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Pain in my neck now to my throat

cbielichccbielich Posts: 1
edited 09/01/2016 - 5:37 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I am sorry for this enormous post this is going to be. I have had weird symptoms for about 1.5 years now and I just keep getting dismissed from Doctors. Then I go to the next one and the story goes on. Anyways I am going to see an ENT now in a week and maybe get more answers. The last place I want to get medical "advice" ideas and such would be the net, but maybe someone will have a similar story and shed more light for me.

About 1.5 years ago everything started from a weird lump feeling in the lower part of my throat after I would drink coffee. It didn't happen all the time, but after a while it progressively happened more often. It only happened after I drank coffee.

About a month of that one night I was laying in bed and my right arm started to tingle (freaked me out) about 10 minutes later my left arm began to tingle as well in the lower half of my arm. I went to the ER thinking I was going to die LOL and I had EKG, Blood Work and everything came back fine.

The lump feeling in my throat would still come off and on as well as consistent tingle in my arm. I ended up going to the ER 3 other times in a panic because my symptoms seemed to get stronger (especially the tingling), everytime everything was normal except for whatever reason an ER doctor wanted to take an Xray of my neck. The test came back showing that I had a slight compression of T3,T4 & T5. He suggested the chiropractor. Off I went...

I started to see a chiropractor (first time ever) to adjust me. Without saying anything to him he was able to tell my neck was really bad. I was seeing him for a few months and I remember sometime during that I started to get what felt like a muscle strain in the right part of my neck. Just underneath the jaw I could feel what felt like a tight pulled muscle. I didn't feel like my neck was straining, but it was tight. Shortly after seeing him the tingling in my arms went away...I was very excited. But the strain in my neck issue turned into a pain that felt like it was on the back of my throat on the right side as well. Like I could pin point the area (base of throat) in the back on the outside. Not in my throat at all. Weird

I excused it as pain from a pulled muscle I probably got from the chiropractor, problem is that it never went away (even to this day)

The pain was not even pain. It was more like a slight irritation. VERY SLOWLY this irritation has gotten stronger (still not pain, just irritation in the back outside part of my throat.

Shortly after the irritation in my neck started, I started to have the scariest symptom. I started to feel pins and needles in my veins...yeah I said veins. The only reason I know this is because whenever I felt it, I could point right to a vein. (I am thin and my veins are visible, which is why I could point to them) The pins and needles primarily happen in my face, arms and chest. Along with that I started to get abdominal pain/burning in the upper part of my stomach. It also basically moved all around my stomach area. (I know...I'm getting weird at this point :)) Then I started to get a pain in the right side of my stomach after I ate something....off to the Gastro doctor I go

The Gastro doctor ordered 20 vials of blood work. He wanted to check EVERYTHING. So I did that. As well he gave me an Upper and Lower GI. Everything came back normal, slight inflammation in stomach but that was it. Doscovered 2 things from the Gastro Doctor.

1. My PTH level was high (75 - normal is 65), calcium levels came back normal (9.6)
2. My gallbladder was functioning at 18% (Sestimebi Scan determined that)

I had my gallbladder removed, hoping that was causing all my issues. The Gastro doctor sent me to a Endo Doctor because of my PTH levels...off to the Endo I Go

Side Note Reminder: The pins and needles in my veins and neck irritation and lump feeling in my throat continue through out this whole time and ALL HAVE INCREASED IN LEVEL OF FEELING

Endo Doctor does a bunch of hyper parathyroid testing on me since because of my elevated PTH levels he was suspecting that. During this time I also correlated with Dr.  in Florida who is a world renowned Doctor in hyper parathyroid. All my blood work came back with the same results. Even during a period of 3 months

1. PTH = 75
2. Calcium = 9.6
3. Vitamin D = 22 (Low)

The Endo and Dr.  both came to the conclusion that my elevated PTH was due to my deficiency in Vitamin D. I am not surprised because I constantly avoid the sun (That has changed now and I take Vitamin D3 2000ui daily to take care of that. During my time with the Endo my neck irritation has now increased more to the point that it is in my throat now, and it is a slight pain (like a soar throat), Pins and Needles in my veins have increased to a consistent state and lump feeling in throat is constant. I have NO VISIBLE SIGNS of a lump in my throat. He ordered me and ultra sound of my neck and found nothing. Not even swelling..which I don't understand because I totally feel like it is swollen, visibly it is not. This was about 1 month ago

So now we are caught up to date. I am off to see and ENT because whatever is happening in my neck has now entered my throat. I have to clear it constantly and sometimes my ears feel some irritation.

I am so confused, I have no idea what is wrong with me. All the doctors feel like everything they dealt with was unrelated to the other. But I was totally fine and healthy and then in one shot all this happens at the same time....

I have to be honest that I am so freaked out that I have cancer. The reasons are

1. I used to smoke
2. The irritation grew so slowly (still not even painful, but very irritated)
3. If you Google Pins and Needles in veins everything points to cancer.

I try and not freak myself out. I have tried to think of everything that my issues could be and I am going to list my logic and findings now.

1. Everything started with that lump feeling in my throat. Let me remind you that it ONLY happened after I drank coffee. Back then I drank about 1.5 pots a day (I know I know, I quit already) recently I started to drink literally about 2 inches in a cup worth of coffee in the entire day. I notice that after I drink it, I get the pins and needles feeling really bad. Then after a while it goes away.

Could I be allergic to caffeine? Could that be causing my issues?

2. Remember my T3, T4 and T5 are compressed in my neck. This is the exact location of the irritation in my neck/throat. The nerves out of that area of the spine effect the head, neck, shoulders, arms and upper chest. All the areas of where my symptoms are.

