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Chronic Thoracic Spine/Lateral Muscle Pain and Spasms, 2+ years--getting worse as time passes, HELP!



  • Hi Rucker,

    I assume the person started this thread may have found their answers are are back living life as normal...... After my post I did go a head with the facet injections and had them at T11 and T12. Although I was skepticle because most of my pain is much higher than this level I can say after 10 days I am starting to believe this may have been benificial. By no means was it a majical cure however over the past few days with combining regular rib adjustments and massage I am starting to feel some small amounts of muscle tension improvement. I am not sure if you have the same muscle "kicking" spams like I do, but I am finding that the number of muscles spasming to the point of actually giving a jerking kicking feeling have started to slowly decrease. I like you have "stumped" many different medical and treatment proffesionals with this issue however I continue to play with different combination of treatments in hopes something will just click one day and I like the person above will step right back into my life as it was. The bad news about the symptoms we have (especially thoracic) is they seem to be very hard to diagnose. The good news is once they are figured out and treated properly from what I have read the success rate and quality of life is higher than for someone with lower back and sciatic issues. I am by no means an expert and like you on here looking to learn from others experiences so if you have anything at all that you think you have tried that is benificial please let me know!

  • Jenelle
    i sent you a pm
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
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  • Hi jenelle,
    I wish the thread starter had come back to tell his recovery! No one ever seems to do so!
    Yeah I do just hard muscle spasms where it's like a rock and jolts into a spasm.
    Iv just attempted to go back to work and had to fill out some paper work and lasted a whole 4 hours.
    I still simply just can't sit or stand for any period of time longer than say 10mins.
    Walking actually feels better than bring still.
    Work has decided to see how I go this work and if there is no Improvement they will send me too a neurological surgeon or orthopaedic surgeon to take a closer look.
    Iv had cat scans and mris of my whole back and they have been relatively fine. Nothing in the areas that I am sore.
    Hope for an answer soon!
    The only relieve I go is laying down or standing on an angle leaning on someone or floating around in the pool unfortunately.
    Thanks so much for your reply.
  • Hi Rucker,

    The only thing I have found helpful that I don't know if you tried yet is chiro. For me, having my ribs set into place a few times a week seems to be beneficial also. It isn't a cure by any means however it allows me to be in a standing position for longer periods of time. I now am back to working full time standing only. It is a struggle some days when the spams are bad but in my case tolerable and allowed me to be to get back to some kind of life as normal. Did your Dr do a physical examination of each spinal level? It was actually a sports medicine specialist in my case who discovered that my spine wasn't "moving" properly and sent me to a PM. He did look over all tests but then also used his physical examination to decide where to treat. For me it was so nice to finally find a Dr that was willing to use his hands to figure things out and not just look at tests and ask questions!

    Best of luck to you!!! Please let me know what if anything you find out!

  • Hi jenelle,

    I was having quit bad chest pain aswell and a chiro did pop them and realign g them and I did get a bit of relief in thst area.
    The pain just moved over to the left though after a few days.

    When I fly home from work I'll go see a chiro again I guess.
    I havnt had a doctor check out my ribs at all really as I havnt been very happy with any of the doctors I've seen.

    I also havnt had them check out my spine at each single level to be honest. Once the doctor did that with you and saw your spinewwasn't moving correctly, where did he refer you too?

    Thanks heaps
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  • It was the sports medicine Dr that found it and she reffered me to a PM specialist. He then did a round of injections into the actual muscles to try and get them spams to let go (this didn't last more than a few days). The next week he did facet injections at the two levels. His theory is that the inflamation and at those levels has irritated the nerves and that this is causing all the muscles to spasm. I like you have it spreading around the side and into the front of my ribs. The injections have helped a little bit, although I still have ribs that are not staying stable, I do feel that the condition as a whole has improved slightly in the 12 days since I had them. If it is useful to you at all I use ice regualrily on the inflimation in the front of the ribs and this does seem to provide a little bit of temporary relief.

    In my case, the plan with the PM Dr is to add prolotherapy to the tiny ligaments in the spine that hold the ribs stable if my condition is not greatly improved by the facet injections by the time I see him again. The sports medicie specialist was also the one that came up with that idea as she felt that after the ribs being out for so long there may be damage to the ligaments preventing my body from being able to hold them in place.

