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so upset doctor says I'm crazy

Tiggerr888TTiggerr888 Posts: 7
So beyond EDIT right now. I've had leg pain since last February. All my doctor (family doctor) has done is 3 si joint shots with no imaging doing it. He finally sent me for an mri of my lumbar spine with no contrast, which didn't shows anything wrong. I go in today to ask about getting a referal to a neurologist. I thought they'd be able to tell if it is my si joint and if it was they could fix it. My doctor tells me instead he's giving me a referral to the mental health clinic because he says i have to have convErsion hysteria and it's all in my head or that I'm just a pill seeker. He said he knew that's what he thought i was back in February when it started hurting. He even told my family member to keep an eye on me. I was almost in tears by the time we left

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  • I had that when I started having neck problems. All the specialists could see nothing obvious so passed it off. Changed GP and she did everything including suggest alternative stuff. Anyway in the end I had to find the solution myself. I hate using Meds but it's better than being in agony.

    Keep the faith and keep looking for an answer. Took me 5 years but I would not give up. :-)
  • Oh I'm so sorry! That must be so frustrating & heart breaking. I can only imagine how horrible that was. Do you need a referral for your insurance company or can you find a specialist on your own? The diagnostic test for SI joint is pretty simple. They inject a numbing agent (using guidance if they're not in the dark ages) & I could tell immediately what pain was being generated by my SI joint because it simply vanished for a couple of hours. It took a very experienced specialist over an hour to get the needles in the right place with imagining. I'm shocked that any GP would do them & horrified that he would do it with no guidance at all.
    Was your MRI standing or laying down in the tube? An MRI is simply a snap-shot in time & in that position. It doesn't necessarily show everything.
    Hang in there & try to find a new doc, preferably a specialist. I'm so sorry!
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,111
    Explain to them exactly what you wrote they may over-ride a referral and allow additional testing or allow you to see a neurologist. Good luck
  • There are some ignorant people and docs out there. I read you can have 10 different MRI's & 10 different people with different symptoms.
    So sorry you had to listen to that nonsense. A new doctor just out of principle would be good. I hope you gave him a polite piece of your mind.!!!!
    It does not mean nothing is wrong, can you take your films to a specialist? Those are the ones you need to have eyeball it anyways.
    take care and trust me I'm sure most of us have gotten a dose of being treated like that and it's inexcusable....
  • Hold the phone! I though those doctors disappeared with some of the pill mills. Sorry you were shamed so badly and that your rights to medical privacy were completely broken.to your family member.

    First of all, you need a Neurosurgeon just like EnglishGirl said above. The specialist MUST have access to a surgical center where he performs his procedures and they WILL have a fluoroscope (to see inside your body for needle positioning) It is so important that this be the case in order to guide the needle to the exact place, PLUS you need an excellent anesthesiologist to give you Versed on your way into the OR and a non lethal dose of Propafil to keep you from being awake and dancing a jig while you are being shot by needles in the areas that are hurting. Just because the guy has a sheepskin saying he passed medical school does not mean he has a brain (If I only had a brain)

    I will say that the SI or (IFUSE) which is what I had done in May this year can ONLY be proven needed by having the shot injections only instead of steroids they use a numbing treatment. If you wake up with NO PAIN there, that means they proved that is the problem and IFUSE is your best hope in my opinion .But, the best doctor will already know this and will treat you with respect AND grant you medication to ease the pain.

    Good Luck and God's Blessings Never give up. It could be many things, but ruling out sciatica is a must.
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  • What! You had anesthesia!! I was told I had to wide awake & 'normal' so I could confirm as soon as he injected the numbing agent. I had some local anesthetic but laying on my stomach is sooo painful & I've got sooooo many bone spurs...Did I say it took him WELL over an hour of poking & prodding??? HaHaHa NO fair! ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • shouston7sshouston7 SOUTH CAROLINAPosts: 34
    edited 11/19/2014 - 6:58 PM
    You are so funny! I could only wish to be sedated when I get the epidurals , trigger point injects and low and behold the nerve studies, how fun those are, I would rather eat nails. I have a great pain doctor so he really does not hurt me too much. He lines us up and I bet he does at least 25-35 injections a day. Its a long wait to get in but we get out fast after the procedures.
    I agree laying on my stomach is not a good thing. My neck has 3 plates so I cant turn my head quite as much as I need to. It is very awkward. I have a lot of the osteoarthritis too. also now in my lower spine with Lumbar 3,4,5,bulges & ddd degeneration in si joint, & all up and down my spine facet joints.
    I agree we all at some point have had to deal with un-empathetic Drs. or Nurses Fortunately only a couple in my last 15 years on this journey of the spine issues.
    This is just a story that I thought you might enjoy so forgive me if it is off the subject please!
    A very awesome lady I know went for her yearly check up and Dr. told her she had stage 4 breast cancer and pretty much said plan your funeral, she was in her early 30's with a child 2 and son 6, she said your fired I have too much to live for and I am not even considering dying yet. She got a new Dr. went through Chemo and mastectomy and Sure enough 18 years have come and gone and she lives life to the fullest! And will help anyone that needs it!
    Moral: Find a Dr that will hear you! & help you! You do have many years LORD willing to live your life,
    English Girl I read your post a lot, and enjoy the tidbits of info on how to get through! You have some good suggestions!
    well better say goodnight morning gets early!SHouston
    S. Houston
  • I had an ALIF done back in June, the device slipped and snapped back into place twice. Instantly I had pain down my leg and then it morphed into my outside leg and thru my foot. I did not sleep for months the pain was so bad. I was told everything is perfect and that it was just Ridiculitus (nerve being stretched from ALIF). Went to another doctor and noticed that the MRI report showed fluid on the L5 S1 area and suggested hot baths for possible soft tissue inflammation (worked alleviate pain a great deal). This pushed the original doctor in gear and further investigation found one of the screws went thru the bone, but I am told not far enough to cause issues, but there are spurs on the L5 vertebra and second surgery was done (waiting to see how it goes). Pain in leg is still there and leg weakness limiting walking.
    In all this was a Neurologist. Even if you see a Neurologist, get a second opinion.
    I started out with just weakness in my legs after bending or walking for long periods short rest periods would alleviate symptoms). Now I am worse than before constant pain and burning in ankle and foot and my legs give out when only walking a short distance.
  • Dalfane. If baths help you have you tried adding Epsom salts (magnesium) to a really hot bath? I know it's an old grandmothers therapy but it can really help me at times.

    I like to share my Dads accomplishments since being 70. He has been crippled by his spine for decades. It travels like a scenic railway, this way & that, meandering from neck to bum. Like all of us he's had some really bad times over the years. He now plays seniors golf most days of the week. Wins many competitions. Single didgit handicap!!
    Playing jazz saxophone has always been a fantasy of his so he started learning when he turned 70. He's never played an instrument so he needed to learn to read music. He's now really good. He was invited on stage to play with a friends band. Such a proud moment. What makes it such a special accomplishment is he lost 2 1/2 fingers in a factory accident when he was 20!!!

    He's a spiney inspiration. Pig headed determination & drive can take us a long way in life....
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • ....And you will get the proper care you require... HOPEFULLY!
    Realize that FEAR is our worst enemy. Get up & get out in that stormy weather of the real world & kick fear in the teeth. Stare at it dead in the eyes & walk right through it into the storm; because once you're wet, you won’t fear the rain anymore
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