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Dual Sciatica?

Hi Everyone,

I just joined this forum. I'm now acknowledging that I have sciatica, and I have some questions.

I have pain going down my right arm, and soreness and stiffness on the right side of my neck, ad right shoulder. I know that this is due to my spine in my neck curving the opposite direction it's supposed to. I start chiropractic care next week, and I'm going to see a Pain Management Specialist, as usually, anything I do will aggravate all of my symptoms. Is it possible to have sciatica in the arm? Is there anything, aside from ice, massages, and the Denneroll treatment that the chiropractor is going to put me on, for relif? I also have some numbing going on, as I can't feel anything that touches the right side of my neck, and top part of my right shoulder.

I also have sciatica down my right leg. This is what I think, is pretty severe. There is NOTHING that relieves the pain. Ice, heat, walking, sciatica stretches, etc. I've tried to do anything that I can think of, and I'm always hurting. It is the WORST at night time. I can't fall asleep ever, without the aid of something else due to the pain and discomfort. Walking, running, sitting, dancing, and moving in general causes me pain and discomfort. Does anyone here have any recommendations on how to get some relief?


  • sandisandi Posts: 6,269
    edited 06/13/2014 - 7:22 AM
    you can not have sciatica in your upper body. the sciatic nerve runs through your lower body, in the lumbar /pelvic region of your spine.
    i again, would strongly encourage you not to continue with chiropractic treatment until you have seen a spine doctor first.....let him make sure that any manipulation of your neck or your low back is not dangerous.......also don't allow traction on either location until the surgeon clears you for it. allowing it can do far more harm than good.

  • I certainly do not want to slam Chiropractors, bur nerve pain, from sciata should be evaluated by a orthopedist or neurologist who specializes in spine care. Chiropractors certainly have their place in healthcare, but nerve pain and pain coming from your neck could be serious and require surgery, depending how
    progressed your spinal disease is. Goo luck.
    Cervical Laminectomy and fusion C2 to T1 June 2012, Anterior Hip Replacement November 2012, Laminectomy, Discectomy Foriminotomy, L3 to L5, February 2014, evacuation of Hematoma April 2014.
    Cervical Myopathy, DDD, Spinal Stenosis, osteoarthritis
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  • kawaiifl7kkawaiifl7 Posts: 7
    edited 06/13/2014 - 11:43 AM
    Sandi and myharleygirl, thank you so much for your feedback. I'm hearing both of you loud and clear, and am going to schedule an appointment to see an orthopedist ASAP. The last thing I need is for me to make things worse by not getting the proper care. I'll seek all options (especially any ones recommended on here, as I feel like I've been walking in the dark trying to identify the right path to take with this), before I get any treatment done on me.

    Again....thank you!
  • sandisandi Posts: 6,269
    edited 06/13/2014 - 5:16 PM
    but when the cause of the pain is not known, or you have symptoms or a history of previous spine injury, herniations or nerve compression, then until you have been seen and evaluated by a spine doctor, and cleared, any therapies offered at the chiropractors office can wind up making things far worse , if they do adjustments or "decompression" when it is not medically reasonable to do so.
  • Dont be afraid of chiropractors, just find a good one. I trust them more than a lot of orthopedic surgeons. I have seen to many people get surgery who didnt need it.

    I had an issue with my upper back for several years. Doctors could not figure it out and I had a couple different chiropractors adjust it usually making it worse but they always helped with other issues. I went to a new Chiropractor who specialized in A.R.T. He immediately diagnosed the are without me mentioning it and said I had a rib that was out of place. He adjusted it and I had INSTANT relief and felt GREAT for almost a week. After a couple more adjustments it started to stay in place better with mild exercises also and now only infrequently bothers me.
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  • @Sandi - You're absolutely right! If I don't know the cause of the pain, and have not ever received an MRI, or received a full diagnosis, I shouldn't be getting any treatments done to my spine. This became extremely evident after an incident that occurred this weekend.

    @lovbyts - I'm so glad to hear that you were able to receive immediate relief after visiting a chiropractor, and that with a few more adjustments and mid exercise, you've experienced so much relief. I'm not afraid of chiropractors....I guess it's just all that I've experienced so far, and for my situation, it appears to be in my best interest to identify all possible medical options first, before making any decisions.

    To explain what happened this weekend - the chirorpactic office I went to, and received an evaluation, recommended a massage to help relieve some of the tension in my muscles, and they thought it would be beneficial for me. Between my research and the doctor's recommendation, I felt comfortable with going in for the massage. My boyfriend will massage areas that feel particularly tense, or sore, and I've never experienced any adverse reaction from it. This was my first professional massage. I should also mention, that the massage therapist works at the chiropractic office, and specializes in working on people with back injuries.

    Anyway, she did a very light massage on my lower back, buttocks, down my leg that causes me sciatic pain, and around my shoulders and neck, where I've also been experiencing pain and discomfort. Her touch was so light, but you would have thought that someone was pushing on me with a hammer, with the amount of pain and discomfort that the massage brought me. My muscles continued to spasm throughout the massage, and when she was doing massages on my buttocks and down my right leg, my foot went completely numb. She stopped every time something brought me an unusual amount of pain and discomfort, but it was very clear that my entire body is under a tremendous amount of pressure.

    After the massage was over, I had some difficulty walking briefly, and then an extreme amount of pain all over the right side of my body. I took a hot bath, but almost went into the ER because the pain was so terrible. Here it is - 24 hours later, and I feel a little better - due to pain medicine.

    This experience, and everyone's recommendation to get an ortho visit has pushed me in that direction. I have one now scheduled for next Monday, and I hope that they can clearly pinpoint all that is going on with me at that time.
  • but you are correct in seeing a spine surgeon first, to figure out what exactly is going on with your spine......
    I did the chiropractor thing over the years and for about 15 years, when my back would flare, he would get me back on my feet within a month....however, he knew my spine, and had been my chiro for all of that time.
    When things flared up prior to my surgery, I did what I always did, and after a few weeks, when it didn't subside, I went back to my chiro's office.....he was selling his practice to someone new and the old chiro explained to the new one not to do any adjustments on my back, just heat and stretching until things calmed down. I was showing nerve compression so they did an emg, and ordered an MRI....it showed herniations at three levels, and compression of the nerves, as well as a spondylolysthesis....the new doctor NEVER should have done any adjustments whatsoever......but I went in one day, as usual and he put me on the table and suddenly grabbed my legs and adjusted my back.......it went pop and the pain was excrutiating......I tried to stand but my legs collapsed underneath me, not once, but several times and the muscles went into spasm . I had to have assistance to get to my car.....I had to stop on the way home because my legs were spasming so hard that I was afraid that I was going to wreck.....I called the chiro when I got home and that jerk never bothered to return my call. I was in the surgeon's office the very next morning and on my way into surgery within 10 days......it would have been sooner but that was the soonest he could get me scheduled into the ER with all of the prehospital workups done..
    As I said, I am not totally against chiropractors, when there is nothing of significance going on , but when there is slippage of a vertebra, or nerve compression or herniations, the risks far outweigh the benefits of chiro........
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