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Horrible lower back pain

AidensMommy361AAidensMommy361 Posts: 56
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:59 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to this forum stuff. I'll get started by telling everyone that I'm 22 years old, For several years now I have had lower back pain. I was in a car accident in 2009 and noticed it had become worse. I've never seen a doctor for my pain...mostly out of fear of the doctor not believing me. The last few weeks have been HORRIBLE. I have an appointment this friday. I'll list my symptoms and see what you all think.
1. Sharp pain when I stand up, bend over, pick my son up or sit/stand for a long period of time.
2. Sharp pain down the back of both of my legs.
3. When I bend my neck forward I feel the same sharp pain in my lower back as if I am bending over.
4. It feels like if I could just stretch it far enough or bend over enough it would "pop" and stop hurting.
5. The area above my tailbone is extremely tender, I can't even touch/push on the area without it causing tremendous pain. If Zeus where to throw a lightening rod at my back, this is what it would feel like.
6. Every morning I wake up stiff, It takes me a little bit to bring myself to push through the pain from sitting up and stand up off the bed.

I have no numbness or tingling.

Now I will list what helps the pain (which isn't very much)After I do these things the pain is maybe gone for a few minutes.

1. Laying down on my side with a pillow between my knees.
2. Laying on my back with a pillow under my knees
3. Hanging from a door, Like a kid would hang from the monkey bars.
4. Having someone push on my back while I'm laying on my stomach.

All four of my grandparents have/had DDD. My mother had surgery on her neck due to DDD when she was 35. I'm really scared about going to the doctor. Not because of what may be wrong with my back, I KNOW something is wrong and has been for a long time...I'm afraid of being judged or that she won't believe me. I know this sounds stupid but they are real concerns of mine. Since I am only 22 I fear that she may think I am making this stuff up.

If anyone has any information or has had the same type of pain or has gone through the same situation, I would love to hear what you have to say.


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 11,347
    First things, Spinal problems never discriminate when it comes to age. The only problem at times is those that do not always believe that younger people can have those types of problems.

    To me, going to the doctor and having first a clinical examination to hopefully determine what could be the problem and if necessary diagnostic tests to isolate any problem.

    It is so important to know what is going on. Its easier to deal with the known then the unknown.

    Now, when it comes to your doctor and being judged. As long as you are straight forward, explaining your situation, symptoms (like you did in your post), a good doctor will listen and make some judgments.

    Judgments, not based on your age, but on your situation. I always believe coming completely prepared for a doctors appointment can be very helpful.

    This article is written for those patients who are going in for surgery, but many of them could apply to anyone. 38 Questions to ask your surgeon

    I wish you the best with your doctor visit.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I would not be doing you any favors if I posted a guess at what your issues are, being as I am not a Dr.

    However I will say that when you see a Dr please make sure you tell him/her everything like you posted here, as I do think you have something going on that is more then a "sore back".

    If your dr is the type to hurry you through write a letter (type it out unless you have really good hand writing) and ask the nurse to attach it to the FRONT of your file. Most Drs read the notes while still in the hall way. This way he/she will be clued in that this is not a rush you through type appointment.

    Please keep us updated how things go and what you find out :)
    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
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  • Print your post from here and take it with you so all doctors can read it. Update it if needs be from time to time.
    Make sure that you thoroughly explore soft tissue damage and other problems, not just the hard bits!
    It's the soft bits that have to work overtime to look after the spine, and they can cause intense pain.
    Ask questions all the way through, and make sure everything is explained to your satisfaction.
    These things can take a few different doctors and visits to sort out.
    Try to avoid any remedy that relies just on drugs. They mask the problem but don't resolve it.
    Seek out a good physio too. They can work wonders and know more about this area than the average doctor, as they specialise in it.
  • Thanks guys. I'm so anxious about seeing the doctor tomorrow morning. I asked my mom to come with me, maybe that will help. I will be sure to keep you all updated on how the appointment goes. I'm probably just stressing myself out over nothing, I'm just afraid of not getting the help I need. :-( Hopefully all goes well and I can get some relief! I'm going to take the advice of bringing a copy of what I wrote up above. Once again, Thank you all!
  • stopping in to see how your dr appt went? Hope all went well :)

    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
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  • It didn't go as I had hoped. She pretty much said that it's due to nerve damage caused by shingles I had a few months back. I'm going to get a second opinion. All she did was prescribe me flexeril 50 mgs three times a day and norco 7.5/325 every four hours then sent me on my way. I asked her about having an MRI done and she didn't agree with that idea. :( Hopefully the next doctor I see will actually listen to what I'm saying and not throw medications at me and say it will go away.
  • Any chance they want to run tests like an MRI to be sure it's related to shingles? Yes, I know that can cause nerve problems but I would want to be sure based on the symptoms you are having.

    Can you visit a neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine doctor? Any thoughts on PT helping?
  • Well, I had a horrible day today! After my husband got home from work I had him pop my back, He ended up pushing on the wrong spot and I could not even get up off the floor. I had him take me to the emergency room. They did an x-ray and couldn't see any damage. The doctor did give me a referral for an MRI since the hospital doesn't do them unless you have severe trauma. She said she believes I may have 2 herniated discs in my lower back. She did give me a shot of Norflex and also a prescription for it, which helped tremendously! I was actually able to bend over without feeling like my back is going to break! At least I'm making some progress to finding out what the cause of my pain is. My only concern now is confronting my doctor. At the last appointment she pretty much called me a liar. I can see where she is coming from since I am only 22, I just wish she could be more open to the idea that not just older people have back problems. Once again thank all of you for your comments and suggestions. I will keep you all updated when I find out more information.
  • I'm not sure that any age group is more is less liable to be lying, so please don't let her treat you that way.
    Perhaps it is just medical scepticism based on the expectation that you will be after drugs.
    What about taking your husband along with you as back up and witness? She would find it much more difficult to disbelieve 2 adults, surely.
    If not, change doctors.
    Do you write down all that happens with your back so that you can present the full picture?
    Sometimes we just expect too much from our doctors, and medicine is more of an art that a science they tell us.
    Keep it calm and factual, and try to get her understanding each step of the way. This way you may be able to find out where she starts to turn away.
  • I may not be understanding this correctly. If the ER Dr gave you the MRI referral, can't you just go and get it done?
    Then when you see your own Dr after the MRI is done she will have to see that you have something more going on if the MRI shows it????

    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
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