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Thoracic Pain Sufferers



  • Hello

    I just stumbled across your forum and I am so happily overwhelmed . I was starting to feel like no one else knew how I was feeling. Thank you for starting this forum. I just read the other posts and everything about the pain is exactly what I have been experiencing for 2 and a half years. Now I think I will show my Dr. so he knows there are others like me. My Ortho surgeon basically told me there really is nothing to do to my wedged T9, so learn to live with it. I was, but WCB finally admitted my work injury and now they are certain they can fix it. No need to mention that I have had a flare up from all their help.

    Can't wait to hear from others.

  • Araine , I feel for you..
    I hope things start to look better. I'm terribly sorry that you have to suffer so much at your young age. I myself started having back pains at 23, and I'm 30 now. My condition is nowhere as bad as yours, but I live it pain everyday and it controls my life.

    Can you go on disability? have you considered going to another country for your surgery where it could cost much less than here?
    your accident is so unfair- but unfortunately this is how things are now. I really really hope you will find the strength in you to go on.
    Take care.. and all the best
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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,584

    for a spine-health site introduction, click on :

    welcome to spine-health

    if you have any questions, feel free to contact (pm) any one of the moderators here priestess , bruce , paulgla, dilauro

    the spine-health web site offers so much more than these member forums.
    check the various tabs at the top of the spine-health page and you will find so much that is offered here.

    please feel free to contact me at rdilauro@gmail.com or send me a message

    with a member name like that you have to be a great person!
    (ok, i am a hockey fanatic)

    we are glad you found this site and especially this forum thread. thoracic problems has been the one spinal problem that was not fully understood or diagnosed in the past. i remember when i first started with tdisc problems, my doctors all told me that it couldnt be, and if it was it could not be painful... well so much has changed.
    still, treatment for thoracic problems is no where near the levels for lumbar and cervical problems. that includes surgical procedures. thoracic surgeries are still very complicated but they have been and are still improving.

    good luck and keep us posted to your progress.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • 1. How did it get started?
    Retail Christmas season 2005 - I was waiting for a co-worker to pass an empty box down to me from storage. He backed into a stack of (supposedly) empty boxes and they came raining down on me. One was not empty. It had a radio in it and the corner came down and struck me square in the back. As it was Christmas I had to keep working, then 2 weeks later I was on a ladder getting a stereo down from a shelf and twisted to far and I really did a number on myself. I couldn't take the pain this time.
    2. How long have you been dealing with in?
    2.7 years
    3. What treatments are you currently under? Do any help?
    Lately I was put back into Physio, exercise therapy and functional. As long as it was light and I didn't overextend the right side I was ok. Once I raised that right side to far (uder weight) I was back in emergency.

    4. Has Surgery been considered?
    No. Ortho said there was nothing to be done.
    5. Have you tried Deep Tissue Massage (The "Real" thing )
    Not yet
    6. What causes it to flare up more?
    Any over head extensions, driving too long, twisting of the upper body, (like when you need to shoulder check or back up when you drive), sweeping, vaccuuming, raking, reaching up, sleeping (causes numbness)
    7. When you have flareups what do you do about them?
    Heat, ibuprofren, and when its really bad tramacet. I have recently had 2 accupuncture sessions. They have been fantastic, and allow me te sleep better. While I have not totally eliminated the numbness at night I can at least sleep better with it.
    8. Can you continue to work with this condition?
    I have been working, though not full time. I could never do what I did before, and I am limited to how long I can stand or sit at a desk.
    9. Has it been getting worse or staying the same?
    Its staying about the same, but that all depends on what I need to do in a day. IE: work, grocery shop, clean my kitchen. I really need to pace myself, When I have over done it, the pain will wrap around the ribs and settle in the sternum. Sometimes its like the whole upper rib cage has fallen.

    10. How are you dealing with it all?
    I have to pace myself, I don't like the effects the drugs have on my head, so I have to go slower. I Start every day with heat, and make no sudden movements.

