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At a loss as to what to do...

blueeyedwolf1977bblueeyedwolf1977 Posts: 55
edited 05/27/2013 - 10:38 AM in Chronic Pain
I have a lot of problems, the few of which cause the most problems are as follows- from the "top" lol-

A pinched nerve in my neck, happened in August of last year. I woke up with severe pain, felt like someone was jamming a fiery rod down my neck and up and down my left arm! The pain radiated up and down, into my fingers...went to ER, where they basically laughed at me and sent me home, said I "must have slept wrong"....I came home crying, hubby called head nurse who told me to come back in if I was still in pain...went back in with a friend (who is a VERY well known presence in the community)...I was given an IV of something to 'ease' the pain...didn't touch it :( Sent home with a prescription of vicodin...some-what helped, to where I could actually 'some-what' function....nothing other than this was done....I have issues with that arm to this day-my pinky, ring and sometimes middle finger are HYPER sensitive, but also pins and needles type numb also...if that makes any sense?! Have very degraded grasp and weakness...

When I was 18, pregnant with my oldest daughter, I went night hiking and fell, dislocating my right shoulder. It has since dislocated hundreds of times...I have severe scar tissue built up, but my insurance won't agree to the surgery, because it is not "life-threatening"...I can't wash my hair correctly, without feeling like it's going to 'slip out'...this is the "least" of my pain issues at this point!!

I have several bulging and herniated discs, and at least one or two tears...according to my MRI's. When I first got the MRI's, I was told there was nothing wrong but "some arthritis", until I went to see a pain clinic, where I was told those diagnosis...I have been suffering with these pains for YEARS...only recently getting somewhere with doctors!! I was told to start PT, but tried explaining to the doc that there was NO way that was happening while I'm in this much pain..I was referred to the pain clinic in my area, where I was put through a series of tests, and was told that the epidural shot was worth a try..??

I received the epidural steroid shot in my L4,5-S1 (?) on Tueday, the 21st of May...they gave me 2x the dosage of whatever sedation IV they use....and NOTHING...not even a little bit!! (Gave me one dose, then about 5 minutes later another since I felt nothing from the first). He gave me the shot and it felt like someone stabbed me in the back, it was horrific! I was crying like a baby by the time he was done, he apologized profusely, and gave me some pain pills to leave with...only 3 days worth..and when I called his office yesterday,(5 days past procedure) his nurse called me back and basically said "sorry, you're lucky you got what you got, go to the ER if it's that bad"...

I am in pain, and no one will do anything it seems...none of the doctors around here will give anything for the pain! I have been told by one that the ONLY thing she will say is PT, exercise and a healthy diet, that she wouldn't even refer me to surgery...another told me she's not risking her butt and her practice to give me any narcotics...(at a loss for words when I heard her actually say THAT to me)...the pain clinic can't prescribe anything because they go to several different hospitals and areas around here and aren't around MY area enough to monitor me...where can I turn!?!?!

They've seen my results, it's not like they can't see any reason....but because of people with (let's just say)issues around here, people that are actually in PAIN, can't get any help it seems....? I really think I'm going to find a doc that will recommend surgery and go forward with that...since the shot, I've gotten severe foot and leg cramps, that weren't there before; more pain; and facial flushing/hot flashes that are driving my hubby and I insane!! Thanks to any advice you can give!! :(


  • charlie6017charlie6017 Posts: 412
    edited 05/27/2013 - 10:05 AM

    **Post Edited**- Please follow the forum rules and don't attack other members. If you disagree with a comment made, either ignore the comment or if you can not, then please read another thread.
    Thank you,

    Blue Eyed, have you seen a Neurosurgeon? I would suggest seeing a neurosurgeon and bring your most recent films with you, MRIs, etc. Be honest.....tell him/her everything, even write it down. Start there and hopefully you can get some answers and relief.

    Good luck,
  • My MRI wasn't negative...they see what is wrong- bulging, herniated discs with tears...once they actually LOOKED at my MRI, they saw what was wrong...the one DR doesn't believe in anything other than PT, diet and exercise...that's HER belief, in dealing with everything she said...and the doc that did my shot works down-state, he's only in the area once a month, to administer these shots...which is whose office I called. The ER that laughed at me, is not known for their..errr....let's say patient "friendliness"? Which is why the woman that went with me...went with me....once SHE was there, their attitudes changed!! I am on medi-caid...enough said?! The pain clinic actually advocated surgery for my back, a lumbar discotomy (sp?). I just need to wait about a month to see what happens with this shot he said! Making judgements upon how you took what I said as opposed to reading what I wrote will not help me...I am not "black-listed", I know what that means...I am not a drug addict or abuser or whatever else it seems that you are implying...where I live is a VERY small town, with not very knowledgeable practitioners....they all want to refer me to someone more knowledgeable...which, all of them are about an 8 hr drive!! I appreciate you taking time to respond, but really don't appreciate the fallacies of presumption...thank you.
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  • I definitely will start there, thank you! I appreciate a starting point, other than a prejudiced remark! I was told that the MRI films belong to my docs office and/or the hospital that took them?! Can I request them?
  • Yes, you can request them. I am thinking they may be on a disc, like a CD-type of format.

    I would start there and see where it goes. And you're welcome---I'm hoping this may get you headed in the right direction.

  • blueeyedwolf1977bblueeyedwolf1977 Posts: 55
    edited 05/27/2013 - 10:14 AM
    I don't know how you are saying what you said in your OP an act of tough love?! That sir, is NOT tough love....that is blatantly judgemental and borders on slanderous!! You made me out to look like you felt I was an addict or drug abuser simply by misunderstanding my post! Tough love is an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run....that sir....was NOT helpful by ANY means!!
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  • charlie6017charlie6017 Posts: 412
    edited 05/27/2013 - 10:22 AM
    Hey Sandi,

    You mind explaining to me WHY Jon's conduct is okay? I'll wait for your reply.

    The original poster is understandably unhappy with the way she was treated. Would you as a moderator like to see new people treated in this manner?

  • charlie6017charlie6017 Posts: 412
    edited 05/27/2013 - 10:24 AM
    That's fine and I agree with you, however, Jon should not be exempt from said rules and it appears to many of us here that he is. New people don't deserve to be bullied and judged. Do you agree with that?

  • I have had surgery for a ruptured disc at c6&c7. The surgery was in Jan. I do heavy lifting on my job. I have been telling the doctor that I have pain still, burning, knotted up muscles (even with 12 therapy sessions) and it sounds like corn flakes being crushed when I roll my head around. The doctor just instantly said there is nothing else wrong with you and he released me back to full duty. I couldn't believe it. I asked him point blank what is causing this, this, this, and that. He said I don't know. But yet he acted like he just couldn't wait to get rid of me. I am so aggravated.

    So, it is not just you that this happens to. And as for this other person here that is being belligerent toward you. He should be ashamed.
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