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spinal fusion surgery

Sore SpineSSore Spine Posts: 8
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:02 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hey i`m new to all this, so here goes. I had spinal fusion surgery on L4 - L5 3 weeks ago and am now recovering, the only thing is i have been taking Tramadol medication for this length off time and cry when i try to come off it, is this natural? I feel like a freak for keep crying all the time, i will just sit there and all of a sudden i will start to break down and cry just like i am now,I have been to my own GP and he says its because Tramadol is a form of Opuim and you can get addicted to it. My recovery is going well, i have a slight tingle in my left foot and toes, but not as bad as it was before surgery,i am having physio and doing well there as well too, but i am so bored and feel like i am going stir crazy, i go out for a walk twice a day but only for 20 minutes at a time, and still unable to drive, does this relate to anybody, do you feel like this too, please reply as then i may feel more human to realise other people are going through the same thing


  • I took tramadol off and on when my disc first went. I took it for a few weeks at a time (2 capsules four times a day)and then, because it didn't really do much to kill the pain, I would stop taking it. I would get really ill when I stopped - like I had the flu. I can't say I cried though.
  • For anyone who's had fusion surgery I think it's perfectly normal to feel blue from time to time.

    If you take into consideration the assault your body has gone thru due to the surgery and the medication your taking,and add fact that your partially immobilized,all that combined will play havoc with your emotions.
    I think your perfectly normal.
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  • Hey thanks for the comments, glad there are others out there who have felt similiar, had an update today with the physio, she was really pleased with the progress i have made, even allowed to drive a bit now, but still feel like i have the blues, not eating either doesn`t help i suppose. I didn`t think it was going to be as bad as this, I was in pain and wanted it fixed so went ahead and had it done, not saying I didn`t read about it,think i read everything about it on the net. Berg how was your recovery .?
  • Recovery with the revision I had done this past DEC went allot easier this time around,I guess because I pretty much knew what to expect with the pain and limitations.
    Do be careful don't over do it with the exercise.
  • Thanks Berg for that, went for my walk this morning and and had really funny sensations in my leg and foot, back was killing me when i got home, found it hard to sit again,almost like i had the op again, i spoke to my physio and she has told me to cut it down again to exercise as 2 weeks post op and then gradually start to build up on it again, so i guess for me its no driving. How do you feel now? Are you back to your old self as such before the ops, hope you don`t mind me asking all these questions.
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  • :) hey Nel, just an update, have stopped taking the Tramadol and have been put on dyhydrocodiene, have still got the blues so will give it a couple of weeks and then if nothing works will go back to my gp. How is your back now, still giving you problems or have you recovered.
  • Hi,

    I didn't drive for about 7 weeks post op so I am amazed that you can manage. Mind you it took 6 weeks for me to heal and I had a wound infection so my back was sore for the last 4 of those weeks!

    The recovery was tough. I am quite hard on myself and pushed quite hard to do all the exercise etc that I was allowed. While I had the infection I was not allowed to do more than 5 mins walk a day and that was frustrating. Once I was freed to go back to the world I progressed quite quickly. It did cause me pain though, but in odd places like my stomach would throb. I hadn't been expecting that! lol!

    I am now suffering with facet joint arthritis at the next level up. Seems like someone, somewhere doesn't think I should get "better"!

    I can't say I had the blues post fusion but since all the issues with the infection came to a head last summer I have been pretty depressed. It is so frustrating trying to get better all the time - I hope your path to recovery is smooth.

    I wish you the best of luck.
  • Hey people just a quick update, have been having physio and have been told to take it easy as my muscles in my back are still very tight, have been told to walk for a further 30 mins aday,drove the car but found it very hard as it pulled on my back to much, suffered the next day so gonna give it another week, have my 6 week x ray and consultant app in two weeks, to see if all is fused together. I do have a swollen back every now and again, do either of you or have had this. Just to say i`m not so depressed anymore either, getting about abit more has helped.
    Will keep you updated
  • Good to hear that you are feeling less depressed. Just to feel that you are making some progress must help.

    I can't say I noticed my back swelling except for around my scar when my infection flared up.

    Take it easy.
  • Surgery scheduled for two weeks from today. Spondololisthesis with stenosis and severe glut and leg pain. The neurosurgeon is going to use a clamp (as opposed to rods and screws) to stabilize L 4/5. Any one out there with info on the "clamp?". :T
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