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Why is it getting harder to recieve pain med's, are we heading in the wrong direction ?

ronald blantonrronald blanton Posts: 5
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:00 AM in Chronic Pain
I am 53, totally disabled,live in ky. & everyday there seems to be new laws to keep people like me in pain. Mainly; Why are politicians playing Doctor !! I understand there are some, mainly younger that abuse them,But what is a man/woman to do to treat their pain. I sadly feel that i will have to relocate to another country just to have Some kind of a quality of life. I thought we were supposed to be Free in America ! PLEASE HELP & try to get your representatives & senators realize that THIS too is a problem as is drug abuse.


  • I am new to chating on my pain i hope talk helps cause i have had my fill. let me tell you a little about my self . i am 36 and i live in western ky. I have had 6 back surgerys since 2001. My life is hell and i dont know what to do i am one year and a month since i had my second fussion at L4-L5. Having said that i lost my pain management dr less than one month after having this surgery and have not been back since. All because i had ran out of my med (which were opania time release 40 twice day and opania ir 5 times daily which i had been on for 2 yearsand fentanal patch before that with percocet) and had some old perocet and took when i ran out. i have went with out pain meds until sep and my spine surgen put me on lortab 10 which i cant even tell i take. So now i no what hell is and i am about done. i have a family with to kids and all ii can do is lay in bed my life consest of being in bed 20 hrs a day and this is no life. Oh ps i am a vetern as well. i guess that help me suck it up and drive on but that only last for so long. i am about to lose my mind from the pain and this is not good. no one should have to suffer the way i have had too. good luck to all and i wish everyone the best.
  • Vicious terrible cycle.

    I started this pain ride saying no pain meds and doctors will believe me and take me serious. Then some started saying if you are hurting that bad why no pain meds. But then I would ask and it would be act of god to get them or doctor would say dont get on them at your young age????
    Herniated T6-7, multiple herniations in cervical, tears in T5-T8. Stenois at levels and smorls nodes from thoracic thru lumbar
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  • :?? ~X( X( I am so sorry for you as you seem to be in the same boat as me. My son just got released from the Marine corp Disabled after 2 tours in Iraq & I want to thank YOU for your dedication & service to [ for now ] OUR country.I am looking for a place in Mexico,ecuador or Costa Rica, SAD but true. In other countries many med's are o.t.c. such as Codeine & soma. I don't want to move,but my life isn't worth living in constant Pain.People who say, Just live with it do not understand that it affects you every way, depression, bad thoughts, sleep, sex, i can't even mow my little yard. ky. is my home & i have always been so proud of it until 2006 when my back was broken in a auto accident. I feel all we can do is keep writing our representatives & hoping they will understand that there are LEGITAMENT people with LEGITAMENT PAIN & have paid into the system that are now suffering and the future looks REAL BLEAK. I am sorry i have no Good answer for you, i too would like for things to be different as i too suffer everyday. I am NOT going to give up because we DESERVE better. May God bless you & provide a path to find the relief you deserve. I am afraid that the people wanting all pain clinics shut down don't understand that there is a black market & it comes with tattoos & guns. I am almost to the point of being like the guy in breaking bad only in another way. What they don't understand is, if you are hurting you will do anything to be able to get out of the pain. Sorry for rambling on, it just makes me so mad because there is no valid reason for someone to have to live in Pain when there is a solution. They make Pain med's for a reason !!
    If you learn of an answer would you share with me PLEASE !!
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,284
    to the availability of pain medications in over 8 years now.
    The only changes have been that the doctors know need to document and provide rationalization for their narcotic pain prescriptions. This also means that doctors are also more careful about writing these types of prescriptions.

    20 years after one of my lumber surgeries, the surgeon would write prescriptions for 200 Tylox like they were handing out candy.

    15 years ago, they were see that no other doctor wrote those same prescriptions for the same person

    10 years ago, with the aid of electronic records , both physicians and pharmacists were able to cross check to week out those drug seekers, those that went to multiple doctors and pharmacies to get their pain medications.

    5 years ago, the DEA started to get tougher as they should have been all along.

    Today, only patients that need pain medications are getting pain medications. Now, that is in a perfect world.

    Because I do know that not all doctors are willing to document and justify everything that they do. It might be easier just to say no. Thats when things begin to become bad and potentially dangerous.

    The problem today should not be blamed on the government , DEA, or any other agency that needs to monitor and regulate so many different things.

    If you read all the governing rules and regulations, they all are very fair and just.

    Its what is happening between the bodies that are trying to govern and then those bodies that are being governed. Somewhere, things are breaking down.

    The unfortunate victims become chronic pain patients who need medications but are being denied.

