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Pain Pills at work

SpicyFuschiaSpicyFuschia Posts: 20
edited 04/06/2014 - 2:25 AM in Pain Medications
I have a rx for two different pain rx's that have a doasing of 3 times a day. My normally process is to put 2-3 of each pill into the right bottles that the phatmacy gave me. I do this for two reasons, one I have a controlled substance and would not want to run the risk of getting arrested for having controlled substances outside of the prescribed bottle.

My second and bigger issue is in the work place. I have a coworker who has been a wonderful resource in sharing her doctors information, what surgeries she has had and then her experiences. I am a little reserved around her because she is extremely moody. She has shared she takes morphine, dilauid, fentenal and soma. She is 30 and suffered a pretty bad workplace injury.

I also have another coworker whose in the process of completing her referal to the same pm and surgeon that myself and the first girl used.

So, here comes the part, these two will text me and ask for pain pills. I stupidly told the one girl what the pm doc gave me. Lesson learned. The 'favor' request usually is followed by a promise to give me some of their pain med's when they get the refills. The girl on the dilaudid is taking some pretty hardcore stuff compared to me. She gives me the excuse she lost her meds, they were stolen from her car, etc. The other girl is not on as much med's but she will be honest and tell me her sciatica is bad and her lortabs don't work well enough. I do believe her. I do not give either person meds because it is illegal, it is not easy gettimg the rx's for me, let alone jeopardize my pain contract.

Here is my issue, I find this very intrusive when they or anyone else in my call center asks me what med's I am taking. I usually dodge the question and just say nothing and never tell them the rx name. I don't know or trust peoples intentions. The girls could ask me for rx and then blow me in for distributing controlled substances in the work place. I bring 2-3 max incase they get stolen out of my purse, i loose my purse in public or it gets stolen.

I believe I am handling this correctly, it just bugs me and I find it intrusive. Any ideas?
L5/S1 TLIF July 18, 2013
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  • it is illegal and could wind you up in serious trouble. It also can cause a problem for you if you were referred by the first girl to the pm doctor, simply by association. Did you happen to put the girls' name down as your referral to the practice?
    With random pill counts and urine screens, anyone taking medications not prescribed to them or gotten from another source, are going to be caught eventually. You don't want to be caught up in that, so I would suggest distancing yourself as much as possible from both of them.
    If the second woman is in as much pain as she claims, then she needs to address that with her doctor, not attempting to get other meds from you or anyone else.
    I would also make sure to secure your bag in a locked drawer or locker, otherwise you may find those meds you carry with you missing as well.
    You can also simply say that you aren't comfortable discussing your medical care , or say that you are taking antibiotics instead.
    It's a tough situation, once someone knows that you are taking narcotics, there will always be those who think that you should share, and will come up with a million and one reasons why they "need " them.
    The only persons who know that I take them are my husband and children, in the event that something happens and they need to let ems or doctors know.

  • I've taken a different approach involving work out of necessity. Because of being in the medical field, it's insane to even consider providing care while on a medication that could impair judgment. I told my medical director and hospital president what I take and why. After discussing it with my director, I went public at work and told people that I take medication for pain management and I that I can't provide care, so don't think I'm just trying to avoid getting on a truck when a run occurs. I do not tell them what meds I take and they don't ask. I did have an employee spread a rumor that I was a drug addict before I went public. When I questioned why he thought I was an addict he said my eyes were always pinpointed and he saw me take medicine at the water fountain. I told him that I do take medication and everyone up the food chain was aware of it.

    Thankfully, the leadership in our agency and hospital are very understanding and agreed to change my job description eliminating patient care and added more education/admin duties.

    I've had other employers though that I would never in a million years tell them my situation. It stinks that some people would exploit information about medications that you take. And I've known some people who would probably ask me for meds if they knew what I take.

    I do keep my meds locked up in a safe at home and my family (including kids) know that nobody goes into the restroom in my bedroom except the four of us. It's the one area that I'd like to think is sacred! Also, having a family member who is a drug addict (thankfully in jail now) we have to watch who goes where.


