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Laminectomy L4-5

LaurelmaryLLaurelmary Posts: 4
edited 11/05/2014 - 10:01 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
My procedure is next week and so far I was given an estimate of two weeks, no driving, twisting, bending, lifting, pushing pulling. I am really tring to find what others have experienced with recovery. I know that everyone is different and I have read on sites what expected recovery is. What I want is to hear from others what they went through. I want to have a general idea of what to expect. Will I be walking around? Will I be in bed for a few days? Will I need a walker for a few days? Do I need to get a toilet riser? Any comments will be appreciated. By the way there will be no fusion at this time. Thank you!


  • LizLiz Posts: 9,726


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
  • I had a lumbar laminectomy (L4/L5) in 2006. Two nights in the hospital and then home. I was on my sofa, showered every day and came downstairs then tried to not go back up until bedtime. I had a 3 year old and was instructed not to lift her for 6 weeks, and I believe the no BLT was 6 weeks as well. It took about 6 weeks for all my leg pain to go away and then I was completely pain free. I didn't need any of the equipment you mentioned above, was able to walk around the house, etc. you just need to take it easy and let that body heal up. Best of luck to you!
    Lumbar laminectomy L-4/L-5, 2006
    XLIF with posterior pedicle screws L-4/L-5, 4-23-2013
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  • Welcome to the lumbar club. I've had 2 Lami's over the past years, and both were fairly good. I had someone to stay with me for the first 2 weeks of my first surgery.

    Definitely observe all instructions given by the medical staff. My suggestion to you might be to get one of the inexpensive toilet extenders that just lay on top of the bowl. After surgery, you'll end up wanting to lay down or stand. Sitting will be your last choice. There are some good lists here for things to have during recovery. I made sure I had something to help wake up my plumbing, like a laxative and stool softeners. Anesthesia can stop you up, and the pressure on the lumbar when that happens can be uncomfortable.

    Good luck! Hope to hear from you when it's over.


    PS. I have to add this to tell you what I think I did best for my last laminectomy. I rented a hospital bed for a month. I parked it in front of my TV so I didn't have to climb my stairs for 2 weeks. I've priced out renting one for my next surgery, and it's under $250 for the month. Well work the out of pocket expense.
  • LaurelmaryLLaurelmary Posts: 4
    edited 11/09/2014 - 5:26 AM
    Thanks for the comments! I am taking over my daughters room which is on the main floor so I won't have to do the stairs. Someone will be with me for the first two weeks! I guess I will have to wait and see how much I feel like being up and about.
  • I had a 360 spinal fusion in December 13 with l4-s1. They used infuse and I was back to work in 10 weeks. I started pt and work at the same time and my pain worsened. CT mylo showed l3 was severely herniated and found a new surgeon. He said I needed immediate Laminectomy to correct with revision of hardware and triple Laminectomy. My back has always been sensitive to touch, even clothes. I had triple lumbar Laminectomy on September 30, 2014 and in major pain. I am only 37 and feel completely disabled. My hips hurt all of the time. Has anyone had a similar experience. I am going to loose my job, house, everything and my primacy. Care doctor says I won't be able to work for several years. I have an extremely high risk of adjacent disk disease and prior failed fusion. Any advice would be great. Sorry to share negative experience, but could use any comments!!!
    Gregory McCurry
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  • I'll be having an L4-L5 simple laminectomy next week. Aside from neuropathy to my hips, thighs, calves, and feet, I'm pretty functional. Of course, walking for any distance is out of the question! To date, sexual activity with my wife has not been affected. As this is a VERY important aspect of our marriage, we're both concerned and want to know if this kind of surgery has caused significant negative a negative effect on the ability of other men to perform. Please, if you answer, be serious. This is a serious concern to us.

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