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Dysphasia after neck surgery

Ren24RRen24 Posts: 39
edited 10/05/2014 - 9:39 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Can anyone help me. I had a c5-c6 disc rupture in June with surgery for discectomy and allograft with plating july21. I had the usual after surgery sore throat and swelking which resolved within a few weeks. Now all of the sudden two and a half months after surgery I have the feeling that somethin is stuck in my throat right at my Adams apple level. Like someone has fingers pushed into it there or I have swelking I side putting pressure on it. I feel like I'm choking all the time. The surgeons say how common this is afte surgery bu why now after so long. They wanna put me on ateroid again and my a1c is 7.2 from the last bout of steroid and referred me to ent who can't c me for two wi but we're willin to orescribe over phone. Take Zantac in addition to prevacid I already take. None of which are helpin. I had a negative XrAy and negative gt scan n all tell me the same thing about how common this is after surgery. I say yeah but why so long after. Feels like somehin is wrong n I can't get any relief. Anyone else out there have anything similar or any solutions. It's drivin me crazy. Also I had an X-ray which showed loss of lordosis which I guess is loss of curvature and a cat scan that showed nothing I may b wrong but his leads me to believe I either have a worsening herniation or another rupture. Any help or ideas out there what I am facing. Thanx


  • I can definitely relate how irritating it is to have this issue. I am only 4 weeks post op from my ACDF at C5/C6 and it feels like that feeling is still pretty constant. I also have acid reflux and coughing since then. I noticed that these feelings are worse when I don't drink enough fluids or when I don't have my brace on. I have been hoping it goes away with in time. Let me know what ends up helping you if you end up finding a solution.
    Tracie C
  • I suspect it's an escalation In Severity of my neck disc herniation or another rupture which I'm told can happen after fusion due to change I. Pressures on areas o c spine. I pray I don't have another rupture but afraid I do. I am to have another mri of c spine tomorrow evening and hope that I get some answers. Good or bad. I'm very worried and afraid and these symptoms are awful
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  • I hope you get answers and its a good fix. At your incision site, does everything feel normal? Granted I am still in early recovery, it is hard directly under my incision. It almost feels like a lump. It could fairly well be scar tissue but did you feel anything like that.
    Either way, I hope the news isn't too bad and can be fixed. Good Luck
    Tracie C
  • Ren24RRen24 Posts: 39
    edited 10/06/2014 - 1:00 AM
    Yes it felt hard and bumpy for a while U der my incision and I had a few stitch ends sticking out thru the skin which ended up in stitch abcess. I had several openings and some purulent drainage. Placed me on Keflex m it closed up. I thought maybe for a while I had an abcess U der the skin and maybe that was causing my swallow issues but normal blood counts so it would have to b a no systemic closed off pocket. I don't know what does or doesn't show up on cat scan but it was negative. I also have thyroid nodules they may have enlarged to cause this. Hey. Add it to the list I gess. Will update as o go n hope someone learns from my traumas
  • My surgery is much more recent than your surgery was and I am having a collection of the normal sore throat and swallowing issues. I think I would be concerned the same as you if these things disappeared and than came back several months later. It is not unreasonable to think that your condition is related to your original surgery. In trouble shooting an issue, whatever was last changed is usually the issue, but not always. That is why you need a medical diagnosis. You may consider visiting a ENT specialist. They know stuff about the throat that your spine doctor may not know.
    During my issues, I keep remembering my mother who suffered from a hiatal hernia. Her symptoms are similar to many of the same symptoms that we experience with our throats after an ACDF. That brings up one of my concerns about going through a procedure like spine surgery, the most likely cause of an issue may be the spine surgery, but not always. I would hate to have a totally unrelated issue that is masked by issues from the more likely cause of problems, the surgery that I most recently had.
    My suggestion is to not be afraid to reach out of the box and talk to an ENT. Even if the most likely cause of your concern is the recent surgery, they can help confirm that and rule other things out. They may also be able to recommend treatments to help you out that are not part of the knowledge base of a spine doctor even if the issue is related to the neck surgery. The two doctors can share notes and come up with hopefully a better treatment plan for you.
