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  • TarenTTaren Posts: 524
    edited 04/24/2014 - 5:48 PM
    Susan, I take my hat off to you for rescuing those precious lil dogs!! It is not strange at all that he knows when you are having a bad day & comforts you. I had a dog that did the same thing, when I was sick he was stuck to my side, where I went he went, If I had to lay down he would come lay down beside me. They do know, somehow they know. I have been thinking a lot about getting another lil dog, just want to make sure that before I do that I will be able to walk him as much as he needs to be walked. My neighbor got a Pomeranian puppy a few weeks ago, he looks like a little bear cub--just plain adorable. My daughter has a chi-pom, I steal her every chance I get, I just love that lil dog!! I definitely think I'm going to have to get another baby.
  • Jon, I'm with Dave, THAT is not the best time for you to be laughing...NO NO NO!! Hey Dave, maybe she's laughing too ;-)
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  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,111
    Most older dogs do like to go for walks but from what Ive learned is it isnt very far. i have had one just lay down in the middle of the walk and had to carry him home, I am lucky that I have a dog park a few blocks from the house so when my 2 are feeling the need to get out, I load them in the car and turn them loose. They have a blast. You can make it work. Please rescue before buying from a pet shop
  • what good people are on this site. As everybody says, we all have days better or worse than others. It is also very true that people cannot truly understand, no matter how well meaning, how chronic pain affects us and how b....... bad it hurts.
    I honestly can truly say that this site has saved my sanity so many times. To be able to relate to people like Jon, Tony(UK) Sandi and many others helps in so many ways on good days, and on not- so- good days.
    Best wishes to everyone.
  • Lol, I have had them get lazy during a walk too, but can remember one ever just giving up and lay down refusing to walk...I hope he was a small dog!! Yes, definitely, a rescue dog, my last one was a rescue dog. He had been neglected by his owner and was stuck in a situation where he was just one of the many many dogs these people had. They had too many to give attention to any particular dog. I remember the very second I saw him, I knew he was for me and I for him. Blake and I were inseparable.

    It broke my heart when I had to give him up, it still does....Due to PCS'ing (Permanent change of station-Airforce) I could not take him with me--the day I had to hand him over was rough, it's still not too easy to think about. My cousin took him and he's doing really well. I miss him (and have thought of taking him back) but he's happy, he has 2 kids to play with & 2 other little dogs to keep him company, I can't bring myself to take him away from his current happiness, I worry that he would miss them all and get bored with me cuz I can't be as active as 2 kids playing with him and I don't have any other dogs to keep him company. Sooo, I just keep a picture on my coffee table of me and my lil Blakey boy----oh dear, I'm gonna need a Kleenex here!!!

    But, yes, Susan, I agree--rescue dogs are the way to go. I want another one now, can ya tell? :-(
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  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,111
    Im so sorry that you had to give him up but just remember he is in a happy, well cared for home. So many dogs as we know are not. You will know when it is time for another dog. I always said my first foster found me. We were meant to be together. When he went to his forever home I missed him like crazy. The organization I work for told me the first foster will always be the hardest to give up, I knew in my heart that he belonged to me. I was the happiest person alive when the person that adopted him emailed me and asked if I wanted him back it just wasnt working out. So IMO he was meant to be with me. He came back home right after my mothers death. The adopter didnt want to put him back into the system, legally he was suppose to go back to rescue but she felt I was the only one she would feel comfortable giving him to because she knew how heartbroken i was when he left. Yes I broke the rules with the organization but this was a dog that had been in the system for years. He never worked out when he was adopted out. I guess he was just waiting on me. Eventually they will find out I have him and will want a 375.00 fee but the previous owner said she would pay it just for the her peace of mind knowing he was home where he should be. I love this dog and cannot for the life of me figure out why his adoptions never worked out. Ive always said he was waiting for me.
  • It's lovely reading your stories guys. We adopted 2 tiny, scrawny little kittens from Californis last year. My friend fosters & like you they just chose us. Every weekend they were taken to the adoption center & no-one wanted them. In the end I just couldn't get on the plane home without them..I'm a rule breaker too! ;-)

    There are so many wonderful animals who have been neglected or mistreated if you have room in your home & heart you can find the perfect pet who's waiting for you. Nothing beats the company of an adoring little furry friend, particularly on those long nights when pain is keeping us from sleep. You know the 'Beast' hates our furry friends! ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • I started crying reading the thoughts you shared. In your avatar you're holding a little child and I wondered how does anyone dealing with chronic pain take care of children or work? What a sad situation to be young and have so much going on but not be able to fully enjoy everything.

