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Recovery from c5 c6

zigazziga Posts: 143
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:56 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical


I don't understand why I have tingling sensation in my left hand after surgery which it had already resolve before surgery, it happens more when using the phone with that arm. I also don't understand why I can not sit down for a long time without pain and why my left shoulder blade feels as someone put an injection. If I lay down on my belly to read a book pain goes up my head and shoulders.

I had pain in my arms before surgery but it did not stop me from doing things (it was not a tingling sensation). Right now I get exhausted with pain and deciphering how to move with the new ROM. How to wash the dishes and move around, looking for something in the fridge and other stuff as hugging, cleaning. I feel bad telling this because I have just one level fusion and 300 emotional situations and a lot of you have more levels.

I went to the doctor and he said that there is no anatomical explanation. So I am trying to manage pain, go to a class, and trying to find work.

My pinky finger of my left hand sometimes feels as a lazy finger, I had this before surgery and now I think it comes from spasm. Sometimes I feel this is such a mystery.

My neck still hurts after surgery it did not hurt before and when I get emotional and start speaking and moving is so strange and then painful.

The doctor told me not to have another mri.

I am dealing with wanting to move forward but instead I look backwards. How I could sit down on the floor comfortable for a long period of time.

I just want to know if any one of you feels that your life change and when you go for example to the movies, the smell of popcorn and the place draw you back to the past and when you see your present you feel sad.

So for a time it's been difficult to go out and do things because they remind me of a time I felt better before surgery. My life have crumble in so man aspects that I still don't understand. I also feel a lump in the throat.

Well just want to tell you that I'll keep a log to exercise, walk or swim at least five days a week and try to have a forward head to see if it helps.

Right now head pain and shoulder pain growing as I write. Also have a lot of pupping in my neck. My eyes get little at night because of pain.

I just think my surgeon mistake my medication side effects with myelopathy. He accepts now that a lot of what I had could have been the medicines.

Thanks for listening,



  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,111
    How long ago was your surgery? Recovery can take a long
    time. Positions we are put in during surgery can cause alot of problems but will heal in time. I have had 5 surgeries on my cervical spine, some I was better within weeks and others it took many months.
  • Hi Susan, is very comforting to hink that I will be better. It has been 8 months. Thanks for giving me hopes!

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  • I'm exactly 7 months out and it has been a roller coaster ride! Have you tried PT yet? I do think PT combined with gentle swimming gave me the best results for controlling pain. I overdid it a few weeks back and have regressed and just started PT again.

    Have you tried aromatherapy, meditation or any other treatments that don't involve medications? I know that my pain is tolerable without meds, so I only take a muscle relaxant at night to help with sleep. When is your pain worst? In the morning, when sleeping or late in the day? Sometimes stress and thinking about the pain too much can make it feel worse. I find that when I am busy and in the company of others, I am less bothered by the pain.

    jlrfrye is right that recovery can take a long time. You should really get to know your body so that you can avoid overdoing it. I'm only just learning the things I can NOT do. Good luck and keep a positive outlook! :)
    2011 ACDF C5-6 for Spondylosis with Myleopathy
    2012 L4-5 herniated disc and hernated disc at C4/5 2013 Taking Amitriptyline for headaches

  • I am just tired of the pain. I feel got 10 years older in a year. I use to move so fluently and bending down, or being in my belly, sitting down... talking with others. I feel I can not be spontaneous because I am always thinking of my neck. I try a lot of things before surgery, accupuncture, meditation, exercise, NSA, I read bodymind books and all did work but as my emotions got mix up with a serious of bumping in my head, subways all day long. I got so anxious that I went to the psychiatrist and he sent me so many pills something I really hate, I think me and him confuse side effects with myelopathy. I know this because when I took some of the again after surgery this symptoms of coordination came back. I just feel so desperate because my neck head always hurts and I am trying to look as if everything is fine. I guess all my friends expected that I was going to be better after surgery but the truth I feel worst. Hugging, kissing, laying down... I have try that being with friends but it is difficult to concentrate... it use to work before surgery.

    And well right now I feel so torn that I don't want needles n my body, I think I'll try water therapy, and I am doing Tai chi. Tai chi relaxes me. but yoga, meditation aromatherapy transport me to a place where I was better and I get so frustrated. I know at the right time I'll try them again.

    I just take klonopin, the different medicines I have try make me feel worst or don't do nothing at all. I feel like akathisia with perco, and strange things...so this is being cold turkey. I have also lost some faith in doctors...

    I think in those that have it worst to keep it up. I feel so alone here in this forum I haven't found anybody comment that they feel nostalgic around there friends, or when listening to a particular music, because for me they remind me of my old me. A fun girl to be with. Well hoping things get better.

    Thanks so much, and so much to all of those that stop by and gave me some friendly advice. Really is so worth it. Thank

  • Although I don't still have those nostalgic feelings, I used to. My problems were a sudden onset - one minute golfing, out an about, cleaning the whole house in a day, doing laundry, working, etc., then BOOM, one day I felt a stab in the back and my life as I'd known it ended. It's gone forever.

    I think we all go through the stages of grief after we start having spine problems because in reality, very few of us get our old selves back. It's often said that once a spiney, always a spiney.