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  • Two years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer as well as my cronic back issues. I was taking Percocet at the time and was able to function. I was a waitress/bartender. The restaurant I worked at seated 450 people and was two stories. Looks like a Italian Vila. Well my management and owner knew what I was taking it for. I worked there for 4 yrs. Then one day I came to my manager and told her I had thyroid cancer. Two days later the let me go.
    Tomorrow I will be facing the owner and his lawyers during mediation. It will take all day sitting.I always kept my medication in my apron. But it is wise to always tell the person in charge.
    Female 44 survivor of thyroid cancer...just had two surgeries for breast cancer and chronic back pain. Live in upstate ny. On 8mg dilaudid 6 a day and 60mg morphine sulf er 2x day
  • And drive a City car. I think one of my very first posts was about how people take pain meds & drive and work. Lordy Lordy, did that ever become a hot topic! People are split on the subject.

    I am on the side that I will not take narcs & drive, period. Working in City government, I would lose my job if I ever drive a city vehicle & got into an accident & it was discovered I was taking narcs. I suffered tremendously for 2 years at work with my back & bursitus, often to the point of having to walk with a cane. There was no hiding I was in pain, & when co-workers asked if my docs gave me any meds (I truly believe out of concern) I truthfully answered yes, but I never took anything at work. Knowing what I know now, & hearing other horror stories, I would probably handle things differently.

    On October, I fell at work, flared everything up & have been off on disability since. I am coming to terms with the fact that my issues are never really going to go away, & I will most likely need at least a low level of narcs to function. Narcs & government work don't mix, so I am applying for a disability retirement. It will be about 1/3 of my salary, & I don't know how we will survive, but I guess somehow we will.
    We can't always control the cards we are dealt in life, but we can control how we play the hand
  • Sandi - no I did not write her name down on the pm referal, but she could be an evil human being if she wanted.

    My boss knows of my surgery as his girlfriend is our coworker and she is the one who refered me. It is just interesting how people casually say "what did your doc give you or what are you taking?" They over share that they have lortab for tooth aches and such. I totally tune it out.

    My boss knows exactly what type of surgery I had and my recovery. I do tell him when I have a high level of pain, but not what I took that day. I do believe people would look out for my best interest, but I think they are few and far between.
    L5/S1 TLIF July 18, 2013
    4 Screws 2 Rods and BMP
    Post surgery L4 Dermatones
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  • That might help you some. Tell them you don't take any narcs while you at work, because you are concerned it might effect your performance. at work, so you are tring to get by on Tylenol or Motrin. Or, tell them your dr switched you to a 12 hr thing, so you take it before work, & don't have anything on you. The only person you have to tell the truth to is your boss or HR, if they ask or if there is some kind of write policy that you would be breaking by withholding the info.
    We can't always control the cards we are dealt in life, but we can control how we play the hand
  • TarenTTaren Posts: 524
    edited 04/06/2014 - 5:40 PM
    Stuff like this is exactly the reason I do not tell anyone anything about any of my meds. The ONLY people that know what I take are my husband, my daughter and my dr's. & that's it. Any conclusions that other people may come up with about me is solely left up to their imaginations. You just simply can not trust anyone when pain medications are part of the scenario.

    You are definitely in a predicament with having a friend that refers to your dr and then turns around and hits you up for your medications. In your words you say that she could be an evil human being if she wanted to-I assume that you mean she could mess up things between you and your dr if she chose to do so? It may come down to you having to talk to your dr and being honest about what is going on. I know that would be hard to do but you got to take care of yourself in this case, I would think. I'm sure your dr is professional enough to know how to handle this type of thing w/o mentioning you. Keep your nose clean, take your meds as prescribed & this in turn will keep your count correct & do not give anyone any of your meds. I feel for you this is not a good situation to be in. One last thing, I would not consider either of these ladies to be my friends because a true friend would not ask you for your medications or hint for them-a true friend would be concerned about your well being and would never put you in that kind of situation.
  • simple i just got a note from my pain doctor stating that i could work without any problems with my meds. HR has a copy of it and so does my school and union. i never told people what i was taking but i was up front with my principal since i was out with my surgeries. since i gave the district my note i have never had a problem. i do not take meds in front of people especially students. if i have to take the breakthough pain meds. i do so during a break or go to the bathroom in private. i have this note along with my accommodations on record also stating my cans and cant's. i also have an elevator key to use when i need to do it so my school and district have lately been accommodating with me. it was not so at first but when i got HR involved and threatened legal action things calmed down.that was about 6-7 years ago. the kids are the best ones, opening doors for me, getting out of the way, saying hi when they do not know me. i wish it was like that with the so called adults, teachers.
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
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