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Losing everything and severly deppressed

I lost my job of ten years due to my back issues , I am so down and scared I dont know what to do , going to lose my car , dont know how to stay at home because I have worked all me life and everything seems so unreal...I lost my medical insurance so now I cant go to the doctor .Disability lawyer tells me you have to be off work five months before you can even file .Life just isnt worth living anymore.....


  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,778
    edited 11/30/2012 - 3:51 PM
    It is with the greatest amount of understanding and compassion, I respond to your current state of afair(s) I myself found myself going through a similar sceniro. I don't have my same level of stress as I have already lost my ability to drive. got divorced, lost my carreer of 30+ years. short sold my home of 18 years.Just spend 3+ weeks in the hospital fighting double pnumonia and now need to go to the hospital each day for the next 2 weeks for outpatient IV therapy. There not a day that goes by that I ask why do I CONTINUE TO FIGHT? - In my case I do still have two young adult child to remmain a minimal part of and to around for. I do still have an ex-wife who i am bless to still be amicable ...... and the most interesting issue/debate of attempting to find adqequte pharmacutical pain relief or simply return to that good ole stand by VODKA.

    If you haven't already - seek out some local support ...... as always we will be here for you and attempt to find join joy in life. You have made it this far ..... When I finally hit the physical and mental wall .... my personal physician was like a diety to me and heklped keep my collective feces together long enough. We have what we have ..... not to attempt to expand and find more in life is simply quiting ..... I BELIEVE THAT WE ALL HAVE THE STREGTH TO CONTINUE TO FIGHT. DO NOT GIVE UP!! You are loved by us!! And I want to know that you won your SSD and are in getting in a better mode of life. Each day we are given this wondeful present called the present. Yesterday is history - tomorrow is a mystery ...... dont life (your life) and conditions ruin the wonderful present called the present.

    With my greatest concern'


  • We all been there as we reached that point of the unknown, jobs lost cant leave the house due to pain, Bills piling up and no money coming in, We start sending our bills to Obama asking for a bail out and he keeps sending it back,
    Or is that just me that does that ?

    You will manage and get through this as we all have, Look at the bright side no job you dont have to pay taxes, No car no more oil change and frickin car dont start again or broke down,

    Are you alone or do you have someone to help you at home like husband ? Dave asked me to ask you that as he is single and looking. Lol. Sorry just kiding,

    Hang in there you be fine with our suport and Dave flirting with ya , Oops sorry Dave, I know you told me not to tell,
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    2012 scs implant ,
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  • susabellssusabell Illinois Posts: 241
    Friend's can do, I just read these post and a big Smile appeared on my face. Prior to logging on I was really down myself. It reallys does suck, to be out of the loop. Just know that You are not alone, we here all rely on one another for advice, and it feels so good to come to a place where I don't have to explain myself. I am so tired of doing that. We our all here for you. There has plenty of times I jus wanted to give up. Sometimes I still do. I have no kids, no husband, very few friends but it's all going to be ok. I miss the shopping adventure's with my friends, especially when they are all bragging about what they just bought themselves, I think most of it will end up collecting dust in their closet when the novelty wares off.

    I buy what I need to survie, I just sank a ton of $$$ into my car, tires, breaks ect. Sure could of used it to pay other bills. One day I would like to sell that car and say the hell with it, I don't feel sage driving it anyway.


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  • Sorry everything sounds like doom and gloom. I get that way from time to time.
    Look into SDI (short term disability payments for 1 year) in your state. You can get it right away. You can also file for SSDI but the is the 5 month waiting period.

    Hope this helps.

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  • I feel your pain!!! Your not alone.. Life is worth Living! If you can get out of bed and go outside and see the heavens and look at the beautiful star that shines on you every morning and hear the birds sing! Then you are Blessed! Lori
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  • Oh sweetie I am sorry and know what it feels when it all comes crashing down. Feel like your smothering. I know this sounds so simple but just take it one moment at a time. I have come to place in past where I thought we would lose cars, house. We sold both vehicles and now have one older vehicle that I don't even drive that much and no car payment. My hubby now uses the company car for service calls so that saves us money. We were behind almost 3 payments on house. We called mortgage company and at first they didn't want to work with us but when we told them we would just give back to them they worked with us and lowered payment although it added time at end but for now we do what we have to.

    My friends who have always bought what they wanted are now trying to sell stuff on internet...so just because someone else seems to be doing well doesnt mean they are. I have been trying to learn to live within our means and at first I was so upset but now it is almost a high for me to see how much money I can save us each month and I feel like I am contributing.

    I went out on medical leave on May 21 and was terminated on July 6th because I could not return to work after surgery. I signed up for disability in Oct. after 5 month wait. I am fortunate that hubby carries insurance and we have been making it on his pay. You need to go to social services and apply for Medicaid and food stamps whatever you need. I know it is so hard but there is NOTHING wrong with admitting you need some help. I could have gotten Medicaid but with hubby working wasnt able to. My daughter and grandson moved back in with us and also our son because the economy is so bad and there are no jobs so they help out. Do you have family that can help out with living arrangements?

