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new numbness in saddle and legspost surgery

jazejjaze Posts: 4
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:01 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
hello , i went in for acdf 6-7 on 2-2-2012, after 7 years of chronic pain , headaches , neck pain and shoulder pain surgeon said i was in danger of paralasys and needed surgery asap . confirmed with a second nurosurgeon . spine was compressed and deformed , woke up with severe numbness in legs butt and genitals. could not walk . second day i could walk with a walker . 1 week out i could walk short distance started elyptical and treadmill walking per docs orders , 1 mile on ea . post op visit was 10 days out . numbness was explained as swelling in the area of surgery by the n surgeron and nerve damage by the phy asst, (started pt 14 days out ) it is exactly 1 month post op and the numbness has not really changed since 1 week post op . i know it has only been a month i guess what im looking for is sombody with this kind of experience . is there hope for a full recovery . does swelling really last this long . currntly i have serious balance issues , cant feel my feet and
cant drive... the other neck pain and issues are gone with the exception of a returning headach occasionaly ,been off pain meds since week 1
any insight is greatly appreciated ...jaze


  • mri report ;
    . at the c6-7 level , a severe central stenosis is seen, due to a small canal developmentally and a moderatley large broad based dorsal bony ridge disc complex, which compresses the cord ,increased signal in the cord suggests associated myelopathy , prominent bilateral unconvertibral spurs are seen ith severe bilateral foraminal narrowing .
    conclusion ; multi level cervical spondylosis with central and forminal stenosies seen at multiple levels most severe at the c6-7 level mylepathy in the cord is evident at this level.

    other notes; c-1 odontoid ariculation, there is hypertrophic arthropathy noted
    c2-3 no significant abnormallity
    c3-4 small midline right base dorsal protusion extends up and appears to be in contact with vental cord , w/o displacing the cord . disk potrusion extends latterally to the foramina , with moderate prominate narrowing seen bilaterally . uncovertibral spurs are not clearly demonstrated. the central canal is tight with out being overly stenotic
    c4-5 mildly stenotic central canal is seen. a moderatley sized broad based dorsal disc protrusionis seen in the mid line ,which exstends up and appears to be in contact with the ventral cord. sighns of cord compression are equivical . mild right and moderatley severe left foraminalis narrowingdemonstrated and a small uncovertebrel spurs are noted.
    c5-6 ; moderate level stenosis is seen, due to developmentally small canal and small broad based dorsal discprotrusion which is contact with the ventral cord ,moderatley prominent bilateral foraminal narrowing is seen but uncovertebrel spurs are difficult to identify.
    c7-t1 level; there is no central stenosis but moderate bilateral forminal stenosis is demnstrted , due to spur disc complexes

    i was originally chedules for a 3 level acdf but the surdeon said the other 2 were not as bad as reported and he felt it best to just do the severe c6-7 ...john
  • Hey there, I'm not really familiar with the cervical surgeries but the pains/numbness you are having sound more related to the lumbar area.

    Look at a dermatome map.

    I suspect though, during surgery the way you are positioned for a lengthy time can cause some sore spots. What does your doctor think? Has he considered looking at your lower back via MRI? Did he tell you that with cervical surgery (neck) there could be risks with nerves serving lower body?

    I have L5-S1 ruptured disc that caused my numbness in the left groin/perineum, left buttocks, left back thigh, and left heel to outer toe. But numbness can be caused by scar tissue, muscle tightness (facial muscles), or even basic inflammation.

    I hope you can get some sort of help from your neurosurgeon.
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  • I can sympathize with you. My neck was a mess and basically the surgery was an emergency. I could barely walk before surgery. I have all of the same numbness as you. Balance is also very bad. Are you in pain? I had a very hard time with pain. I recently had an Mri and it shows C7-T1 Retrolisthesis with herneated disc pressing on nerve. Also C3-C5 bone spurs pressing on nerves. I had radopfrequency ablation 1 1/2 years ago and that helped a lot. Pain is tolerable. Don't want to discourage you, the numbness and balance issues have not improved in over 2 years. I think it's a matter of time before I will have to have more surgery. Unless you are having lumbar problems, it is possible that your neck is the cause. Hang in there and keep working at it.:)
  • thanks for the input. surgeon thinks it is from swelling in the surgucal area , this does not make sense to me , the numbness is well below the surgical area by about 2 feet . i asked for a complete ct of my back the doc said no. until i told him in that case i will seek another surgeon for care his atiidude changed and he agreed to a lower back mri . he doesnt seem to want a ct of the area that was operated on so i have an appointment with another surgeon this friday . who will do a complete ct and see what the hell is going on
  • well followed up with another surgeon ordered an mri of complete back. we reviewed it on thursday and he set up another surgery for the following monday , that was 6 days ago , i am 1 week post op , apparently the first surgeon didnt remove the herniarted discs or bone spurs just jammed a metal box in between the vertibre and closed it up this actually increased the pressur on my spine and more than likey created the numbness i am experiencing ...so i really would like to thank you for the good advise of being insistant that i get n mri of the back after the first surgery the first surgeon was obviosly willing to let me fuse in this condition with out decompressing the spine and possibly causing permanent damage , the numbness is still present but i am hopeful it will return to normal
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