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Hello, I am Dustin

I have been thinking about joining a forum to learn more about my condition, so here I am! I've been dealing with back issues for the last year, and recently I realized I don't know a whole lot about what is wrong with me.

Over the past year I've been dealing with lower back pain that seems to last 3-4 weeks each episode. I can go a week to a few months relatively pain free between episodes. I had been seeing my doctor each time the pain got really bad, and she had just dismissed it as lumbar strain and sent me home with some paperwork. In May of this year, 2013, I relocated for work and obviously had to find a new doctor.

My new doctor took a great interest in finding out what would cause such frequent/chronic pain in someone my age(26). Due my lack of insurance he ordered an xray. At my next appointment he told me that xray showed Lumbar Spinal Stenosis/Lumbar Spondylosis. I wasn't prepared for this so I didn't have many questions to ask him, he gave me a bunch of prescriptions and a referral for a chiropractor and then physical therapy.

I don't have the money to see a chiropractor and I really don't have money for to see a physical therapist. So I have just been doing exercises to strengthen my core muscles and taking care not do anything that could hurt my back. I have been mostly pain free for the last two months however this week it has started to act up again but it isn't real bad yet.

Well that is me and my condition, I imagine we'll be around here for a while.




  • Mary44681MMary44681 Posts: 3
    edited 08/20/2013 - 4:31 PM
    For the past two years I have back issues that were initiated from a back injury to L3,4,5 and S1, Neuropathy from sciatic nerve involvement etc. Apparantly prior to my injury I had issues that I never experienced and was very active and never even a twinge. Since my injury I have never had a day without pain issues. I was depressed, lost my job and getting through everyday was a chore, not to mention fighting with Workers Comp in Ohio. Anyway to make a long story shorter. I found a job that I can do through a great vocational counselor and found a great pain management doctor who specializes in back issues and even though I still have some depression ( more frustration than depression) having support has realy helped . I am facing a new treatment and am a bit nervous about it but have found that for me I do better the more I know beforehand. So I found this website and forum and am hoping to hear more and read more about Medial Nerve Blocks and different experiences with them. I had a series of Epidural injections and had pretty good results from 2 of 3 of them and my doc thinks I will do realy well with the Medial Nerve Blocks but still I am nervous. Knowledge is power though so here I am exploring everyone's experiences. If you have more to add let me know. I am glad I found this site! Thanks so much!
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