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Arrrrrg, pharmacy mess up on Fentanyl, venting

MrGrouchMMrGrouch Posts: 108
edited 07/05/2013 - 12:00 PM in Pain Medications
Pharmacy messed up on my fentanyl prescription. now due to the holiday, dea, cvs rules, PM rules I am now short 1 patch ( for 72 hours).

Already spoke to PM, Pharmacy and I have to come in next time with over 10 documents including having to get a lawyer to account for the "missing" patch. the script was for 10 they only had 9 and filled it for 9. due to all the rules and tracking system there is no way to get another patch even with another script. So I have to make 9 patchs last 32 days even though they fall off ( the "cover patch are on order but delivery is unknown). The pharmacy messed up and I not only have to streach the med but have to prove my inocence to the PM via a lawyer so I don't get a "warning ( 2 and you are blackballed). In this area and my age you have to as they have complete power. If your over 65 they hand out oxycotin, daludid, morphine like candy

I know all of this is becuase of the abuse and it's easier to go after docs and patients than herion, cocaine, and meth heads. Come to think about it I can get herion easier than all my other meds combined. You break the law you get what ever you want, you don't break it and yor life is made a nightmare. Hell I could put a still in the backyard, not be in pain, 1/100th the cost and just get a fine if I ever got caught. SUCKS!!!!!

I said it before and I say it again the DEA needs an attitude adjustment. If some oneis going to abuse a substance they are going to regardless of our " help". The only ones that get hurt are the peole that legitamately need it or in my case not only need it but only do so becuase the docs won't scratch below the surface, they is no way in hell sciatiac can cuase so much *EDITED ** pain. ONly one doc told me why, the disks are dripping some chemical down on the nerves as the disks are try to heal. at that has never been verified or even commented on.

Sorry I am more than a little pissed off right now.

Thanks for letting me vent.



  • Oh how I would love to give the DEA an attitude adjustment. Almost all of my stress comes from trying to make sure things work out with my meds. Granted I've had some unseen issues recently, but even during normal times it almost seems like it's always something with the meds. I am very sorry that happened and think it's beyond unfair that you should have to go without a patch when it wasn't your fault. I am almost at the point where I want everything in writing. Because of an insurance mess up I won't get my next patch refill for another week. I go to a small mom and pop, but the owners are out of town and so is the girl I always work with. If I need my patches mailed to me she is the one I always deal with. I am afraid to leave the script because the place is SO busy I am afraid they will loose it. Crazy. I hope you can stretch your other patches so you don't get too uncomfortable.
  • As far as keeping it on I know, tell that to the patch. I am lucky to keep it adheard for 3 days. I asked if I could put in on the inside on my leg a few inches above the knee as it is always dry ( no sweat) but was told no by the doc on call.

    My infuration was not becuase I was one short but you never know how the PM place will react and that the pharmacy did not know how much potentail trouble this can cause. As long as I get the same person everything is cool, if I get someoneone else they do a pill count, patch count, drug test, want to see the boxes with the dates and so on and will not listen or even look at any evidence you have. The last PM place I had was like that " Always guilty". This place is much better as long as I get my doc or the PA that always treats me. Hey thanks, I will make sure I will be seeing my PA that day if not I wil reschedule earlier. Thanks
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