    I would Love to hear from others and how they are coping. Tomorrow I go to a new therapist, and I am hopeful for an exercise program that will help the rest of the back compensate for the injury. This is the first person in 2.7 years to tell me that the T8 and T9 are the worst parts of the spine for healing properly because they get the least amount of circulation. A new perspective might go a long way in dealing with this.
  • Has anyone tried myofascial release treatment for chronic pain? I was wondering if there is benefit to the treatment or not. One physio therapist tried it one me, just one session, and I think he bruised my kidney. the pain lasted a week. Maybe I should try a different therapist, but was hoping for feedback if anyone else has tried it.
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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,584
    About 8 years ago, I had one of the physical therapists I was seeing perform myofasical treatments. It was one of the better treatments I had for my thoracic pain.
    It was much better than the 'standard' physical therapy treatments but not as effective as Deep Tissue Massage therapy.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • 1 How did it get started? about 10 months ago.I was climbing a pole at work and lifted a heavy wire. 2 How long have you been dealing with it? 10 months. 3 What treatments are you under? Does any help? At therapy they used ultrasound only minimum releif. 4 Has surgery been considered? Possibly but it is a risky one. 5 Have you tried deep tissue massage? Not yet. 6 What causes it to flare up more? Using both arms together picking items up. Sitting too long. Ligthly twisting side to side. Reaching out. 7 When you have flareups what do you do about them? Stop doing what I am doing,relax,and take pain meds. 8 Can you continue to work in this condition? NO! 9 Has it been getting worse or staying the same? It is getting alittle worse. 10 How are you dealing with it? I do light stretching several times a day. When I do situps my thoracic area cracks alot. This gives me minimal relief. Awaiting thoracic injections because mine is a WC case..................Hoot
  • I have found a therapist who actually seems to understand the thoracic area. I have gone 3 times so far, today being the latest visit. I actually feel pretty good, I have mobility and no real pain. This therapist is concentrating on specific stretches for the upper back, nothing drastic yet, but she explains how to get the muscles loosened up to improve the blood circulation in the thoracic area. In 2.8 years not one therapist or doctor explained that this is the worst part of the spine for circulation and thus experiences poor healing.

    I thought I would also mention that I take Tramacet (one in the morning) when I know I will have a heavy day at work. It definitely helps limit the onset of the pain. Doesn't make it go away entirely, but makes it manageable

  • How long?
    4 year's ..I fell off a cat walk broke my 7th rib and hernia T7-8.One year later open back side T8-9 thoracic Discetomy removed whole disc/no fusion..I've been in ongoing daily pain since the day of my surgery 3 years ago..

    How do I deal? 8}
    Worn-out..Learning to deal is a daily challage..

    2 Rounds of physical therapy..Three week Back rehab program..personnel trainer..Injections..nerve blocks..pain meds..Chiroprator..Massage..Daily stretching & very low inpack exercises..Counseling.

    I'm not looking for surgery..but have been told surgery is too high of a risk...no doctor would take the risk ever but I should of been fused..

    To painful to be touched or have my back pressed on.

    Flare up's?
    Any upper body movement..Lifting..Sitting..Standing.Twisting
    Laying down flat on my back..Pushing & pulling..The breathing pain is a nightmare..Bone grinding pain when moving...Shifting body weight.Coughing..pulling shoulders back..Ect.Any perssure placed on my back or rib cage.

    What to I do to help myself?
    Heat,Cold..lay down on my right side to rest..Stand with body wieght on my right side..Push thru pain to exercise so I can stay moving the best I can.Nothing helps the breathing pain.I just have to ride it out..Swimming is a slice of heaven..untill I get out of the pool..Work with my doctors..

    My pain ?
    Some days are better than other..It depends on my activity.

    Worked in a lumber mill for 9 years..6 months ago I became disabled from the job I fought so hard to keep doing..Now I trying to rebuild my life..

    I take on day at a time..and hope some day there is hope for 50% relieve of pain..I see a counselor to help me deal with the life style changes and the lost of my ability's..Sleeping is a major problem..Yup..I deal with depression now..I hope someday there will be more that can be done for folks with Thoracic spine issue..I fight for hope and the quality of my life..I'm 38 years old.

  • Hi PBarton Sorry to hear of all you have been living with. The not sleeping properly really adds to the pain issue. I finally tried accupuncture this summer, reluctantly, I wasn't excited about the thought of needles being jabbed into me, but am I ever glad I did. Give it a shot but make sure it is a therapist that is really trained in chinese accupunture. My old physio therapist heard that I had gone for treatment and wanted me to try their accupunturist. There was no comparison, I definitely felt like pin cushion when she was done. The genuine art of accupuncture, from someone accredited from chinese medicine may help give you some relief to sleep, and then things will look a little better. Nothing is a cure but it helps take the edge off.
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