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  • Hi. Yes I have an appt with ent but it is t for several weeks and in the mean time I have been gettin tho ha prescribed over the phone to me from takin Zantac every evening in addition to my daily prevacid to using Carafate which my insurance won't pay for. This is very frustrating as I know I don't have a is reflux or anything like that and I have been in these meds a couple weeks. Plenty of time for it to have healed. I don feel like I have reflux or heartburn and tums don help either I mean honestly no feel as if I am in a oIn ball machine the way the doctors bounce a person back and forth with referrals to each other and medications that don't work. I'm so fried and doubly frustrated with dealing with the drs and meds
  • Yesterday I ran into a repeat of a pharmacy not providing service. I have managed to get my throat working better, but I was having constipation due to oxy post surgery. I asked my wife to go to our local pharmacy, mostly an awesome grocery store, to pick up some laxatives per the doctor's recommendation. To help my wife pick one, I suggested she ask the pharmacist. The pharmacist punted and said ask my doctor. If I had been there, I would have wanted to ask the anti-service representative if they had sent a list of products to my doctor of the products they stock on their shelves. How is my doctor supposed to know what they stock?
    That reminded me that only the week before, I asked a different pharmacist at the same location what the possible interactions are between the oxy medication and the steroid pack that the doctor prescribed me. Answer, you guessed it, ask my doctor. I always thought pharmacist were licensed and trained to answer questions about the products they carry. In the old days, the pharmacist would answer the questions.
    So I am empathetic to your reaction to doctors and dealing with meds. Unfortunately, I think some of this is the result of our new health care system, growth in legal liability, many new regulations.
  • Well here are the next mri results from last nite. I have central disc protrusion at c3-c4 and c4-c5 marginally more conspicuous and minimal deformity of cord c4-c5 without cord compression (although if u r havin cord deformity I'm unsure how there can b no compression) and also the 4-5 space there is increase in loss of disc space height. None of this is really clear to me. From what I can figure my disc protrusions have worsened and there is some cord deformity. Any or all this could b causing my swallow issues I'm assuming. I have another mri for tomorrow am for the soft tissues of my neck. Make sure nuthin happenin with infection like an abcess in there which is sealed off from my blood supply and asymptomatic except the pressure. I'm frustrated and scared. Wasn't it enuff that I had the original rupture and subsequent surgery. Now this. It has to b something pushin on a nerve because this feeling of not finding anything and feeling like I'm nutz is all too familiar as that was how the last disc rupture went down. Things r as I suspected and getting worse. Loss of lordosis and loss of space between disc above my fusion is scary to me. Why am I having sub severe spasm in my neck muscles still. Anyone have any clue what's happenin to me or ha anything similar???
  • Just FYI. The constipation issue U r having due to the oxy. Miralax is the best thing u can use. Once u r bound up it will take several days to get goin again. It is a powder mixes in clear. Tasteless colorless. Best to out it in ur am coffee if u drink coffee. That way u get the double stimulation of caffeine and laxative. It will not cause cramping and excessive bowel movements like other laxitives as it is osmotic. Pulls fluid back into the bowel naturally counteracting the narcotic which slows bowel motility causing ur body to pull too much moisture from the food bolus. Making ur bum hard and dry. I can also sometimes use dulcax suppository or pill or both to get things moving then miralax daily as long as u r on pain pills. Only take one dulcax in am and or pm to prevent the bad cramping it can cause. Just Thot I'd mention it. I learned no only from personal trials but see a lot of it as a home health nurse with ppl who have had surgeries and r on narcotics. Hope this helps
  • Well I'm back to square one again. Soft tissue of mri of neck showed only a 6mm fluid filled sac. Didn't say cyst or nodule. Outside of it has some kind of something that stood out to them. Must b solid I'm thinkin without looking at the result again. I c ent mon afternoon and I'm so tired of bein bounced from dr to dr and none with sympathy. My rheumatologist...the only one who seems caring....can't do anything a out this. All he wants is to be able to perform the proper blood tests to diagnose what may be wrong with me(he thinks I have sarcoisosis). And I need to b off all steroids for several months. That's a tall order with all the neck shoulder hip back pain asthma and now the dysphagia. They all wanna keep puttin me on steroids. That is my last resort at this point. One theory is when they did my neck surgery they clamped off a nerve. Causing ischemia whih is only now showing up because the nerve was damaged and now that it's regenerating I am startin to have this uncomfortable sensation somethin is stuck in my throat. If the ent has no answers and sees nothing in there when they look with their scope I gess I'm either stuck with it or I will have to get an egd. Waiting for answers that never seem to come
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