    Hope this helps! Best of luck!!

  • Rucker_RRucker_ Posts: 16
    edited 05/16/2013 - 2:31 PM
    Thanks for all the info!
    I'll definitely suggest all of this when I have to go see the doctor next.
    Pm meaning pain management I'm guessing?
    Whilst stretching I do notice that my ribs pop and click all over the place, but mainly at the same levelwhere I get the pain and aching in my back.
    Do you get the same aswell?
    I'd love to hear your story if that's possible? Feel free to email me at Stephenseitz@live.com.au
    Thanks so much for your advice and info so far, hoping we can get on top of this!
  • JanelleJJanelle Posts: 30
    edited 05/16/2013 - 4:30 PM
    I sent you an email.
  • richcan3021 said:
    I am asking because I have been dealing with the same. I have been trying something the last 2 weeks called sarapin. I have 2 more treatments.
    This is the first time i have been on this forum. I'm trying to learn more about Sarapin. I have Cervical Spondylosis, Cervical Stenosis, degenerative discs throughout spine, but the worst is at C5/C6, at least per my pain and MRIs. This has been ongoing for about 8 years (not from any accident per se - mostly wear and tear), but in last 18 months pain has been much worse. (I should also note that i've been a Type 1 Diabetic since i was a kid.) Insurance protocols required me to try pain meds, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy and last fall i made it up the ladder to a visit with a neurosurgeon. The neuro guy started with trigger point cortisone shots around my c5/c6, lower skull and right shoulder (where pain is worst). That was really not a great idea for the diabetes, but i was told it would help him narrow down or pinpoint the origin of the pain. The pain subsided for about 4 months. To get better data the neuro guy next referred me to a spinal pain clinic, where last week i was given shots of sarapin (supposedly better for those with diabetes) in one area of c5/c6.

    Those sarapin shots were excruciating! I needed 3 days to recuperate from the pain and the headache. One week later - i have only minimal relief. I'm not sure if it is worth doing more shots and i cannot find very much data on the web. I was wondering if you (or anyone else) has any more experience or advice.

    (And, here i will also note that i find it very odd that the spine clinic told me to say i had at least 50% improvement or else my insurance company would deny additional shots. It also seems odd that spine clinics in my area seem to be full of folks who know about pain, but there is not an orthopaedist, neurosurgeon, or spine specialist among them.)

    Again, any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  • If anything makes me worse I stop it immediately, if it's meds I tell my dr, everyone reacts differently.

    Have had throracic Spine pain for over 7 years. The whole story is posted somewhere in the depths of this site under This thoracic pain is insane.

    Firstly I would advise you to read the post on Intractable Pain Manual, this is an invaluable piece of information. Thank you again whoever posted it. It is very insightful. It makes me feel totally vindicated so is good for my shattered ego.

    If your injury still hurts, because your thoracic spine is joined to your ribs, every twisting movement makes it worse.

    The body is a healing instrument and tries it's best to look after you. I have discovered as my T5 was 80% wedge crushed my T4 has been trying to take over. So everyone has been working in the wrong place. I have been to the physio today and she gently pushes my T4 back into place. It does pop sometimes.

    Thoracic does not seem to get better. We twist everyday. The thoracic spine cannot be examined without taking into account the ribs, so gently pushing the rib that joins to your Tspine helps to take it off the nerves or seems to free it. The spinal cord is narrowest through the Tspine.

    Remember the ribs have an upward motion when they join to your spine but you will feel the rib in the damaged area even if you push it from the side, you can tell where it joins your Tspine. Heat also helps. The IT pain manual it says if it still hurts badly, PT is not good, well it wasn't good for me which was disappointing as I loved doing weights.

    If you broke your arm and kept twisting it it wouldn't get better. Have to wait until it calms down a bit.

    I kept thinking it would get better by itself but it didn't.

    You have to do the research yourself. 67% of people who have Tspine damage through trauma have other injuries and die, so it's not very common and it's an extremely dangerous operation. The other thing I didn't realise until I did the research is that most people with thoracic injuries report no pain. That is why doctors give you the quizzical look and find it hard to believe. It's hard for them to fix, they normally don't want to know and would rather think you are putting on the pain, heavens knows why you would, but it happens.
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