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Ok SCS implant

CandyJCCandyJ Posts: 105
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:03 AM in Recovering from Surgery
ok well i am on the day after surgery, surgery went well got implant and it is hitting all the right areas. still having a problem with sitting still and trying to not do much, lol ( what can i say it just not me ). day 2 was having some major itching goin on had hubby look at it and found that i have a rash and blisters where the tape was so i know doc said not to take the dressing off but couldn't handle it anymore and as soon as he took it off omg what relief feel better already. goin to try and post some pics of my back. thank you all for the hopes and prayers and well wishes. you are all my spiney internet family, just don't ask to borrow the car lmao.




  • Best wishes to you on your recovery from the SCS implant. Im proud of you, and believe you to be such a strong lady making a positive choice towards your better health. I wish well, your friend Ellie

    BTW the picks are intense, I never have see SCS pictures before, everyday I learn more.
  • Well day 3 is here had to call my PM I found out I am allergic to betadine and the tape they used I have blisters from the tape and a rash from the betadine. Besides that the SCS itself is still goin great. I did find 1 setting that causes my are to contract to the point I can't move it so guess I won't go to that setting again, lol :). If anyone has any ?'s plz feel free to PM me or catch me in chat.
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  • Called my PM and told them I had my hubby take off the dressing and guess what they were not happy. So I have to run in to them at 1pm so they can look at the blisters and the rash and probably put a new dressing on. But if the same thing happens with this dressing I will do the same thing again. Cuz these blisters hurt worse than the places they cut me. Guess from now on I will have to tell them no betadine and no surgical tape with latex in it if that is what the blisters are from. Will right another update when I get back home from PM appt.
  • Yes i had this surgery too and for about 3 months it was the best thing since gravy. I was laughing because i too ripped my dressing off..but the down side was because of that i caused it to get affected. But it sure did feel good when i took off the dressing. Just remember that we sweat and lean against things that could cause affection regardless how clean you think something is. Bactria and other things live in the air we breathe. This cause my stimulator not to be turned on for another 2 weeks.
    Now there are different programs that you can take advantage of to get more coverage areas. I had to re-programs mine often as the leads would heal and move around. I used to require my stimulator on 24/7 now i turn it on my bad days. Good luck to you.
  • I didn't take mine off to just take it off I had hubby take it off cuz I have 3-4 huge blisters and my back is all broke out in a rash. I went to PM today and he put on a different kind of bandage that didn't break me out last time I had it on. Also told me that I can take small baths to help remove the betadine. He is worried about infection but when he looked at it he didn't see anything, just normal tenderness and told me to start taking it easy wow does he know me or what I am the kind of person that has to b busy all the time with something to do. Well guess I can take it easy for 5 days if nothing else. Ok all my spiney friends that know me stop goin "yeah right" and shaking ur heads, LMAO.
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  • I think u miss read my post I didn't remove the dressing for nothing I am allergic to the tape and the betadine they used, I now have a new dressing on it that my PM put on today.
  • Im glad your pm was able to redress the area and put tape that you are not allergic to. Im sure it feels much better that was, and at least its covered and you know its not showing indication of infection. All sounds good. I sometimes think this is a very good option, like to help with pain and to reduce your meds, its a win win in my humble opinion. I wish you all the best and continued recovery . Ellie
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