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Running out of oxycodone 3 days early

HomieOC22HHomieOC22 Posts: 16
edited 05/05/2014 - 7:40 AM in Pain Management
I'm 24 ive had 2 back surgeries for scoliosis. first surgery failed because a screw slipped so i had 2 surgeries within a week in 2008. My doctor has me on roxicodone 10 mg 4 x a day.. it only works for 2 hours, and i took extra so i told him it wasnt working and only working for 2 hours. I did not tell him i took extra.
i didnt know what to do i was out of state, and he was on vacation too.

He put me on fentanyl which is amazing but i still feel the need to take atleast 3 a day.. should i tell him that? I remember him saying 2 a day with fentanyl.

Anyways, should i tell him im running out 3 days early? I'm afraid of him firing me. I don't know what to do.,. i have a old prescription of morphine that hasn;t expired, should i just take that for the 3 days, and not say anything, and just not mess up again? what should i do?



  • LizLiz Posts: 9,710


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
  • If your dr SAID no more than 2 a day, well then 2 a day should have been your limit regardless of your excuses. It is not wise to refuse to follow your dr's orders. What does you being out of state and him being on vacation have to do with you taking more than you were prescribed?? When someone has chronic pain & they describe their pain control as "amazing" then I honestly don't see why you would even need any sort of BT meds. Why do you "feel the need" to take 3 a day? In all honesty, it sounds like it was more for a mood boost than anything to do with pain.

    Why would you take morophine, again I ask, if you have amazing pain control??? Everything you are saying is sending up red flags. There are so many people who deal with chronic pain every day that are un or under-medicated and could only hope to get a 1/3 of what you get to allow them a quality of life & these people are doing everything they can to relieve their pain with conservative measures. Do you try any conservative measures before you take one of you BT meds?????

    Do you have a pain contract? Do you have to do a urine screen? If your dr asks you for a urine screen then he/she will know what you have done. Have you thought about what you will do if you are dismissed/fired? Was it really worth it to take the extra bt meds? I'm sorry to sound harsh, I guess, maybe, I could be a little more understanding if you did not say you have "amazing" control with your fentanyl, again, if that is the case then you should not have needed to the extra bt meds, if ANY at all.
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  • Sorry to hear that at such a young age you are dealing with what you are.
    Here on SH you will find a wonderful, caring family of those who really want
    to help you with their knowledge and experience with pain.
    I am a 66 year old Grandma and have been taking meds for 20 years. I am
    currently having to cut back to almost nothing because after that long it
    was not helping with the pain. Believe me this is hell and you really need
    to think about that and the damage that meds can do to your system.
    Never did I ever take more or something else that the doctor did not
    order. In this world today with all the things going on you will be lucky to find
    a doctor to help you if this one lets you go. Think about that, you take
    strong meds and sounds like you were getting some relief right?
    A lot of us would give anything to be in that position.
    Sorry but not I am just trying to let you know you have to follow the Doctor's
    guidelines and never cross the line. You are so young and have a
    whole world a head of you so do all the other helps to avoid taking meds.
    Wish you the best, be strong.
  • HomieOC22HHomieOC22 Posts: 16
    edited 05/05/2014 - 1:11 AM
    nono im still allowed to take 4 a day.. but if the patche is helping the next time i see him which is today i know hes gonna lower it to 2 a day. Because he told me he understands that i[ll still need some oxycodone. WHat i ment was my pain relief with fentanyl is awesome when im able to take up to 4 oxycodone a day because

