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  • So glad to hear the patches are working. I was just thinking the same thing that Paininback wrote about using the same meds on animals as people. I know when I flew with my cat I had to give him valium and it was the human type, but only gave him 1/4 of a tablet. My crazy friends took the rest of them! LOL
  • thank you,pebbles....
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  • hey,i hope shadows comfortable right now!
    remember to take care of your self too! animals pick up on our emotions and stuff,so if your unhealthy shadow will pick up on that too! so take care and hug shadow for me,hang in there and lokk in on ya later
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Glad Shadow is doing OK. Someone in chat mentioned last night that their dog was on SOMA. I didn't realize either that so many of the meds we have can benefit our animals. I know what the meds for me are much cheaper then the ones I order for my dog. Our 12 year old Chow Chewy in on Deramaxx and it has made all the difference for him. We tried to space him out but he gets into too much pain so he is on it daily now. Cost is about $45.00 per month.
  • Yes, I have had my African Grey on people valium that I had to crush up for her, She is still on Tramadol and Halidol. It is so ridiculous how much they charge for the pet meds though. My sisters dog needs Cosequin which is exactly the same thing as Osteo Biflex. It is so expensive for the dog kind that I started getting the people kind and sticking them in a hotdog. It works every bit as good as the animal kind at 1/4 of the price. I am so very glad that shadow is feeling some relief. I know that you love him dearly to be doing whatever it takes to make sure that he is comfortable. He is lucky to have you. So many animals are neglected and abused. I love to hear of the ones that are loved and well cared for.
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  • Hi BC,

    Was looking for your daily Shadow update, how is he doing today? Did the fireworks bother him?
  • He has still been biting his legs a little bit but not like he was doing,he has been able to sleep the whole night,he has been eating about half of what he used to eat,thnx for checking in
  • Bigcat how is shadow, it's been several days? I haven't really posted to this thread, but I do read it every time there are new posts. I hope he is okay...
  • Shadow is still doing ok,he has still been having pain at night bad,but i give him two pain bills,and then he settles down,i havnt been posting.because i found out a couple of days ago that i have quite a bit of hearing loss from nerve damage,from the surgurys i had when i was little...
  • Amazing what we can do for those animals and what animals can do for us! I will pray for Shadow, I hope that he isn't suffering too much...

    One of our yorkies is on prozac and buspar! I was worried about getting pulled over and having the buspar on me, even though I had the little black and tan recipient sitting in the other seat, but I didn't think she'd be able to speak up for me!
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