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Acute Sciatica, large left para central disc extrusion L5/S1

Hi all
I have had lower back pain for over 2 years. I would suffer every now and again with being bent over in pain and shuffling to walk for 3 weeks the last time that happened. Since about June 2012 had some leg pain too which made walking uncomfortable. Been sent to Physio , osteopath and orthopaedic assessments but no scan or anything until recently when I woke up on 20/1/13 and couldn't stand without acute pain. I have been off work since then as I cannot stand on my left leg and every movement is so painful.
My pain starts from my foot and go up to middle of my back. It always hurts in my calf and constant pins & needle in foot and leg. I was prescribed Naproxen, codeine and then also Tramadol as I am so much constant pain. I have had an MRI Scan which I pushed to get done quickly,followed by a second one which they wanted where dye was inserted too.
I then saw clinical assessment again to be told it was bad and that I was being referred directly to a surgeon as I will most likely need an Op. My appointment isn't till 19/3 and the thought of this constant pain after 5 weeks already with it is unbearable.
I am stuck indoors as every time I move its so painful, when I have been out to attend the scan or doctors I suffer terribly for the rest of day and night where the pain is even worse. Even though I have only gone down some steps and been wheeled around hospital in a wheelchair.
My sleep is awful only 2-3 hrs at time before the pain wakes me again. I dream of feeling normal again and having no pain but it seems that's not always the outcome from reading the posts on here.
Thanks for reading


  • Sorry to hear about your pain. It def sounds severe. I hope you mean your appt is in march. Are you overseas? To me your dates are written backwards lol. It may seem like forever but at least you have started down the road to getting fixed up!! Do you know what the recommended surgery is? Or do you need to see the surgeon still before that is decided?

    You will find lots of support in these forums either way, many here understand the struggle of pain and can relate to your problems.

    Welcome to the forums & Good Luck!
    L5S1 REMOVED herniation. Years of pain & compression. Microdiscectomy complete!! Trying to be super smart & safe with recovery!
  • Dawnylou68 said:
    My appointment isn't till 19/3 and the thought of this constant pain after 5 weeks already with it is unbearable.

    I cannot believe that they are making you wait for so long! Every human has the right to live without pain, and given the fact that nerve pain is not only the worst type of pain, it is also VERY dangerous! It's the doctors duty to ensure you get the best CARE and TREATMENT so you need to go back to him and tell him the extent of it.

    In Aug 2005 I had cauda equina and my L5/S1 nerve was (and still is) damaged.
    The first time I realised that there might be something very wrong with my back, the dr at the local hospital didn't think it was that bad so they didn't do an xray. This was 5 days after the initial accident and by that stage I didn't have feeling in my right buttock and sacrum. Day 7 I went to my normal doctor and he ordered xrays and CT scan. Got that done and straight away he sent me to the hospital with the neurologist telling me it was one of the most serious he's seen.

    My point; GET to the hospital! Don't take a doctor's word over the pain you feel!

    Cauda Equina sydrome began 25/08/05
    L5/S1 Microdisectomy/laminectomy 31/8/05
    L5/S1 motor neuron and sensory nerve damage(pre & postoperative), bladder function not 100%
    Constant nerve pain and swelling
    L4/L5 small disc bulge (ongoing)
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  • Hi there
    I am in Rochester in Kent, UK so guess that's why you find my dates strange.
    Counting the days till I see the surgeon on 19/3 not long now!
  • Hi there
    I am in Rochester in Kent, UK so guess that's why you find my dates strange.
    Counting the days till I see the surgeon on 19/3 not long now!
  • I wish it was that easy in England but it isn't at times I have thought to go to A&E you call it emergency room I think but it would be no good. There are continually bed shortages and long waiting lists so apparently it isn't unreasonable to make you wait this long. Personally I don't agree because I been stuck indoors now for 8 wks and not been to work as I cannot.
    However as I see the surgeon next wk on Tuesday 19th March I am guessing it won't be long till the op. (usually u would see a consultant first then have appt with the surgeon but they have bypassed it as they feel an op is needed)
    I am going to beg for a quick date as this is soul destroying and I just want to be fixed I am so used to being busy!
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  • Hi all
    At last I had my appt with the surgeon last night.
    I am now booked in and awaiting a date, I was advised it would be sometime in May but I am down for a cancellation so it could be soon as apparently some booked around Easter have cancelled. I will have to wait until they see if any slots left....
    Meds working well and it has been easier this week than before, I just want to be fixed now and hope for pain free living after, however that's a wait and see scenario , fingers crossed xx
  • Dawnylou68DDawnylou68 Posts: 46
    edited 03/23/2013 - 10:50 PM
    Hi all
    Following my appointment on 19/3 I asked to go on cancellation list and got one just after Easter. My Pre op assessment is 28/3 and my Op is on 8/4/13 I have to be in at 7 am so hopefully be first down and not have to stay overnight.
    Pain much same and still managing it on the Tramadol, codeine and Naproxen.
  • Phone call this afternoon my op that was due next Monday morning is cancelled and no new date as yet!!!!
  • That they call you back with something sooner.
    Age 55
    Herniated L4-5 1992
    DDD diagnosed
    Hysterectomy 2005
    Steven Johnsons Syndrome 2008-09
    Gastroparesis 2009-10
    Right ankle and toe reconstruction 2012
    ACDF C6-7 surgery March 2013
    Stroke? Cancer? MS? Who knows! in inferior cerebellum 2013
  • So sorry to read the pain you are in and the way you are unable to get an op date. What procedure were they scheduling you for? I am scheduled for an MIS-TLIF L5/S1 on May 1st.... finally!
    Olivia Douglass
    MIS TLIF L5/S1 on 5/1/13
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