    there are days where i only need 2 and others i definetly need 4 still even with the patch. Sometimes the patch doesnt seem to work. Every other day i need atleast 4 oxy because when you switch patch it takes like 12 hours to work for me
  • Homie, you are contradicting yourself......You say you are allowed up to 4 a day, but yet you say you recall him (your doctor) saying ONLY 2 a day with the Fentanyl....Then you say you have run out 3 days early-even though, in your words, you only need 2 a day some days. Then you say, "Once he put you on Fentanyl, you still feel the "need" to take 3 a day. My point is this, if you are allowed up to 4 Oxycodone per day & some days, by your own admission, you are only taking 2-3 a day, then how are you running out, if anything you should have some left over.....For example, if your dr is allowing you 4 oxy's per day, then that is 120 pills per/month, for 15 of those days you take 4 that will equal 60 pills (you will at this point have 60 pills left) so for the remainder of the month if you take 3 per day (this will = and additional 45 pills taken) so for the month you will have taken 105 oxy's.Soooo, this means you should have 15 pills left...Does this make sense??? If you have none left, then you are not taking your meds as your dr has trusted you to do.

    Like Sherri said, if you screw up and loose your dr. it will not be easy, in fact it will be near to impossible to find another Pain dr. and even if you do, chances are the next one will not even entertain the idea of prescribing Fentanyl to you and Oxy on top of that--I'm sorry but I cant see it happening & you are only 23.....

    I hope this works out for you today. If it does, please learn from the mistake you made this month & don't ever repeat it again. Please understand I'm only trying to help you here, my daughter is your age and I would be telling her the same thing I'm saying to you, in fact I would be a quiet a bit rougher on her ;-)

    I will be thinking of you today and hoping things work out. Please check back in and let us know how it goes and we will go from there and do our best to try and help you either way :-)

    Just remember, you can NEVER do this again, if you get through today!!!!!
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  • One more thing.......I, too, have used the fentanyl patch and on the 3rd day, it did not take 12 hours for it to start working because the whole purpose of the patch is to keep a steady & same amount of medication in your system around the clock.
  • HomieOC22HHomieOC22 Posts: 16
    edited 05/05/2014 - 3:57 AM
    Taren said:
    One more thing.......I, too, have used the fentanyl patch and on the 3rd day, it did not take 12 hours for it to start working because the whole purpose of the patch is to keep a steady & same amount of medication in your system around the clock.
    i respect your straight forwardness :) wwhen i went on my business trip i sat in a chair for 8 hours straight for 3 days.. i took alot of extra because the pain was unbearable it wont happen again since the fentanyl helps alot.. but i still am in pain even on fentanyl,, it just helps quite a bit, he also prescribed it for every 2 days since he said it doesnt work for 3 days for some people such as i with a high tolerance. I'm not mad at all with you im thanking you :)

    but when i switch patches every two days.. i am in pain on the second day as it isnt working very well and it takes around 5-12 hours to kick in.. thats why i feel two a day isnt enough.. and needing 3-4 oxycodone a day every 2 days
  • I never expected you to get mad at me, I know I am pretty straight forward I have been told this. I have heard of people changing the patch every 48 hours. If you tolerance is that high, then I really hope you have not screwed up by taking more oxy's than prescribed--that is a HUGE no no, in the world of chronic pain and pain management. I would hate to see you get dismissed and have to suffer the withdraws that are sure to follow.

    I think @ this point you need to be up front with your dr & explain to him why you needed to take more & hope that he is sympathetic to your situation. The last thing you want is to get caught lying and not being up front with your dr. Who knows he may be very understanding. How long have you been with this dr.?

    Let me know how it goes for ya today.
  • One more question, Has this been the only month you have taken more than prescribed? Having to go on your business trip caused an increase in your pain? Maybe he will be understanding, as long as you have a clean slate there and no dings against you.
  • Taren said:
    One more question, Has this been the only month you have taken more than prescribed? Having to go on your business trip caused an increase in your pain? Maybe he will be understanding, as long as you have a clean slate there and no dings against you.
    I;ve been with him for only 4 months, and yes.. this is the only time ive n never taken more then prescribed.. I just don't know if i should keep quiet and deal with withdrawls since now that im on the patch taking more then prescribed isn't gonna be a issue anymore. HELP ):
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