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New Member - Herniated L4/L5

Hey everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself. I have been in pain for approximately 6 months. It started with a little pain in the butt (haha) and it would go away after I got up and got moving. Though the pain started to get more severe in the morning it would always go away. Well, about 3 months ago the pain stopped going away. I saw my doctor, got some x-rays and was given some pills for the pain but nothing was helping. The doctor then ordered an ECG but I got to the point where I couldn't wait anymore. I went to the ER one day. They ran a CT scan and diagnosed the herniated disc which was pressing against my sciatic nerve. I went back to my GP and was told that I should see a specialist and started me on a steroid and anti-inflammatory. Meanwhile, I was really struggling at work. I am an elementary teacher and I am unable to get up and move around the room like I used to. My students are wonderful, understanding and helpful but I feel like I'm letting them down. I finally get into the specialist and he confirms weakness in my right leg and recommends and epidural injection as well as starting me on Gabapentin. This wonderful doctor squeezed me into his schedule a week later for the injection. (I really feel like he fit me in, this was not sarcasm). He told me the medicine should begin to work in 3-5 days. It is now 5 days later and I have no relief. I cannot walk from one end of the school to the other without being in severe pain. It was said it might take 2 weeks for it to kick in, but I am losing hope. When researching my problem I can across the Microdiscectomy and this forum. I have a follow-up appointment in a couple weeks. I will be talking to my doctor about it.

I guess, what I'm looking for, is people who have been where I am. This pain is affecting my life and has only gotten worse in the last 3 months. Did your pain go away on its own, did you have surgery, etc. I really don't know anybody that has been in the pain that I am so the unknown is killing me.

Summary: Herniated disc in L4/L5 and severe sciatic nerve pain in my right leg. Currently taking Gabapentin and Tramadol as needed.

Thanks for any advice or sharing your story.



  • Jenjcjess05JJenjcjess05 Posts: 20
    edited 04/03/2014 - 2:51 AM
    I have herniated /bulging at L4-L5, S1 and on sciatica I'm in same boat. I'm a waitress and mom and wife and youth pastor it affects my back neck Burt legs and hips right one out of alignment. its been worsening since 2005 ive had injections of all kinds now waiting on laser surgery but don't lose hope that's all we have I'm praying for you. I'm Jennifer Neal. what they tell me is be patient and try to not let it control you but that's hard when your pain level is high and have to always keep going that's me. But hope gets us through that our doctors will find something to help us with my doctor is wonderful and gourds seems so too. have a blessed day
    Jennifer Neal
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