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i am set to stop smoking two days from now- scared!

i know you must stop smoking prior to back surgery, and mine is march 4th. i did it before for 7 weeks in anticipation of a spinal fusion in 9/11. but they never did the fusion due to a pulmonary embolus.

i just have to do this...any thoughts, ideas would be welcome!


  • thanks, jim!

    i take psych meds already for another issue. not sure if my doctor will prescribe that for me, or not?

    i have to just know i am giving my body a better chance of winning this thing if i am tobacco-free. i will remind myself of that during every craving. the patch is out, as it too, is a tobacco delivery system. aside from the physiological addiction, it has been a psychological coping tool during high pain numbers, so that's what makes it tougher.

    i refuse to compromise my shot at a clean, successful fusion. whatever strength i lack i will pray for. one hour at a time.
  • I was a 2 pack smoker and if I drank it could baloon up to 4 packs I tried the zyban thing,I had to give it up it made me psychotic I wanted to kill people,no joke.

    I think I've tried every gimmick there is out there wanting a crutch to help me quit,in the end it's all on you,how bad do you really want to quit. I know this may sound stupid but what worked for me was coming to the realization that smoking is a learned behaviour, we are not born smoking,therefore that meant that I have control over the situation. Since I was the one that willingly started smoking then I can also end it.

    I'm not going to lie and say it was easy,those first three days about drove me up a wall with cravings. If you do your research and you will see that its true cravings only last for a couple minutes at a time. I chewed the hell out of sugerless gum to the point that my jaws hurt. I think I had about 30 gum packs around the house at any given time those first few weeks.

    Anyway thats what worked for me, you can do it, heck anyone can,it just depends on how bad you want to quit, have you had enough?

    Wishing you minimal cravings,you can do it.
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  • Hey I smoked on and off for 14 years n was smoking a pack a day. I used chantix and a website called whyquit.com it really helped take it one day at a time I would say to myself first thing In the morning I just have to not smoke today. And before bed I would say congrats to myself. I have quit for 4 years now!! I can't imagine going back!
  • LarryPLLarryP Posts: 17
    edited 02/20/2013 - 8:56 PM
    I use electric cigs now
    They really work,cut down about 90% and get all the nicotine I need
    Dont get them in a mall kiosk
    There is alot to know about them

    They say the nicotine in electrics is not harmful,also there is no smell and they are alot cheaper
  • bassetmommybbassetmommy Posts: 50
    edited 02/20/2013 - 9:11 PM
    i just got them in the mail. no nicotine, though.... my doc said absolutely no nicotine for a fusion.

    anyway, they help a great deal. the whole oral thing, i guess. i researched the brands, and background. still jonesing, but better than nothing.

    thanks for the encouragement!
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