    But I do remember my months and months of mourning the loss of 'me' and my old life. It only comes with time that you learn to live with the new you and even tend to forget what life used to be like before you became a spiney.

    I was just reminded today (sometimes I forget my limitations) as I woke up all motivated to clean the house, started early taking Wally for a walk at 8:30, then started dusting and vacuuming until my hubby sidelined me at 12:30 because he knew I'd be down for the count if I continued. As it is, I'm in my recliner resting, as my upper neck is hurting.

    What you're going through is very normal as you travel through the stages of grief for your old life. But the new life, although challenging, doesn't have to be horrible. It can be just as rewarding as you continue to heal and feel better. Knowing your limitations and what you should and shouldn't do is imperative to making your new life as comfortable as possible.

    I don't like the fact that I'm sitting in my recliner in the middle of a 75-degree, sunny day while my hubby's golfing, but I've got the windows open and doing some things I love - watching football and visiting Spine-Health. Maybe I'll play a game soon, too.

    So, try not to beat yourself up too much about the nostalgia - it happens to all of us as we learn about our new way of life. I understand, I really do.

    Take care of yourself and feel free to PM me if there's anything I can help you with.

    PS I imagine that we're a lot like those that are in their later years, like 80, who feel this way to some extent when an old song comes on the radio and they think about a lover from long ago, or see someone playing tennis, the game they used to love to play and can't any longer. It sucks, but it's all part of life. Too bad it happens to some of us too early.
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  • As I was reading your post, I was thinking that is what happens as people grow old. Those of us with spine problems start to feel this way rather too early, but I suspect that anyone experiencing this as they age, would say that it was too early - even if they are in their 90s!

    Going back to my job in a school last week after the summer, has been a strong reminder that I am not back to 'normal'. I have been very achey at the end of the day. I am just hoping that my back will get used to it and deal with it better soon.

    I did have a few days of feeling depressed and a sense of not wanting my life to be like this. Then I see or hear of others in a far worse situation than me, and I feel that there are still plenty of positives in my life.

    I am expecting a grandson to be born in the next month or so, and that is very exciting. I can't wait to cuddle him :D My other grandchild was born abroad and I didn't see her until she was 8 months old. You can cuddle a baby - bad back or no bad back!!

  • Thanks Cathie and jellyhall. I was wondering if you know of any place where they offer all kind of rehabilitation, physical psychological, alternative medicine, bodymind... I guess this places are very expensive, just wondering is their any one place of this that offer helps if you do some kind of volunteer work.

    Sorry for my grammar and punctuation, its been happening for a while.

    I wish I had a partner that supported me at this moment. I am not married nor have a child. I was ok with all this because I had my plans.

    Oh jellyhall, that is something I really miss, the cuddling with my nephews, the contact in pictures with friend and the spontaneity, is all to painful and strange, it was better before surgery. How long have you been with your disc compression?

    Another thing I look at things I did not see before. Old people in bikes, old people cleaning, dancing, sitting in the floor. I understand they all have changes in their pine but it seems that it has been little by little and the cord get to understand the changes.

    I am so burnt out, I read way to many books about the spine. I read about the importance of exercise and also how there are tons of people with herniated disc that have no symptoms. there is a theory that the ones that have symptoms is old rage that comes out as pain in the body to distract us from personal things that have bother us in our life (is more complex than this but well). For this the recommendation is to think that your body is healthy and that is trying to distract you from other things, also to do a journal everyday, remembering your childhood and things that bother you, just to write every day and see what comes out.

    I started this before surgery and it was kind of helping, but well you already know the story, I had the surgery, I don't know if it works after surgery. I have heard it does but I don't know. the hypothesis is that the pain come from deprivation of oxygen to your nerves and that is the real cause of pain. I guess it is different for everybody.

    Well what I know is that I need to focus and stop seeing my friends in facebook having a blast, with kids... I have try to reintegrate but it has been difficult.

    I want to have the discipline to exercise, but depression holds me back. Maybe that is why I want the program to have structure, and occupy the mind in working forward, not in all the what ifs...


  • Hi again,
    I last posted at 11 weeks post my c6 c7 acdf, complaining of pains in my hands. Well I'm now 7 months post the op and following an EMG test at 5 months I've been diagnosed with "mild ulnar neuropathy" in both elbows. I had no ulnar issues before the op and my neuro physio thinks the peripheral neuropathy is directly linked to the surgery. I'm wondering if anyone else had such issues and whether they had to resort to further surgery? My surgeon is telling me to wait and see if it gets worse at the moment- I feel as though the pain is worse but I think I am focussing on it too much. My neck is ok if I don't try and stretch it too much- stretching causes it to stiffen up- but I've been assured that my issues in my hands aren't coming from my neck. Did anyone else have nerve pain that lasted this long after the op?
  • Still hoping to get better. Now I have pain in my lumbar. Is normal right that after cervical fusion we start having problems in lumbars...

    I just want to understand what is going on? Why my doctor says that I should be ok.

    I will have an MRI.

  • I wonder if I still could get better after almost a year after surgery. Are some of you able to sleep with the cervical problem? I hear so many that get better after the surgery I don't understand why I have so much pain still. Tomorrow I will call my surgeon. I have meet people with this surgery that do everything... I guess I am from the unlucky group.
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