Could all this be from a pinched nerve? Because of the wide variety of symptoms it could possibly be this.

I will keep you guys posted on my progress...


  • Hi I think you may have made a mistake in understanding the anatomy. There are diagrams on here to show you visually the spinal column. The cervical spine or c-spine is the top section or neck, next is the thorasic or t- spine meaning upper and middle section and last is the lumbar or lower back. Confused about you reference to the t-spine vertabrae being compressed. The nerve roots coming out of the vertabrael openings can be compressed as mine are. Perhaps this is what you mean. In order to be taken seriously arm yourself with knowledge of the spine. This is a great place to learn! If you sound like you know what you are talking about you may have a good chance of being listened to. Good luck!
  • Laurie-LeeLLaurie-Lee Posts: 5
    edited 11/26/2013 - 4:47 PM
    Laurie-Lee said:
    Hi I think you may have made a mistake in understanding the anatomy. There are diagrams on here to show you visually the spinal column. The cervical spine or c-spine is the top section or neck, next is the thorasic or t- spine meaning upper and middle section and last is the lumbar or lower back. Confused about you reference to the t-spine vertabrae being compressed. The nerve roots coming out of the vertabrael openings can be compressed as mine are. Perhaps this is what you mean. In order to be taken seriously arm yourself with knowledge of the spine. This is a great place to learn! If you sound like you know what you are talking about you may have a good chance of being listened to. Good luck!
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  • I thought I was the only person to have the pins & needles in veins feeling!!! My primary doctor keeps sending me to different specialists, says she doesn't think the abdomen, scalp, leg, arm, neck, throat are related. My voice is messed up too. One doctor finally tested for Lyme & found Tick Borne Relapsing Fever. The latest test showed negative titer after 6 weeks of doxycycline but sensations continue in cycles. I'm seeing a new neurologist who wants a new MRI so again I wait.... and hope to get answers. Your description was so vividly similar to how I feel that I couldn't help but ask...
  • Cecil05CCecil05 Posts: 1
    edited 04/05/2014 - 2:22 PM
    I just want to cry so bad right now! I totally feel your pain and I feel relate too. I've been through the same thing with pinched nerves in my skull down to my neck, left side of my face this feeling comes and goes but the lump feeling in my throat it's 24/7 I went to several doctors, ENT, GI, 3 GP's, INTERNIST and now with a Chiropractor thinking that maybe all this feelings was related to a neck issue, I just had my first visit and I haven't seem anything that gives me hope, any of this doctors I went can help me! I did a laryngoscopy, upper endoscopy, barium swallow test cause I can't swallowed food very well, several blood tests, thyroid test ultrasound in neck. X-ray's and nothing came back! Everything looks normal! I did also therapy. Hypnotherapy, Acupunture, and nothing can help with this lump feeling in my thoat. One doctor told me it could be a severe anxiety issue because this feeling in throat and pinching nerves makes me extremely anxious and now I suffer anxiety and panic attacks! I haven't seen a neurologist yet, I have no insurance so all this doctors and treatments I have paid them out of my pocket which makes me feel like a waist of money when they can even help me or at least helped to found the right direction, I wish I could an answer for you, but I'm going through the same with no help, my internist told me almost not to come back again because I'm extremely healthy! Wow! Yeah maybe I am healthy but why nobody can tell me about this feeling in my throat? I don't know where to go or where to look for answers, I feel very very sad about this, so if you have any answers please post it so at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hope you're feeling better!' My prayers goes to you!
  • bgharris1221bbgharris1221 MississippiPosts: 1
    This is like reading a mirror image of my symptoms, discomforts, fears and all other descriptions.  This week I'm almost at the end of my rope -- if I do find anything that helps even a little bit with these issues, trust me I'll be posting them here.  And I'll be watching for yours as well.  I'm very discouraged at this point.
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  • This could have been my post! I even had a CT scan at an ENT. My chiropractor said it was a comination of acid reflux from diastis following my third child and first c-section. And my jaw muscles. All down my left side, into my throat and shoulder and even hip. Sometimes my chest has tingles and I think I'm dying. So much tension on my left side. It's a type of nerve, muscle and joint issue. Massage, acupuncture and acupressure can help. The lump is likely a swollen lymph node from all the tension and I have had it too for over a year. Your post was such a relief to read. I always think it's cancer but sounds like the same thing. All muscular skeletal. 

  • This may sound a bit silly, but there is some anecdotal data about fungal infections causing this kind of throat pain, voice changes, sometimes vague discomforts related constantly clearing the throat, and systematic fugal infections can cause a host of seamingly unrelated symptoms as many of you described. Eastern medicine is much better at diagnosing and treating fungal issues than Western medicine, but on the chance that you have a doctor willing to test you for a fungal overgrowth...

    Also, you may want to study up on how inflammation affects the body, and consider a serious change in your diet. I personally had the experience of frequent fluid buildup in my ears, and serious gut discomfort. I know seems not like what's going on in this post, but- I was also struggling with a fungal infection, and after discovering a sensitivity to gluten, I changed my diet. The fungal infection abated, the fluid in my ears cleared up, AND, most surprising is that my joint pain subsided, a symptom I viewed as totally unrelated to my other struggles. Blood work showed a serious improvement in white cell count, and after visits to the doctor, they no longer looked at my blood work results and asked if I have joint pain- which happened each time before all this.

    People who struggle with gluten sensitity of one kind or another, often report episodes of nerve related anxiety, and various kinds of random pains. Others report swelling as some of you described above.

    I hope you find answers- but please continue in your PERSONAL search for diagnosis. You will gain much insite into the body and its functions, and you may find something, or a combo of somethings that bring you relief, if not diagnosis.

  • LizLiz Posts: 9,745
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