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The Worst Thing Is It Makes Me Walk Funny

Have MS; dx 3/2010, under good control w/interferons. 9/17/13, slipped and fell on wet leaves hiding a slab of slate - you wouldn't think this would be a problem in Kuwait! But there's a slippery succulent called Alqlam that I swear plots revenge for people eating it (and it tastes kinda like salty stewed compost heap with a finish of petroleum).

I landed right smack on my tailbone; I must've looked like something out of a Marx Bros movie. Result: aggravated long standing age-related OA Of L1-L5, sacrum and SI joints (if you're a distance runner, take it from me, stop! And I would like to have a little chat with the Deity of your Choice who engineered the human spine.) Duty assignment and general dislike of them mean no opiods (I can do loopy on my own just fine, thanks, w/o chemical help). Getting by so far on Toradol and Tylenol; have tried pretty much everything else in the Merck Manual and it either hasn't worked or has caused duty-limiting side effects. On top of that, I apparently tried to grab on to something as I fell - it happened so fast I really had no time to react - and have mucked up my shoulder girdle as well. Using one of those velcro girdle things as well as the harness they use for fx collarbones, and I love my heating pad.

Like I said, the worst part is it makes me walk funny - either I lean forward to take the strain off and keep going faster and faster (festinating gait), or, worse, it makes me walk like a saddle-sore jockey with severe diaper rash who rode the Cheltenham without pants. Can't sleep, getting seriously snarky with the troops; no appetite (hey, at least I've lost some weight). Currently doing PT which does not seem to be helping, but our medical facilities are kinda limited. My job involves a lot of bending, climbing and stretching, but I've managed to detail the heavy lifting to one of our weightlifter guys. (I bribed him with chocolate. Don't tell anyone my secret :>P).

So I was glad to read about the SI joint and lumbar space injections, and hopefully will upset somebody enough that they'll shut me up by medevacing me to Germany - or better yet, Bethesda/Walter Reed. I've had spinal taps and give myself shots every day, so needles don't bug me. (Camel Does anyone know if there is any kind of mobile PCA I could try? TENS is out because of the MS. More importantly, does anyone know of a mobile PCA that doesn't involve narcotics? I had one (epidural) when I had my son, that was lidocaine with some hydroxyzine and diazepam by IV.

I'm looking for something fast and effective and non-loopy. I've got a list of drug allergies and contraindications as long as your arm, and another long list of stuff that just plain doesn't work. I'm really enjoying this deployment and I don't want to have to cut it short for health reasons - that being looked upon with a jaundiced eye by the Powers That Be, who were really looking forward to getting rid of me when I got the MS dx. Boneheads.

Anyway, glad I found y'all, and watch out for vicious succulents.

Vorbau, Still Walking Funny
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