I'm leaving in a little bit to pick up my films from the MRI, so that I can bring them with me to my appt with the surgeon on the 23rd. Ugh, that seems like so far away!
  • So, my NS's office called me and said, "good news, the MRI showed that you didn't re-herniate." Um, okaaaaay, so what about the excrutiating left-sided pain that I'm having that is making me regret having had the surgery? So then she says, "oh, well you'll have to wait until your appt on the 23rd and talk to the doctor about that." Seriously?! So I was just stuck SEVEN times (needed IV contrast) for TWO tests (MRI and CT scan), only to check to see if I re-herniated? I could have told them I didn't reherniate and saved my insurance company a few hundred bucks AND avoided having a few extra holes in my body! So in the meantime, I'm left continuing to suffer with this left-sided pain. It sounds like the radiologist who read the MRI didn't even look at the other levels. I guess they just wanted to look at the surgical site and make sure I didn't reherniate, which answers my question as to why there was no mention of any of the other herniated discs I was told I have.

    If the pain gets to be as bad as it was last night, I'll be going to my local ER, telling them I just had back surgery a month ago, and that I'm in excrutiating pain. I'll bring my recent films with me, and hopefully they can get to the bottom of it. The NP apologized for the fact that I'm in so much pain, but said that basically her hands are tied if I'm unable to take the pain meds except at night time. So their solution is just to push meds at me and not figure out what's causing the pain. I mean, I understand that to her 13 days doesn't seem that far away, but when you're in pain, 13 days is an eternity.

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