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L5-S1 L4-L5 Herniations Pelvic Floor Dyfunction

Hello All,

Looking to see if anybody else has experienced Pelvic floor dysfunction from a lower lumbar disc herniation OR some sort of sacro dysfunction.

I have been suffering from severe pelvic pain, pelvic spasms,frequent urination, legs twitching spasming, left toe twitching constantly, back pain and occasional pain near the left or right of my groin and sometimes bilateral leg pain. I visited 14 doctors before a urologist out of all people linked my pain to the two herniated discs I have in my lower back at L5/S1 - L4/L5. I originally ruptured these two discs about a year and a half ago. Upon original injury I had weakness/numbness in my left toe and foot accompanied with back pain. After conservative treatment I healed up and became pain free for almost a full year. Then this February I started experiencing frequent urination, pelvic pain and the symptoms listed above. The funny thing is that the toe that I mentioned that twitches constantly is the same toe that I had weakness in when I originally hurt my back. That is part of my proof that this is related.

The Neurosurgeon's I've been to all have different opinions here. It is very frustrating. One says a micro discectomy would fix this as he beleives nerve irritation is causing the spasms. Another says a fusion may be required as the spasming could be from instability of the spine/sacrum. Then a third doc says he doesn't think this has anything to do with it! I am at my wits end now and tired of the pain.

I ended up getting a two steroid shots in my back. Both alleviated my symptoms by 90% for about a week each time. So from this I concluded that this is DEFINITELY related. My pelvic spasms slowed, pelvic pain slowed urinary frequency reduced, leg pain gone, back pain gone, twitching gone all for about a week.

My question basically is this. Has anybody else out there had pelvic pain/urination problems with back pain? Any success stories out there? Please dont suggest Quada Equina syndrome. This has nothing to do with that. I can deal with the back pain but I can't take this pelvic pain any more!

Thanks in advance!


  • Have any of these docs suggestion a PT evaluation for pelvic floor dysfunction? I have disc herniation at L4-L5 & L5-S1 which I have treated with epidural injections. After seeing many different docs, I had one send me for a PT evaluation for pelvic floor dysfunction. You must see a specific therapist for this (mine is called a women's health and rehab therapist, but she also treats men for incontinence etc.). It turned out that my pelvic floor was not amajor part of my pain issue, but working with her really helped to strengthen my core muscles and to localize my pain to my back not all of the muscles in my core. It might be worth asking for a referral especially if you think that's part of the problem. Best wishes!
  • YES!
    AFTER a microdiscectomy! 
    Hope you didn't do it!
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  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 645
    Yes, am actually getting treatment for the pelvic floor issues...mine being from having over 50 stitches giving birth to my first son 30 years ago.

    At this point I don't believe my pelvic floor problems caused the herniated disc, spondlythesis, L4-5, but they say if the pelvic floor dysfunction is bad enough it can twist ones spine up.

    I did have some pelvic floor issues before my fusion a year ago (vaginal spotting), pelvic pain, but only had an ultrasound, which didn't indicate any problems. I just attributed it all to possibly passing another kidney stone, at least the pain, not the spotting. The spotting I figured was from normal signs of being past menopause...and the spotting ceased, so I didn't worry about it.

    My pre op labs showed I had a UTI, so they quickly put me on Sipro, though it did come back a month after fusion, along with the increased back pain...I can't remember what med they gave me that time. What I do know now is...a lot of my back pain before my fusion was from the UTI, but I didn't have any other symptoms to tell my Dr, so I was never checked for a UTI. 

    I haven't had any UTI's since, but I have passed a kidney stone. And since then I have had those pelvic floor pinching contractions, which they say is from all the scar tissue adhesions from those child delivery repair stitches. The treatment and therapy for that is using the vaginal estrogen cream, Premarin, and having therapist manipulate, or stretch that area, loosening any adhesions. She says she can already feel a difference, so I'm hoping this therapy doesn't drag on forever. She sounded hopeful of the outcome.

