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  • Bigcat, was the vet able to give you other pain meds for Shadow? Is he a little more comfortable than he was over the weekend?
  • thank you painintheback,they only want him on the tramadol,but they said to give him two at a time, and that has been working,he is feeling better tonight...
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  • I did not realize that is what he is on. That is also what Lucy is on and it works so much better than everything else that we have tried. I am glad to hear that because I believe that if anything will keep Shadow comfy that will be the drug.
  • and it did take a few days before we saw improvement with Lucy but when we did it was great! Good Luck.
  • hi bigcat,

    oh man i feel so bad now posting that poem, because i was told you were putting him down today. i'm sorry. i'm also glad that everyone's prayers worked!


    good to see you back too, it was kinda weird burning the midnight oil without you. :)
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  • I was offline yesterday and part of today,thnx for praying for shadow,I had spiney withdrawls when i was offline....
  • So sorry about shadow, but I am glad he is doing better. I know how you feel, my oldest is not doing well at all and it is heartbreaking, I know we should have him put down, but we just can't do it.

    Big hugs to you both!!!

  • Shadow had a another bad night last night,i did call the vet today they gave him a Fentanyl patch for his pain....
  • I had no idea that they would do that. It is amazing that they use the same meds on animals that they do on people. I have never used that but, I have had fentanyl during surgery and injections and it made me feel pretty good. I hope and pray that Shadow will feel good too. Please keep updating us. I think of you two all the time. I actually told my mom and sister about what you are going through and they also keep asking me for updates. My sister has two older dogs that are like kids to her since she never had any. Whats crazy is I also think of them as my niece and nephew! My mom also has an older dog. The whole family loves animals.
  • He is doing much better tonight,it has made a big differance...
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