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flat surface or slight gradient??? Very confused

Hi. Sorry for more questions. Know most docs & literature recommend walking post fusion on flat, stable pathways. I live in the countryside (6 wks post op) where all but one of my walks would incur a hill/gradient. "When is a hill a hill"-obviously without seeing area it is an impossible question to answer-i appreciate. Is there any guidelines re walking up hills/gradients. I don't mean massive hills but for example one of my fav walks prior to op would have 200 metres of a bridge to cross-this 200mtrs would be a hill half as steep as a flight of stairs. Another walk would have gradient that is gentler but longer. All a bit confusing. A final option I have is very rocky & unstable & I would not consider this as 2 unsafe! The joys if a beautiful but fairly hilly village in the country.Have a good weekend guys


  • jo jojjo jo Posts: 28
    edited 06/14/2014 - 9:17 AM
    Thanks mill.That is the only one of the 3 presented options I've tried so far (the 2nd option)-even then it was a challenge..I will try to continue to avoid as much as possible & stick to lapping my estate. My neighbours see me walking past their houses soooo often that its funny but all understand & are great.
  • 6 weeks is very early on in your recover .when I had my ALIF at 6 weeks I could not weight bear without serious pain .so you are doing very well ..don't over do it and be very careful I would talk a walking pole and a decent mobile phone with you just in case !! ..in fact I would swim if you can rather than walk ..I don't know what fusion you have had and at what level/s it depends a lot on your recover ..was this your first surgery was it lumbar was it one or more levels are you otherwise fit and healthy and are you under 40 ?? ALIF tends to be harder to recover from as you have to have you abdomen opened up and that's an operation in itself ...my op was 2 and half years ago and I am still suffering mainly with leg problems {that were not there prior to the operation } .but I am a complicated case and have had previous surgeries and now I am not fit and well and heading towards 50 ...its good that you can get about at such an early stage but don't overdo it ..please ..I know people that have done too much too soon and things have gone very wrong ...you don't want that ....I hope you continue to recover at the pace your are doing and you are free from pain and drugs soon
    1997 laminectomy
    2007 repeat laminectomy and discectomy L4/L5
    2011 ALIF {L4/L5/S1}
    2012 ? bowel problems .still under investigation
    2014 bladder operation may 19th 2014
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  • Thank u for ur comments & advice. Im 42, low fitness but had severe back pain for 10 yrs or so & hence not 2 active (had t give up gym 3 yrs ago) but I had been walking albeit slowly 7km 4 times/week prior to this bout of disabling pain that reached its peak 4 mths before this surgery. On saying that I was doing those walks thru pretty bad pain & full doses of anti inflammatory s every day. Pain specialist all said this was my life & t get on with it (in a nice way-they excellent-but due to my job I couldn't/wouldn't take any of the usual nerve pain meds-the side effects of drowsyness or vagueness would have been a risk I couldn't take in my job).had discectomy 2 yrs ago (no instrumentation)-waste of time.This surgery ive just had was mentioned several times since the 1st one but we hoped i would get another while before it needed doing & with young kids, main wage earner etc It wasnt entered into lightly.I had several opinions but all said the same-no options left (had epidurals, spinal blocks & few rhizotomies every yr for yrs but none worked).this op was scoliosis correction, decompression, 7 level fusion from t11 to s1 or 2...was posterior(had warned me it might have been anterior too but managed to do it all from the back) & 8 hrs.well instrumented with cages & long rods.ok from what u are saying I seem to be doing a lot for so soon.maybe 2 much is the general consensus im picking up from feedback from your kind selves.i have cut back since that initial post but pain still pretty rough.gosh im sorry to hear you are still in pain 2 & 1/2 yrs later.i don't know your full story but I will look at it more closely. Sending you my best wishes. Thank you
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