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Chronic Thoracic Spine/Lateral Muscle Pain and Spasms, 2+ years--getting worse as time passes, HELP!



  • justinjjustin Posts: 39
    edited 02/08/2014 - 9:16 AM
    Janelle. doctors call it whatever they think you will believe so that they get there 50$ for the appt. he gave you muscle injections because he was too afraid to give you one near your spine wear you actually needed it. or he did it to get an extra visit out of you.. im in the same boat. ive been diagnosed with probably 4 different things each doctor I go and see. if its been over a year and your still in pain you will always be in pain. you just need to find a way to cope. a couple more books to read and I could have been a doctor and im no smarter then average joe blow down the street
  • Just cause in pain a yr does not mean always hurt.
    Herniated T6-7, multiple herniations in cervical, tears in T5-T8. Stenois at levels and smorls nodes from thoracic thru lumbar
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  • I have been having similar symptoms and have been through just about every treatment in the last 2 years of hell. I am a bodybuilder who still feels strong, but the tightness around my thoracic spine and chest area cause it to not function properly and make the postural muscles below it carry all of my body weight. Needless to say, I cannot stand or walk long before they fatigue out, and the the "end of the world" knock you down pain hits you.

    I have had nerve ablation done three times, nerve blocks, pt etc and am fighting hard, but surgery is very unlikely due to how dangerous it is. Taking Lyrica has helped some, but the nerve block has been the best, yet temporary help.

    This sound familiar to anyone??
  • jdrejjdre Posts: 6
    edited 08/06/2014 - 4:44 AM
    Sorry to hear about your challenges. So was your diagnosis T-5 T-6 Herniation? Did you get an MRI?
  • medanommedano Posts: 20
    edited 08/07/2014 - 5:11 AM
    My problems are a t6-7 herniation,8-9 and 9-10 bulges. I got "lucky" too. I have sat through the "if we did mri's on 100 people, 30% would show problems like that and not have symptoms" talk along with a " it's good you are seeing a counselor because I don't think anything will help you".
    Honesty ,I don't know how it happened. A year ago I was known as a man of my word and somehow I lost my credibility. I have a mind numbing ache between my shoulder blades. Under my arms and across the top of my hips ache.I have sharp pain around my bottom right rib. The pain never goes away. Sometimes my legs don't work very well. Activity makes it worse ( sitting, standing, walking). I have about 2 hrs that I can be up before I can no longer handle the pain and then I am literally on ice the rest of the day.
    I had a disc at c6-7 that was bulging, causing my right arm to hurt so bad,in a way that difficult to express. My doctors didn't have any problems believing me and replaced the disc. Up until after surgery the ache ran from the base of my neck to the bottom of my shoulder blades. Now its just between my shoulder blades.
    I wish I could offer hope but all I can say is good luck, I found I am unable to communicate in a way they understand.I now know what it's like to grovel. I am sooooo discouraged, tired of being discounted and treated as subhuman.
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  • unfortunately, little is understood about them. The best suggestion that we can make is to find a large inner city medical facility near your home , and find a thoracic spine surgeon. Those tend to be found at large teaching hospitals, rather than a regular spine surgeon.
  • medanommedano Posts: 20
    edited 08/08/2014 - 4:26 PM
    I used the spine-health search to find a doctor nearest to me that claim thoracic spine. I have gotten 2 responses and my wife is going to help me choose this weekend and then an appointment with my gp Wednesday to get a referral. He is up to sending me but didn't know where.
    I am absolutely desperate, each day the ache grinds deeper and I am struggle harder to keep my attention diverted from it. When I focus on it ,it takes my life over! My legs ache today and are weak or heavy is a better word, to the point I have trouble with my balance and use a cane.
    I am going to try 1 last time to reach out ,then I'm done. I cannot handle 1 more conversation like I had with my surgeon. All I know is June 17th of last year I didnt feel this way and 6:30am the following day changed everything.
  • jbacon 123456jjbacon 123456 Posts: 1
    edited 08/16/2014 - 5:48 AM
    I have suffered from this horrible pain for over ten years. The symptoms are exact and I have three blown thorassic discs. The 8,9,10 are crushed and I have no injury or reason. There is no surgery for this area and one surgeon in the country that would even try and he denied me. I am all but debilitated due to the pain. I have a pump implanted with fentanyl delivery throughout the day, but honestly it doesn't help much. The only thing that helps me is having my wife pull on my under arms whilst I lock my feet under the couch. I have tried traction and it is wonderful while there but it's temporary. I am sorry, but I haven't found anyone that can help, not even EDITED. I know you are looking for help, but I want to tell you I haven't been very lucky and I pray they find a help for this eventually. Mine continues to get worse too. I am addicted to pain pills and my outlook is Grimm. I hope you have better luck than I have wherever you are in the world.

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  • SarahLSSarahL Posts: 3
    edited 09/12/2014 - 9:43 PM
    Hi all :-) I'm a newby, but have the same issues. However, my treatment and diagnosis is totally different to what you guys are saying so I'm going to out it out there and see if anyone can relate. Bear with me it's long winded and there will be lots if spelling issues cause I'm using my iPhone ;-) Like all of you, I'm very active. However for the past 4 years my exercise has consisted of mostly Exercycle work with no stretching. I also have a tilted pelvis on my right side which can be tilted for a long time before I notice it. I see a musceloskeletal dr who realigns my pelvis when my ribs hurt and back starts to spasm. Normally everything goes back to normal, however this time I'm having I going issues. She calls this 'restricted movement' she also says my tight back is from poor posture. She firmly believes that fascia (google it) is the cause of the pain because it becomes tight when you have restricted movement. She is blaming my thoracolumbar fascia (google it and see how it joins to your muscles) in particular. She says it isn't working properly and pulling like an over tight elastic band. This is where the cycling plays a part - I have an over tight IT band from too much cycling and your IT band connects to your TCfascia. Can you see where I'm going? I'm working on loosening this with a foam roller and yoga work. The yoga is hopefully helping to stretch the TCfascia and I'm also have myofascial release massage. I have also found Chinese cupping and accupunture helpful for the tight trapezius muscles. I have also figured out for myself that my pec muscles at the front if me are very tight and pulling my shoulders forward so I am working on these with a spunky massage ball (I lie on the ball on the floor till I find a tight spot and work it out - good for trapezius too against the wall and also TCfascia against the wall) the pecs are tight from our 'forward' lifestyle - computers, iPhones etc. I'm am getting relief from the rib pain also from a stretch called the thorasic windmill - it's amazing! 2 sets of twenty 3x a day, I'll post a link after. It's great for mobilizing that area of the spine and I'm guessing it's stretching the fascia. I also believe I have tight lats, and this is because the TCFAscia is pulling and this stretch helps stretch them too.

    Please keep in mind, what works for one patient my be harmful to another. Its always good to hear what others have tried, but before you try it on yourself, contact your doctor
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