    I've read several articles on other sites about people with chronic pain committing suicide. That, too, is immeasurably tragic and I find myself wondering why on earth pain cannot be managed more effectively? What is it with our bodies that makes pain management easy enough for some people and totally impossible for others?

    What made me so emotional was twice today I was deeply frustrated and embarrassed by how horrible I feel. I was invited to a fun occasion by old friends and there was no way I could go - I hurt so bad today that I can't even stand-up straight. Then someone I hadn't seen in years called and wanted to stop by. I had to beg off - I just simply do not have the strength to visit with anybody. I live in fear of a family emergency with my mother or husband happening and I won't have the strength to help them.

    We are less than twenty-four hours from severe, dangerous weather which is another condition that doubles my pain. Our winters are mild but the barometric pressure fluctuations before thunderstorms or tornadoes cause my body to feel like every bone is broken.

    I, too, used to run, Kandrew. People would tell me I had more energy and stamina than any woman they knew. I loved to work hard and now it's all I can do to function even relatively normally and more and more often not at all. Every day I'm dropping out of more activities I used to enjoy.
  • susabellssusabell Illinois Posts: 241
    I am happy that you came across this sight. There are some really helpful, friendly, and understanding folks here at SH. I am trying to heal from my Third Cervical Surgery. I lost my Husband on 2/13/13, he was just told he needed a heart transplant 2 weeks prior, I was having a MRI done at a hospital 2 towns from where he was, someone before my MRI was moving to much and my MRI was a hour later than scheduled. As soon I got dressed after the MRI I got the call hubby was in cardiac arrest and it was not looking good. OMG I would of re-scheduled this MRI had I known this. I was shaking and trying to drive to get to him when I arrived his door was closed, I fell to the floor do to Not Being there with him. He was Gone and I didn't get to say good bye. So yes depression and stress can be devastating, he was the Only one who Understood my pain he was a medic/firefighter for 26 years then went to Nursing school and was doing workman comp calls from home because he knew he could not do the Ambulance and Medic work forever.

    I like what Tony said about turning a different color because most people don't understand our pain. I'm completely isolated from all of my friends because I was always with my best friend my hubby. I myself have days wondering why I remain on this earth living in pain, and not having a support system. I do hope you can find a support system it's so important. My Sister lives in Phelps WI it's 6 1/2 hours away from me. So it's not like I can get to her and visit. I could never drive 7 hours by myself with this neck pain. I am going to see if there are any support systems within the hospital near my home.

    I have more physical therapy soon, My last surgery was on 3/11/14 and I had a very odd flare up and we are waiting for the swelling to subside. It's Always something with me, so I am just trying to say Welcome to a place to vent.

    ACDF C4-C7 5/13/2010. Synthetic Bone Graft Failed Fusion.
    PCF C4-C7 8/13/13. Rods and Screws Fused in 3 Months with Autograft.
    C6-C7 Spineous process Surgically Shaved Off 3/11/14.
    Sciatica 3/11/16 Left Leg prescribed Medrol Pack 6 days also Physical Therapy.
  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,111
    Congrats on the new kittens and Im glad you couldnt leave them behind. Taren dogs are therapy, this I think you and I both know . They calm the soul and have no judgements on our illnesses. It is kind of nice not having someone not throwing their opinion my way on how,or what I should do for my conditions. Im not talking Drs im talking family. Live in my shoes for one day and I can guarantee not one more word would be said again about how pathetic I am. I can remember my brother having a huge sciatic flare up and he looked at me and said if this is how your life is everyday I dont know how you do it. Big wake up call for him on my daily life. On the other hand my sister tells me to quit being a victim. I wanted to smack the crap out her. Now she has been dealing with daily migraines and hasnt worked but maybe 2 months in the last 3 years but is able to go to ballgames, shopping daily, eating out and basically anything she wants to do. Yes she is covered by flma and is paid for her time off and imo is one of those people that are taking advantage of the system, while i continue to work a full time job and take care of my father with no help from her. Her life is too busy. If I even attempt to ask for a little help with taking care of dad she always says I cant i have a headache. Same with my mother. she never came around unless it was to show off something new she bought or wanted to borrow money. The only time she helped was the last 3 days of her life. When the time was near for my mother to die she wanted no one but me. she asked that I lay down with her and have everyone else leave the room. Now i am the bad guy because I was told I ruined her mothers death for her. There is a upside to being a spiney, yes I said a upside. We are more compassionate, caring human beings for others. Why because we understand. We understand the pain, the effects it does to someones life. The emotional rollar coaster ride a person with chronic pain or chronic illness faces. The challenges we know they deal with on a daily basis. We do not judge. I truly believe in one form or another it has made us all a better person.
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