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Feelin of choking or somethin stuck in throat

Hi. Anyone else out here know about cadaver bone rejection symptoms or reaction to hardware in cspine b after July 21 surgery for discectomy with allograft a d plating at c5-c6. Was improving for approx 6-8 ak then started having sensation I was chokin or had something stuck in my throat. Long story short ended up at ent and was told top of esophagus. Back of voice box swollen and it also extended up UNder adenoids. It just feels like the metal screws are poking me I. The throat. I don't know how to explain the sensation other than I can tell it's the hardware I am feeling "jabbing" the back of my throat. Just like as a kid when I had braces n the metal would poke at somethin. Same kind of sensation almost. Anyway. Does anyone know of possible symptoms I may n rejectin the cadaver bone used or more likely I am allergic or having a reaction the the metal hardware or it is just plain rubbing me raw At outside back of my esoohagus. It's driving me absolutely crazy and I am in tears over it daily. I don't feel the dr did anything wrong except blow me off when they should b going out of their way to help me when I'm feeling this way cuZ of they surgery THEY performed. Anybody out there please help me. Suggestions or anything. I have 2 swallow tests and an egd scheduled. I'm running out of Hope. Do have an approval to go out of network to see another neurosurgeon as the original is disappointing me by ignoring my pleas for help. What do I do. I'm sick of pills. Pills. Pills. And I can't do anyhin for U is UNACCEPTABLE to me


  • Hi. Yeah. U wud think an X-ray. Or ct with contrast or mri of cspine and soft tissue both wih contrast wud show something. WRONG. my ent had to go up my nose n down throat with a scope to see the swelling and informed me.... Much to my dismay..... After I had all these tests that what I have going on would not show up on any kind of XrAy. I am also feeling like the egd and swallow tests they ordered will be useless to but I will go thru I in the name of cooperation n try to work with them to figure this out. I have already pursued an out of network neurosurgeon as I won't accept comfort measure only Until all other avenues R exhausted. I was doing well for a couple months then all the sudden this swallow thing started and kept worsening. It's to point now it affects everything When I have to bend over to do laundry or to towel off after showering I feel as if I am going to strangle. Thanks for your ideas tho. Exasperated
  • If you are seeing a G.I. they may suggest an esophageal dilation if your motility study comes back positive. I have issues swallowing pills and this was my G.I.'s suggestion. You can have it done while they do the endoscopy. Its a common thing to have happen and doesn't really have to have a trigger to have it happen. Mine kinda come out of no where.
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  • Nick.nyNNick.ny New York,NYPosts: 121
    Hi Ren,you are not alone in this situation,i have the same problems for 3+ years now. I had ACDF C4/5/6/7 in 2011.since the first day of surgery and for 2 months I couldn't swallow anything but liquids and only with a straw,cold,ice pops,pain medication, Prednisone for inflammation and muscle relaxers.I had laryngoscopy,endoscopy,X-ray still the same,nothing changes as a matter of fact it worsens after time.now I'm chocking badly without any explanation.i can't bend my head more than 10 degree i feel the hardware poking my throat i can't tie my shoelaces any more, can't even wear a sweatshirt yesterday i felt like i was going to struggle and I took it out.one of my docs says this happens if there's hardware plate and screws on the C5 level and below and also causes problem on the air way..this is my personal experience hope you have better news from your neurosurgeon and keep us updated.Nick ACDF C4/5/6/7.
    2011 ACDF C 4/5/6/7.
    2011 repaired sternum with fixation plate and 9 screws.
    4/2011,3/2012,11/2012 and 6/2013  Rotator cuff surgeries.  
    1/6/2016 revision ACDF C4/5/6/7, plus fusing the level above that C 3-4.
    Pending L5-S1.
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