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Arm pain!



  • Mel,

    One thing I hope never happens to anyone is that a doctor tells them there is nothing they can do, or get over it. Now I know you say you have a great surgeon and your not in that risk. But the other approach could be, we can't do surgery now as we want to wait and see. I know I say see what? But the most important thing they do when doing surgery is to be sure they are operating on the pain generator. Some surgeons are more conservative than others, which is not a bad thing? While we want to get better, we also don't want to risk so much that we can't even do anything, from non movement issues and still deal with chronic pain to boot.

    I have been in the position of sorry there is nothing more we can do. Trust me was some of the hardest words ever said to me. However that was really not the case. But then again I am work comp, and they paid the doctor to say it. Thank goodness after him treating me a few more times, he didn't even believe his own words and retracted them.

    As far as the bobble head effect, you might try using a soft collar, although don't use it to much as they do weaken the neck muscles. But if your trying to study, it might help, till your appointment and help with the pain. When I had lordosis that was the best explanation I could have called my head a bobble head, as if I didn't have enough strength to do it. But in addition it made me physically tired and fatigued. But it did help not to bring on the ridculopathy, as bad. That of course is only a short term fix and you do need something long term, but maybe till you get into your surgeon, to get you by. When your up walking around I wouldn't wear it though is that is the best time to keep up the core body strength. Anyway that is how I got by between surgeries and still some what functioned, was better than being in bad all day long. For myself there is nothing worse than laying around all day long, feels like I am wasting a day, when I have to do it.
  • Thanks for the advice, and positive words.

    I actually have an appt with my pain doc in about an hour, so I am going to bring up some of my concerns with him today. He hasn't seen my newest MRI, so I am giving him that too. The last one he has seen is from over two years ago and have quite a few new "issues" since then.

    I will let ya'll know how my appt goes!
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  • Well, I did not get a ton of info, but I feel better after talking to him. He always makes me feel better about my pain issues. He is the only doctor that has told me I am my own best advocate.

    I told him about my fall a while back and that I have an appointment to see my neurosurgeon. He told me to make sure I am cautious when I see the surgeon because there are things that would make me a surgical candidate, but may not help with my actual pain. He said surgeons will do surgery and because it was successful they think you shouldn't have anymore pain, when in reality they didn't "fix" the pain generator to begin with.

    He did all of the normal tests, pull, push, squeeze, tilt head & apply gentle pressure, turn left, turn right, blah, blah, blah. All's I know is that my neck and in between my shoulder blades have been on fire since a bit after I left his office, like someone kicked me in the back and neck 20X and there's a little person in my muscles squeezing and stomping them to death.

  • Hey mel

    What really surprises me is the many faces of pain. I have severe stenosis and every day the pain is different. Some days neck is horrible. Some days neck tollerable but pain in shoulders is bad. Some days burning sensation in neck, shoulders, arms all the way to hands. Then I have days where I lose fine motor control of left hand. And yet everyone is different. My neuro cant wait to cut. I want to wait ten months until I can start drawing my pension. He says to wait more the six to eight weeks is foolish. I do not want surgery and after reading posts here I know it is not always best. More or different pain is possible. I guess I will wait til I cant stand it anymore. My emg test shows nerve damage so I know its not in my mind. I take lortab and relefan for pain and stiffness. Anyway good luck and God bless all on the website for I believe we all need him.

  • Well, I posted this on another post, but not this one yet. My appointment was cancelled due to the surgeon being called in to emergency surgery on Friday. Sometimes I think I am cursed!! I have been counting down the days, hours, and minutes till I saw the surgeon, then low and behold, CANCELLED!

    I am now scheduled for July 6 and am on a cancellation waiting list. I hate that I am hoping someone else cancels because they obviously need to see a surgeon too, but I am also extremely mad that people that got appts after me are going to be seen before me. They rather piss off one full day of patients than three weeks worth of patients, which I understand from their standpoint, but it still sucks.

    It doesn't help that my pain has been at an all time high lately and if it wasn't for my insurance being messed up right now, I would've been to the ER several times by now. My pain meds just aren't cutting it.

    I just want a "pain break," even if it is just for a few hours!
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