    Please don't give up. I promise it will get better. You just can't see over the mountain yet. There is always someone on here more than willing to talk to you. You can cry, and as you seen above our Spine Health Comedians can make you laugh when you are down...lol Please PM anytime you want to talk or just vent.

  • I had my first fusion in february. I contracted a staph infection in march and had to have emergency surgery. I was on medical leave at work at the time but boss decided to fire me cause I was not able to return to work when they wanted. I know all about bills piling up and not having the money to pay rent. I was late with my rent in the apt complex where I used to live. A new company took it over and we had to move out. Now I have to share a house with some friends just to make the rent. Sometimes we barely have enough money to put gas in car etc., but some how thru all this I have managed to remain postitive. Its hard but I do it. My husband quit his over the road trucking job to come home to take of me. I too, don't have any insurance. My staph infection is probably coming back at the worse possible time. My scar is very red and swollen. I applied for SSD in July and still haven't heard from them. I didn't want to be a downer, but I just want to let you know that you are not alone. I know its seems like it is never going to end. Things will eventually begin to look up. It will just take time.

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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,433
    I feel bad about your situation regarding your job. We have talked about that concern the past couple of weeks to see if there was anything you could do regarding the way you were treated at the job.

    If that door is closed, then another DOOR has OPENED I wish I could tell exactly what that door will bring.
    Its much like Whats behind Door Number 1, or 2 or 3 . One of them always leaves you hanging down, one doesn't really help you, but there is that door that can bring you so much happiness.

    I can only hope that the door you go through and where you will be heading is a good road to travel. I have to be honest here,. The time I've been at Spine-Health, there are always people that I watch and listen to more than others.
    And the paths, good or bad that they are taken are important. Let me just say that your activities, good times, bad times area something that I can track off.

    Check into all the legal things regarding disability, employment termination, etc You should be able to dive into all of those detailss and that will make you so much smarter than others. I hope that you get to the right legal person who can give you all the correct steps .

    Wishing you the bset!
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • kentuckygirl65, contact your dept. of health and human services first see what help they have, next and without delay go to https://www.socialsecurity.gov/onlineservices/ if link does not work do a social security search in your web browser and go to the disability web page and file for disiblity right now. the 6 month delay in benifits are automatic and you may have to wait 1~3 years, i have all but 1 disc in neck that are crushed with numbing in hands, also all disc in lower back affecting legs feet, have had right arm partially severed and reattached obvious major nerve damage, rt knee surgery with currently pulled hamstring, buckethandle tear and a tendon split over top of knee into the muscle, rt ankes is just as shot and am so unstable due to a ruptered inner ear (fistula), that i can loose my balance easily, broke rt foot past spring while trying to do vary light yard work, also have hpb, along with asthma and c.o.p.d., lawyer said he could not beleive i was turned down by ssd !, however since i owned a warehouse/commercial/retail/brokerage business my job was considered sedentary ! i worked for 35 years and my job only included driving between 500-1500 miles a week, doing national trade shows for the convience store industry, setting up and tearing down booths between shows and merchandising convience store chains and working plan o grams for new items to be set thus having to handes commercial steel shelving and cases of new merchandice on almost a daily basis, and i sold my company in 2008 when i had to have my wife and kids fly to where i was to finish up a trade show my hands and legs were on fire and uncoordnated, perehipal neuropathy-due to long term injuries, and i knew on my way home that was my last trade show, now i have brought over 200 products to national market with 2 failures, not a bad carreer, but cannot do it i go dec 2012 for hearing finally and have ran thru our credit, heloc, and most finicial backing to get this far, thus said push that ssd as soon as you can and get help from dept of human services, and look for local, state, and federal grants online that may help you, and any other local state or federal programs to get you throug good luck, experienced dkwco
  • Keeping FaithKKeeping Faith Posts: 6
    edited 12/04/2012 - 8:36 AM
    Hey Kentucky gal.....Try to be a little easier on your self.
    I know the pain and stress makes it so easy to say life isn't worth living but that is so untrue. All of us have felt the same way from time to time but try to remember life is a gift from God. I am sure you have had other difficult times in life before, true? Now that you look back does it seem as bad as it did at the time you were experiencing it? Trust me i have been there myself SEVERAL times but I made it through each and everyone of those stressful events and each time i became a little stronger than i was the time before and you will too! I too lost my job to my meds this month and have been down in the dumps because i cant find a job...went from having 50-60 employees working under me to absolutely nothing! I applied for a cashiers job at hobby lobby last week and while i was in there waiting for the manager to return from lunch i started reading some of the plaque's they had displayed.... one of them jumped out and slapped me in the face. It said,
    Remember, Life takes us to unexpected places,,,Love brings us home...Believe when its beyond the reason to believe and keep in mind that faith dares the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see. Somone out there loves you!

    Post edited, Religion content not appropriate
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