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Travel overseas soon after permanent implant is in?



  • Ms PixieMMs Pixie Posts: 154
    edited 06/06/2013 - 3:36 PM
    So I went in to have ablation yesterday and at the same time they had booked my BS rep to see me for the first time. We talked about the upcoming procedure, what surgeon, what hospital etc. Apparently Im getting a paddle with 16 electrodes in and it will be implanted in my higher neck (c3-c4 I think). The battery going in at my flank, but I think Id rather have them put it higher up, since Im kind of thin and want to be able to sit and lay on my side without no issues.
    The surgeon is a neurosurgeon and have worked as that for over 30 years, done tons of scs implants so that feels great.

    At my ablasion yesterday they had a new nurse that was going intro and I heard my nurse instruct her to turn up the heat on the ablation machine and ask me how much I could tolerate, and I thought to myself, oh lord, I hope she dont fry me... But it was okay.
    Still very glad Im getting the older surgeon with tons of experience doing the scs surgery.

    Still no go from Cigna, they have asked for more paperwork, but everyone at the clinic is planning as it is a go, they believe Cigna will approve as long as they get their material from the doc. As soon as Cigna says yes, they will have me on the table within a few days according to my nurse.

    Rick, I did ask this time about the remote replacement, and you are right. She said it will be about 12-1500! Cigna will most likely not pay for one, but I can buy an extended warranty for 200 or so. Might be worth it, knowing me I'll probably loose it...

    I am more then ready to go now although I get more nervous the closer it gets. Dont we all? I believe that you Rick posted in another thread that you were hoping that soon you can get the spinal scs, and I do too! You have been through a lot.
    My doc said that they have several patients at the clinic that have 2 stimulators, one for the neck and one for the lumbar, so it is very possible, and I dont think they have to be the same brands. But you probably know this already... Just wanted to send some encouragement.

    Cause: car accident & genetics
    Effect: herniations C4-7, stenosis, osteoarthritis, myelopathy, neuropathy
    Non-invasive Treatment: everything under the sun
    Invasive Treatment: 2 level ACDF, C5 & C6, May 2012
    Moving Forward: SCS
  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 558
    edited 06/06/2013 - 9:05 PM
    The dang insurance company's really play games on getting these approved sometimes.
    It will happen you and your Med staff just have to play their game. Just isn't right.

    The remote issue has come up with the 1200 price tag but in other forums the post say medtronics charges but BS doesn't. Medtronics replaced mine with no charge. So now we know for sure.
    Yes I would buy the coverage because things happen and wear out too.

    I have had my lumbar scs for almost three years now and will get a cervical one implanted when I have my next cervical surgery which might be a few years yet. My cervical leads have to come from the top down because of my cord damage. They did the trail the normal way but then my surgeon felt it should not have been done. I may get a BS in the lumbar to compare the coverage. It would be great to have both brands for a comparison . Right now its held up and seeing who is going to pay for it. Its a very unusual deal.
    I love the medtronics and the service is great but just can't get the ankle. First thought was to add another lead to my unit but it is maxed out so I may need the second lumbar unit anyway.

    I sure hope this works out for you and gives you what you need.
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