    I've seen how both sides of that works and Id be spending more time and making sure that the doctors do what they should be doing for their patients and not be worrying about a government regulation. If they do what they are suppose to be doing, then no one should have a problem.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • You have seen both sides & i agree about young people abusing med,s, but if your young & don't need them you will simply change your drug of choice. I have only had to take them from 2006 when a t-bone accident messed me up pretty bad. I think we are on the same page so if you can tell me where the breakdown is i would like to see it fixed. I always thought America was a free nation, I live by the saying that states, if you don't harm me or my property, you should be able to do what you want [ To me that is Freedom ] Now that i need pain med's they keep passing laws to make me suffer, this upsets me because i paid in for over 30 years, my son came home Disabled from 2 tours in Iraq for a government that doesn't care.
    I thank you for your wisdom & i hope this gets worked out so you or me don't even have to worry about it, this should not even be something to worry about yet when i wake up every morning i hope i can get through the day o.k. & have enough to make it to my next appointment.
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  • Fact is - I could walk to any street corner where I work and buy anything I want - because junkies are ALWAYS gonna get drugs, and us pain patients are still going to have to jump thru the doctors and feds (including DEAs) hoops to get ours. Be subjected to ridiculous urine tests, drug tests, and treated like a 2 year old - not to mention the thousands a year (I know my insurance pays for all these stupid urine tests) - while the junkies and druggies get their fixes and go merily on their way - until they drop dead of course. The gov has its nose in way too much and way too many people's business - you'll never, ever convince me otherwise!
  • I'd just like to say it's not just young people who abuse meds, it's people of all ages.
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • ron like you i have been on pain meds for the better part of 10 years and also i have seen prescriptions go from the triplicate forms to the one page form that the dr has to use for all pain meds, vicodin through morphine. i for one never had pain meds handed out like candy but that is probably different circumstances between you and i. it is weird i went to a nose throat dr who was going to give me surgery for a tumor and he knew i had back issues. he asked me what i was on and i told him. it seems like there are sites where drs can go now to see individual patients and what they are taking. i have been to doctors who seem to know before hand what i am taking. there seems to be ways drs can monitor patients old and new ones. so there is this first hand knowledge that is aviable to drs now. i feel like i am being looked at like a drug addict before i even talk to a new dr. in fact i am perfectly honest and tell them that i am on pain meds. i told a dr before hernia surgery and he thought i was kidding. i think this new way of monitoring patients and also the knowledge of abuse from the media is making it tighter for us legitimate pain patients. i for one have to see my pain dr every 2 months to get pain meds and he has to document everything that happens. now he tells me he has to take on line classes about pain meds eventhough he has been a pain dr for 30 years. with the media exposures of abuse of pain meds i believe it is going to get harder to get the meds we all need. people who go in and tell a dr i have back pain without any form of proof, x-rays, mri's nerve tests, discoctemies etc make it more difficult also. so the extra screening by the dea and the amount of people demanding pain meds is making it harder for all of us.
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
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    U go ahead with that detox and baby aspirin regimine. I will stay with the narcotics - thank you very much.
    I am a firm believe that sometimes, that IS all that is left. I feel that way for myself and my situation, but we are all different.
    Whatever works to get you where you need to be and feel most comfortable right??!! Smile
  • It is very frustrating. I haven't been a chronic pain patient for all that long...just a little over three years now. I was diagnosed with the degenerative disk disease at a very early age when I ruptured my first disk at age 23. Back then, an ortho doc put me on lortab and I took them for almost a year. (not consistently, but when my pain was unbearable) I stopped taking them when I felt my pain was resolved. Since then though, I would have periodic flare-ups where I would become practically disabled by the pain. I'd miss a lot of work and have to go for steroid injections, etc. It wasn't until late summer of 2008 when I had what I call "the final injury that did me in." I was taking care of a morbidly obese patient who weighed in at 600lbs. It took eight of us to move him and after I gave the big heave ho, I knew I had screwed up my back in a major way. Since then I've had three surgeries in three years and am now coming to terms with the cold hard facts that I will probably always have pain. It's been hard to accept because I've always been such an active person. I played softball for 28 years and was always on the go. That all came to a screeching halt with that obese patient. I'm now 47 years old and I can no longer work as a nurse in the hospital, which I miss terribly. I have a desk job now and go to work Mon-Fri and lie in bed all weekend just so I can walk again on Monday.

    I am currently dealing with ignorant doctors who think I'm just an addict and shouldn't need pain control any longer. My PCP even had me sign a "contract" with him, which I did willingly, that promised I would not abuse the meds. I haven't.

    My oldest daughter DID become addicted to narcotics after a short stint in the hospital with kidney stones and having surgery for that. Her behavior was completely opposite of mine which is why I do not see myself as an "addict." She stole all of my pain meds once last year right after I'd had my third surgery. She just walked right into my bedroom and took the whole bottle without me seeing her and never thought twice about what she was doing to me. Fortunately, my doctor is also her doctor and he knows her history, so he DID go ahead and refill the script early when I told him that she'd stolen them. Since then, I've had to keep my pain meds WITH me at all times, especially if she's around. She's now been in outpatient rehab for 6 mths and is clean. But my daughter has a very addictive personality and a lot of anxiety. She was diagnosed with bipolar and refuses to stay on meds for that. Her father was an addict too, so I do believe in the whole genetics thing. As for me, I've never been like that. I've never taken pain meds when I didn't need them to function.

    I know that the government is cracking down on pain clinics and are working toward linking all the computers so that drug seekers will no longer be able to "doctor shop." I do understand why these measures are necessary, but I hate that those of us who are legitimate pain patients, will end up being the unnecessary casualties of all the new regulations. I'm willing to play by their rules if that's what it takes to continue to function in my life, but I get so damn frustrated hearing stories like this where doctors can turn their backs on people and just allow them to suffer. It's not right at all.
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