    I do feel a tightness in the pelvic floor/hip flexor area, which at times seems like it adds to my walking problem, making my walking step gait shorter or limited. But at this point I cannot tell what is causing what, though I didn't have that issue walking before my fusion.

    I have different issues than before my fusion, more issues in sacrum lower left back, going up left flank to mid back...which MRI's already show slight bulging discs in lower thoracic and lumbar, 
    with T-12 having acute or subacute compound fracture at the superior endplate, which I thought was the step before a disc herniated? 

    I thought maybe from having to wear that back brace for three months after fusion, becoming more sedentary than I was used to (I had a rough recovery, still in the midst of it), thinking all that pelvic scar tissue got too tight, along with the fascia on lower back....my body is still letting me know it's not a happy camper. 

    The SI injection, and the three facet injections this year did nothing for me. Hoping they will do a movement image test to help figure things out. 

    UTI's can become very serious and deadly, especially the older you get. I won't mess around anymore. If I think it's possible any increased back pain may be from one, I'll get checked.

    Hoping your Dr's figure things out for you and help you out. 

  • Hello folks

    I am new to this forum but hopefully this will help some of you still suffering from disc herniations. I have L4-L5, L5-S1 herniations and all of the pains s2gizzi mentioned above. I tried painkillers, chiropractic, physical therapy with no relief. The only thing that helped me was acupuncture. Would highly recommend trying it with a gentle practitioner who can take it slowly, listen to your feedback and work with you on the pain. Although acupuncture cannot solve the root cause it worked wonders for me in relieving second order effects. 
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,385
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  • morgank47morgank47 Vista, CaliforniaPosts: 58
    Currently I was in an auto accident and suffered schmorls node, significant decreased disc height, annular fissure, and a 4.7 mm central disc protrusion against thecal sac. Mri says not touching nerve roots, however had issues staying regular from the accident until now. I can't tell you if it's from being sedentary, but I can tell you that I was working out daily and doing construction up until the accident and that I eat extremely healthy and fibrous food and drink plenty of water, however I will go a few days at a time without a BM now. It's very uncomfortable and on top of the physical issues, the emotional of being bloated and full are pretty lame and depressing. Not sure of this helps you, but maybe this is related. Also suffered three herniations in cervical spine as well as pending mri results for my thoracic.
  • morgank47morgank47 Vista, CaliforniaPosts: 58
    I also wanted to mention that in my particular case with this, I seem to find relief when I receive muscle stimulation therapy around L5. The stronger (and sometimes painful) the therapy is the greater chance those muscles seem to loosen up and let me get a BM in, it's almost within 5 minutes of recieving therapy. Hopefully this can clue in on what the situation is. 
  • Dear s2gizzi

    i got a spondylodese back surgery early 90's on L5/S1. Screws removed 1 year later in the 90's. For years things went fine till 2016 where i got nerve pain in my legs again and a pain in my bottom that i could not clarify. Went to several doctors, told them about my back issues but nobody listened. Than i got troubles with my urination and even lost full control. Went into the hospital for 1 full day where they discovered that i had nerve compression at L5/S1, their advice was medicines (amitrypthiline) or injections. Went for the medicines. In the meantime the urologist told me that i had pelvic floor problems after analyzing all tests so i went to a pelvic floor therapist who really helped me, however the source was still there. In 2017 i started getting nerve pains again, straight through my medication and i did not trust the conclusion from 2016. So i went to another hospital specialized in spine surgery and they told me based on the MRI pictures from 2016 that my L5 disc is again moved 10 mm. That causes the compression and i proposed a spondylodese surgery to me to connect L5 to S1 which i now plan to do. Using the medicines for the remaining part of my live is no option plus i still have issues with my pelvic floor that will never resolve when i dont take care of the root issue, the nerve compression. So yes, i have almost similar issues as you have and i finally found a great hospital in NL who is going to take care of it by using modern surgery techniques like using a robot and 3D CT Scan equipment above my spine to do it as accurate as possible...
    Hang on!!

  • LizLiz Posts: 9,639

    This is an old discussion created by a member no longer on the forum so I have to close it.

    Liz, Spine-health Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
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