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Received perm SCS But removed A MUST READ

popeye316thppopeye316th Posts: 4
edited 12/29/2014 - 5:45 PM in Lower Back Pain
Received perm SCS But removed A MUST READ
On 2/12/2013 I received the permanent SCS outpatient surgery. Complications for 1 month included hematoma under right backside under rib area where battery implant was installed. The leads were installed in thoracic area and they were not installed correctly and did moved. SCS did not work. A month later I went in for a redo and on 3/26.2013 I a waken in the recovery screaming and crying from the pain. I can take all the pain that’s thrown at me but not this time. Nurses were giving me Dilaudid Iv injections and nothing worked. They tried everything. So me laying there moaning up and screaming a storm. They decided to call my wife in to recovery room and for her to bring in the WIFI remote. They were planning to try out the stimulator to see if it would stop the pain/CONTROL. Well earlier when I was in surgery the XXXXXX territory regional manager requested my wife to give him my SCS wifi remote so he can reprogram it for when I went home it would be ready to use. Anyways back to when nurses asked my wife for remote. When my wife walked into the recovery room. She saw me in the worst pain I ever have been in. Remember I already had this surgery a month before. The nurses then received the SCS remote and proceeded over to the foot of my bed. One on the nurses then turned on the power. Damn thing was powered on high. The worst pain ever when the SCS is on high and all your muscles/nerves have a shooting pain from mid chest/back all the way down to my toes. Bad thing was that the nurses were screaming at me on how to shut it off. Yes they did not know how to use the SCS. I practically was dead already after a god forsaken minute (BP/TEMP/Pulse Skyrocketed). Bad thing was my wife and mother in law watched the whole thing. Half dead the doctor finally came in and leaned over and asked “I hear you are going to sue? I replied what the XXXare you talking about”. I then tried to explain to the doctor what happened. Then one of the nurses yelled at me not to worry about the past and to worry about the future. Doctor then said since I can’t talk pain he is going to admit me into the hosp. Worst night in my life that night in hosp. Next day they released me without doctor coming in to check on me. I had the next night screaming due to pain. I was still taking morphine sulfate er 30mg every 6hrs, Dilaudid 4 mg every 2hours, and oxycotin every 8hrs. The fallowing day after screaming all night and 3 day. I then called BASIC (look it up) and talked to head RN. I explained somethings wrong. She replied that I needed to XXXXXX She then said if I insisted that I’m in pain. For me to go to any ER. I went to YYYYYYYYYYYY hosp er where I had the surgery done. As soon as I walked into the ER they gave me 1000mg of Demerol and volume. Did not work and I stayed in the ER for another 10.5 hrs. Was finally admitted into hosp and I requested for this damn SCS to be removed. In morning I had the surgery. Turned out that both of the 2 SCS malfunctioned and doctor also wrote that I had a very bad shock from the SCS in recovery room(I have doctors surgery DOCUMENTED report). Cant poop and takes a long time to for me to start peeing. In more pain and I only had Lumbar problems. Now I’m in pain in the Thoracic area where the SCS was installed twice and then removed. WORST thing is that I could not find a malpractice attorney and a medical device malfunction attorney . Was told I only had 1 year to file lawsuit or was this a lie. HELP SOMEONE!

WAY Too much pain medication for a daily dosage. Some of what you had taken was enough to sedate a horse. I had to edit a number of your paragraphs. Please read the forum rules to better understand what you can and can not post - Ron DiLauro, Spine-Health System Moderator 12/29/14 23:45
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