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37gcona65337gcona65 Posts: 4
edited 03/30/2014 - 12:35 PM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
I had a T7-T9 discectomy and Fusion and the surgeon used Medtronics Infuse Bone morphogenic protein cement in 2009.
I had been suffering with bilateral radiating pain and any movement with my arms brings on severe pain. I have to lie flat for the pain to calm down plus take pain meds. I have 8 perineural root sleeve cysts in the thoracic spine. Most doctors say they are asymptomatic but I DISAGREE. And many patients all over the world have trouble finding doctors who know how to operate on these Tarlov Cysts (perineural cysts).
Finally after years of consultations with different docs I found an Ortho Surgeon who looked closely at my MRI and saw no bony bridging (no fused bone on the Left side of T8-9) he sent me for a CT SCAN and it confirmed what is called PSUEDOARTHROSIS, no bony bridging. I am so upset with the surgeon who did my surgery and said INFUSE was safe and I would heal faster then if I had my own bone graft used. I will continue to be in pain and disabled for the rest of my life. I am so afraid of thoracic spine surgery. The original surgery required my right lung to be collapsed because the surgeon went thru my right side. He dismissed me as his patient in 2011. And refused to consult with me about my severe post op pain. Now I at least know why I have been in so much pain. I learn more from these online forums then from any doctor I have seen since all my pain started in 1993 after a pick-up truck ran a red light and hit my drivers side of my car in the front and back. I live in the SF Bay area. If you know any" think outside the box doctors" please share. Best of healing for all of us.


  • 37gcona65337gcona65 Posts: 4
    edited 03/30/2014 - 12:34 PM
    Sorry for spelling the previous subject incorrectly.
    And I also wanted to say that all the radiologists who reported on my MRI's since 2009 never saw Psuedoarthrosis.
    I am shocked that doctors and radiologists are not looking more closely at our imaging studies.
  • 37gcona65337gcona65 Posts: 4
    edited 05/19/2014 - 7:14 PM
    I am so frustrated that I wasn't informed by the neurosurgeon of the risks of using Bone Morphogenic Protien in the Thoracic Spine. He only said"it was safe to use and I would heal much faster then if I had a bone graft. Now I have learned alot and there are large Lawsuits against Medtronics who makes the INFUSE (BMP). I was told by a new Ortho surgeon that sent me for the CT Scan that surgery was too risky and the disks above and below the fusion are degenerated. So I have to rely on pain meds and limited activity to control my severe thoracic pain. I tried a major teaching ( naming of medical facilities or physicians is not permitted on Spine Health) and they would only refer me to their pain management dept. Luckily I have a very good Neurologist who has been in charge of my pain meds for the past 12 years.
    Thank You Sandi for your comment.

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  • goldenthygerggoldenthyger Posts: 1
    edited 05/05/2015 - 6:11 PM
    i had 8 tarlovs, had 2 removed(resected) and now know that they must be fenestrated, filling drained and a special surgical procedure that avoids cutting off the cysts, as the cyst walls have nerves in them and are connected to the dura of the spine sac., thus insuring, if just cut off, that the pain will remain for the rest of my life.i still have 6 cysts, they are becoming symptomatic.
    when i am feeling poorly, it is important for me to have a "packet" made up with nih studies and statements from highly respected surgeons, because the less i say the better, if i am in an 8-10 pain that day seeing especially surgeons or their pas.
    i'm sorry this other surgery went so badly for you and am hoping that my info here will help keep you on right track and defend you against what is really, most times, plain ignorance of what a tarlov cyst is and does, how it acts in the body and why, though it is perineural, it can cause considerable pain and neuroloigical symptoms.

    to draw attention to the fact that multiple lumbo-sacral and dorsal tcs can produce nerve injuries and serious movement disturbances (3)
    [cauda equina syndrome caused by tarlov's cysts--case report].
    this case is a reminder, that part of perineural cysts, particularly multiple, can be a cause of nerve roots injury, and their lumbo-sacral location can produce cauda equina syndrome.
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