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Always in pain

Chris123CChris123 Posts: 1
edited 12/05/2014 - 5:43 AM in Recovering from Surgery
I am not even sure where to start here? I have had back issues for years now so i guess I will give a little history perhaps someone else has gone through this and may have some advice.

I had surgery in July of this year, I had a double disketomy as well as a Laminectomy. I had 2 hernatied disks L4L5 & L5S1 as well I had Coda Equina. I have DDD as well as foot drop as a result of my sciatica so my left foot and part of my leg are always numb and i am unable to lift my left foot off the ground, I have to get a special brace made to assist with walking, I current walk with a major limp. It took a long time for me to be taken serioursly by Doctors because I am only 37 most did not beleive that I could be in that much pain. I have been dealing with pain issues since I was in my 20's.

Anyway, to make a long story short as mentioned I had surgery in July and for the fist little while I really did start to feel better, My pain seemed to be all but gone and I started to feel like I was going to be able to lead a somewhat normal life. That quickly faded away and now I am living in constant pain again, I get bad spasms, sciatic issues again, jolting pain that comes and goes and when it comes its like I am getting shot or stabbed in the back is the only way I can describe it, it almost knocks me to the floor sometimes. Constant ache and muscle pain ect.. ect..

I have come to the conclusion that my surgery just simply did not work as I suppose it should have. I have to take pain meds everyday and they barely work and I have to fight with my family doctor to get them, as I know he is not taking my pain level seriously enough and doesn't want me to take anything? I am currently on Lyrica 150 mg twice per day and Percocet for break through pain 2 tablets up to 8 times per day which is just nuts and still my pain level is constantly an 8 out of 10 most of the time. My Doctor recently tried to switch my medication to Dilaudid and I did not like that at all, just made me feel doppy all the time so back to the percocet and feeling like a drug addict when I ask for more.

Not sure why I am even posting this to be honest, Just hoping someone out there has gone through this and will tell me that one day things will get better.

I am a married father of 2 amazing children and it hurts my soul that I am not able bodied enough to keep up with them, I can't run, or jump or build stuff with them.

I have done all the therapies and everything the doctors have told me to and I feel like I am right back at the begining again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post - I appreciate any advice or input you may have
Toronto, Ontario


  • LizLiz Posts: 9,748


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
  • I am dealing with daily pain also. I don't quite have the issues that you have. Mine are in my neck. After 3 yrs of pain in my neck,shoulders and arms, I finally got some help and found that I had a disc in my neck that was herniated and pushing against my spinal cord. My condition was steadily declining. I had fusion surgery in September. I am still in as much pain as I was before but we were able to stop the spinal cord compression. I am on gabapentin 300. I am taking 2 in the morning, one mid day and 2 at night and then also taking a muscle relaxer 3 times a day. I get horrible headaches to go with it and now I have been referred to a neurologist to control those. I am 36 yrs old with 4 kids also. I am married to a great man that is trying to help me as much as he can. It also bothers me that I cant do as much as I want to with them.
    I wish I had advice for you but I can relate to what you are going through. I hope you get some help with your pain. It sounds like you are overcoming some really big issues and Cauda Equina is a very serious issue as you know. Just give yourself time and a break. Its a lot to heal from especially when you have had pain and issues for years. Good Luck
    Tracie C
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  • Chris123 I'm so sorry about your situation. Have you ever worked with a pain management physician? I think you will get more understanding & help from one since that is their specialty & they constantly work with patients with chronic pain. They also can offer more options than just constantly increasing your medication dosage, which I know is awful for you. I can't even take Lyrica. I was on it for about 6 months & I was only taking 100mg at night & I would be a zombie through out the next day until around 3 or so. So I finally had to just quit taking it.
    I hope you find a good doctor who will help you manage your pain so that you can regain the quality of life you need.
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